I can tell it right but they can tell it true: See the Uncyclopedia article on Wikipedia.

"Uncyclopedia is a content-free internet encyclopedia that anyone can edit." I find so many things wrong with that sentence. First of all, note that it says "encyclopedia." An encyclopedia is a book that gives factual information. Well the name is "UNCYCLOPEDIA" so in that it would be the complete opposite. Don't understand? Maybe this will enlighten you:

The True Nature of Uncyclopedia Edit

One word can explain Uncyclopedia for all that it is: Lies. Lies, lies, all lies, nothing more. Uncyclopedia is also known to use harsh profanity and innopropiate photos/listings. Not only do they lie, but some people actually BELIEVE them, thinking that it is "Wikipedia", Uncyclopedia's truthful equivalent.

Wikipedia vs Uncyclopedia Edit


Ever since its launch in 2005, Uncyclopedia has ever since been paroding Wikipedia; using the same type of web-pages and whatnot. And get this, Uncyclopedia has been trashing on Wikipedia also. Uncyclopedia has been seen calling Wikipedia the following:

  • Those Without Comedic Taste
  • Liars
  • WikiPEEdia

and other mean names. And though Wikipedia should have fired back at Uncyclopedia, it kept its cool and said the truth about Uncyclopedia no matter how hard they went on them.

Creation Edit

In 2005, some fool named Jonathan Huang (ジョナサン黄 Wing-yan yo!) went and made a wiki just like how J.Severe made this wiki. That's why the internet address is Anyway it started out kinda funny then it turned dark. More people joined in and put in some bad stuff and soon enough, through the course of 4 years and over 20.000 articles, it became the dumpheap it is today. If the English version wasn't tragic enough, it spread to, like, over 50 languages so other non-English pedestrians were attracted to the evil. It got so popular and so evil that other people started critizizing it, stating that it was a cyber-bullying meance. Someone even suggested that Jonathan Huang be dragged out into the street and shot - oddly, I agree with him. When I first laid eyes on Uncyclopedia, I had witnessed the devil's work. They had made lies of everything you can think of: Barack Obama, Kingdom Hearts, and they even said that some random sponge would be President in 2012. They even predicted the end of time! Of course I have no doubt that that information is false but still, the heck...

What You Should Expect on Uncyclopedia Edit

Uncyclopedia can be crowned the Internet King of Randomness. Let me set the scene for you. You can be reading a faulty page about caterpillars when some photo of a nerd in gangster clothing with the words "Four to the fifth power, five to the sixth, listen to my ultra sweet mad rappy mix. Calculus!" underneath comes out of NOWHERE and then lyrics to some song that no one has ever heard of but was written by some random guy, come following after. That's what happened to me.

What I Wish Would Happen To Uncyclopedia Edit

Like all other people with a heart, like I, who don't want our children to witness disaster such as this piece of junk, I would like to see Uncyclopedia brought to a bloody end. At first, I thought maybe shooting Huang would work, as suggested above, but then we all know violence doesn't get us anywhere - Martin Luther King pointed that out - so we have to think of something else. If only we could delete that Wiki, I don't know how to but if I ever find out..., we could put an end to their reign of terror. We could write a letter to the President of Wiki or something. I dunno. Oh well..