The Web War all started around the time Stories and Info Wiki was made. About December 27th, 2009. J.Severe's foolish cousin, A. Louis, the supposed general of the first web war, made his appearance on Blog #2 of the Joel Severe Wiki. After a fierce insulting contest with his rivaled cousin, J.Severe blocked A. Louis and it looked like the end of it. But, J.Severe only blocked A. Louis for 3 days. 3 days later, A. Louis came back to wreak havoc on the Joel Severe Wiki. He foolishly edited the home page, putting curses and typing lies about J.Severe. He even went on to asking Random Kid to join in his reign of terror. Random Kid refused this devious offer. J.Severe successfully blocked him for 3 more days. Then, in the midst of the 3 days, at the crack of dawn on the third day, A. Louis and his minions (Unregistered Contributors), raided the Joel Severe Wiki. Random Kid was making a daily checkup on the Joel Severe Wiki, when he comes to find out that almost every page had been vandalized. Random Kid quickly called J.Severe to warn him about this threat, but J.Severe wasn't able to access a computer at the time. So RK and JS made up a plan, in which Random Kid would log in as J.Severe. Random Kid proceeded to doing this and with help from a silent hero named Ajraddatz, blocked every last one of the menaces. This was considered the real start of the web war. Afterwards, A. Louis was blocked for a whole year. And it seemed as though the web war was over. But then, A. Louis, being blocked for a year with that username, created a new account with the name Ferb11. This time, Ferb11 targeted SIW, to gain revenge on Random Kid for not accepting his offer. During the week, in which Random Kid was not able to access the computer because of reasons unknown, Ferb11 single handedly deleted every page on Stories and Info Wiki. Twas 56 pages, wasted and brought to the dust. With plenty of hard work for about 3 hours, Random Kid was able to restore all of the damage done by this mad man. After telling J.Severe about his dillema over the phone, J.Severe let loose into the open all of his hate for A. Louis. His mother, hearing A. Louis' name, walked into the room to investigate. She found out all of the wreched things A. Louis was doing on the internet, and called his mother to put a stop to it immediately. But A. Louis denied everything when confronted, and his mother came to believe this was all false. That J.Severe's rivalry with his devilish cousin led to J.Severe lying about everything. So, together, J.Severe and his brother who's name was currently unknown, e-mailed every curse and devious thing A. Louis had posted up on the two wikis. A. Louis has never been heard from since...

A New Foe

2 months after the first Web War was won by the two heroes, Random Kid and J.Severe were in school. Recently, Random Kid made a blog on SIW for people to give their opinions and ideas for new articles. But, both Random Kid and J.Severe noticed that no one was leaving comments on the blog. Most likely meaning no one was really going on the two wikis. Random Kid was forced to take action quickly! When the weekend ended and they got to school, they began telling numerous people about their wikis. Unknowingly of the foolish plans the classmates had in store for them they kept going. Then, on Thursday February 25th, 2010, they led their attack. They attacked the Joel Severe Wiki and revealed some crucial information, luckily J.Severe caught sight of it and deleted the trashy things they edited. Meanwhile, Random Kid saw that they had also attacked the blog page, leaving comments with crucial information about Random Kid. It is believed that the culprit is non-other than Marcus H. (last name certified). Random Kid and J.Severe are on a hunt for this deranged fool before he causes anymore confusion and difficulties, jeapadizing the lives of both editors.

A. Louis Repents

The Web War has finally subsided and a time of peace reigns on SIW.

The Message

Date: April 29th, 2010
Time: Unknown...

"Hey, look cousin, I'm sorry for everything i did. I really respect you a lot. I think you're the best cousin I could ever have. I'm sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry for what I did. I know you may never forgive me, but deep down you're still my cousin to me. I know you're going to be crazy and tell your parents but I'm very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very sorry and you have the rights to be super mad, but just think about those good times, but please i beg you from the bottom of my heart please, please don't get me in trouble. I know what I did was super wrong but please don't tell the parents I'll get I'm big trouble and to tell you the truth, after your mom told my dad, he took everything from me for for weeks and I learned my lesson: big time. Look J. Severe, I'm supremely super, super sorry. Don't, don't, don't get mad. I swear I will never hurt you in my life. You're my cousin, OK? So please think about it. Real and all your friends. I'm sorry, very sorry, and you don't have to read this if you don't want to. Just think about it and just leave me a message on my talk page and just say the word, and I'll be gone.

P.S. Don't tell your parents, please, for me.

Sincerely, A. Louis"

Special News Report About Message

Folks, the impossible has occured!! A. Louis , the baddest guy to roam Wikia, has apologized for his wrong doings! I know, I couldn't believe it either! A. Louis and... I just-... ugh... (faints)

Um, allow me to take over. For those of you who have no idea who A. Louis is, check out his page on the Wanted List; A. Louis. For more information on how he got such a bad reputation here, go to The Web War page. Anyways, yes, it's true folks! The one whom single handedly deleted every page on the Stories and Info Wiki a few months back, has returned and repented. He made his appearance after a 3 month hiatus on April 29, 2010! He apologized for his wrong doings and pleaded J.Severe to forgive him! Catch all the action, including J.Severe and Random Kid's answer to this abrupt call for forgiveness, at this here "link"! See it now folks. Otherwise, continue with your daily routine. Thank you for your time... read on.


The Web War has ended and it seems that peace shall reign on the Stories and Info Wiki.