Tempting, ain't it. You're jealous of the success of others, and you've just come to your worst enemies wiki. You want to mess it up don't cha' boahy? Or... girl, or whatever the heck you are! Anyway, lately people have been coming to this wiki and breaking the rules. By that I mean editing against my wishes. And it's not just putting some old regular word like "chocolate". Evil-doers have been coming here and using full fledged profanity that shouldn't even be thought of in the minds of any regular human being! Despicable isn't it?

If you have any brains at all, you should know, by reading the rules on the home page that when you edit on the wiki, profanity or any kind of things innapropriate that are not family-friendly are not aloud here. I admit some of the stories here consist of all-out-intensity but it's nothing compared to the vulgar-ness of vandalizers on the wiki. This wiki is FAMILY-FRIENDLY, as which such language should not be used. Why? Well simple, 'cause they are NOT family-friendly. These things include:

  • Profanity
  • Innapropriate Themes
  • Swearing
  • and all sorts of other stuff that are thought up in the minds of lunatics these days

If you can't follow these simple rules of not using any of the above, then either something's wrong with you, or that you're just an idiot is all. One who uses such themes will be put on the Stories and Info Wiki Wanted List and immediately blocked. I'm sure you've read the Breaking Rules at Stories and Info Wiki story, as it is one of the best on SIW. Well the consequences for these actions are nothing like the story. You will be BLOCKED for all eternity, yes I, as The Creator, have the power to do that. As do the other admins. Although if you DO keep returning, foaming from the mouth with revenge, it will become like the story and I'll hunt cha' down and have your head for breakfast, lunch, and dinner boahy! Or... girl, or... well it doesn't matter the gender!

You shall be known as a villian, and forever tainted with the stain of taking no regard for the rules here and just being a complete fool! I've already blocked a few people for their ruthlessness and hopefully you won't be one of em'. Infact, just don't do it! It's not worth it! I hate blocking people from the wiki, I'd love for everyone to come here and be able to bask in it's glory. But I can't if every second I find mother*******a****** on a page! If it does come to that, I'll be forced to hunt cha' down like I said before.

As for you folks who mean no harm, if you see a whole bunch of vandalism or profanity on a page here, just know that it wasn't the community's fault and in fact the fault of a bunch of fools! As I type, the good guys of the world wide web are battling it out with the vandals. We would never do anything so heinous, what's the point of using such language? It makes no sense. What? Do you get a thrill out of saying the f-word or something?

So don't click the button. Don't do it... Stay... stay... Don't do it... No click... Don't click "Edit this Page" No... No... Good... Good boy!