Why hey there random reader! You've seemed to have come across something grand. It's name, the Stories and Info Wiki. Okay, first let me explain the rules for this show! Yes, it's true. As much as I hate to be strict, there must be order, less the wiki is destroyed.

  • Rule 1: No profanity or any trash like that!
  • Rule 2: Be nice. Don't come around here insulting people got it?!
  • Rule 3: Follow the rules or you will be blocked. There have been some who think they can do whatever they want. Well, they were seriously wrong got it!

And those are basically the rules on this blog. Follow em', or be banned. Your choice, although I'd go with following the rules so I could have fun. This great wiki was established on December 20th, 2009. But, it feels like it's been around for alot longer, having over 60 articles and all. You may even see reminders from yours truly on this "blog". I'd prefer calling it, a discussion page for people to express their feelings about the wiki. And yeah, you could say something insulting... but put it lightly.

I mean, how would you feel if someone were to post "THIS WIKI STINKS!". I for one, would rather "I'm not very fond of this wiki. I'd like to see more content on it". Yes, precisely, no insulting me, just explain in a polite way. I guess that could be a continuation of Rule 2.

  • Rule 2.2: If you're going to insult someone, put it lightly.

Life as a guy like me is pretty good I could say. I bet you wish you could have all that internet fame being a Random Kid who commands the Stories and Info Wiki. If you were the leader, I bet this famous wiki would almost instantly fall in popularity, and be left to fade into obscurity. A wiki like this can't be run by any fool like you. Er... heh heh, sorry about that.

Narrator's mother: Honey! You're insulting random people on the internet again aren't you?!!

Narrator: Gah! Uh-oh...

Narrator's mother: No answer huh?! That's exactly how I know!

Narrator: But Mom. I'm just kidding!

Narrator's mother: Kidding!? (drops laundry basket) (runs in room and lunges at Random Kid)!!

Narrator: (dodges the lunge while falling out of office chair) Whoa! This mama's wili-

Narrator's mother: (smack Random Kid)! Don't you ever talk to me like that again!

Narrator's father: (busts into room) What's going on?!!

Narrator's mother: Did you know our son was insulting someone on the internet and then denied it?!

Narrator: That's a dirty lie! I said I was just- OOF!!

Narrator's father: (slaps Random Kid over the head with wallet)! Don't you ever call your mother a lier!

Narrator: (whispers) Let some other Narrator take over in Narration for now... I have to, y'know... WAAAHHH!

Anyways, yep. It's very nice to have a life so great.

Heh heh, well enjoy the discussion page. But please try not to loiter around like this is a chatroom, because it's not got it?! Well, I guess you can go and leave a comment now. Bye... bye...bye! Get the heck out of here!