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The Video Games are a group of supporting protagonists in the following story. They consist of the main characters as well as the antagonists from many video games. They come to life to help a boy named Jordan Roverson save the world.

Gallery: Here's what the characters look like while assisting Jordan Roverson in saving the destruction of the world.

All the characters in this story, excluding Sora who is the exclusive property of Square Enix and Jordan Roverson who is the exclusive property of the JR Company, are the exclusive property of Nintendo, as is the Wii. Any simularities to other Nintendo related events featuring these characters (and Sora for Square Enix and Jordan for JR) is purely coincidential. So don't sue, please!

Story: A "Normal" Day...Edit

It was a normal after school day... Jordan Roverson BUSTED through the schoolyard gate with bullies in hasty pursuit of him! "Catch him!", one of the bullies called out. Roverson hopped over the other side of the fence and continued trying to escape the bullies! Suddenly, one of them came from behind a corner and tripped him! "Whoa!", Roverson exclaimed as he fell to the ground. "Thought you could escape us, eh?", the bully who tripped him asked. "Well of course, you're so fat you couldn't catch me if I jogged.", Roverson retorted. "What? Y-you!", Bully stammered. Jordan got up off of the ground. "What? Your vocabulary too limited to come up with a reply?", Roverson insulted once again. "W-what?! Y-you beast!", Bully stammered once again. "Oh wow, the boy couldn't figure out a reply of his own so he just used my line. What a surprise.", Jordan insulted again. "Listen kid, you want us to give you a good face full of fist?", Bully #2 asked. "Face full of fist?", Roverson asked. "Yeah, when we're done with you your face is going to look like a piece of crushed up plastic!", Bully #3 replied. "Oh, so you mean it'll look similiar to your mother's face?", Roverson asked. "What the-- ?!", Bully #3 exclaimed. "Heh heh. See? Once again I've outsmarted you guys with something you lack, wits.", Roverson added.

"Wits, huh?", Bully #2 said, punching his fists together. "Yep. Look, you can see them right over there.", Jordan said, pointing behind the three. "Huh? I don't see anything.", Bully #3 said. "You fools, he's getting away!", Bully #1 yelled. "What?!", the other two asked, and looked around. While the three bullies were looking around for Roverson. He was nowhere to be found. "Where'd he go?", Bully #2 asked.

Meanwhile, Roverson hurried home, snickering about how he easily outsmarted those bullies.

The Gold Remote Wii-Mote!Edit

Roverson made sure no one was pursuing him before letting out a triumphant laugh. "Those idiots. These days it's so easy to outsmart a few bullies. Especially when you're nearly killed.", Jordan laughed. He continued walking down the road. While walking, he passed an old abandoned house. Suddenly, "Found him!", a voice called out from afar. "What the-- ?!", Jordan turned around and spotted Bully #1 dashing forth at him! "Whoa! This dude is wilin'!", Roverson exclaimed. Roverson ran into the big grassy yard of the abandoned house, hastily trying to escape Bully #1! Bully #1 followed him into the house. Jordan ran up the steps as they all fell and shattered to pieces behind him, considering the house was old and abandoned. Thus, Bully#1 couldn't pursue Roverson any longer. Roverson hid in a small, dark, dusty room. There, he sat quietly, until he didn't hear any more voices. Just then, out of the corner of his eye, he spotted something shining brightly.

He slowly crawled over to the shining object. There, lying on the ground, was something ensued in pure gold. Roverson picked it up and examined it. "What is this thing?", Roverson asked himself. He carefully stood up, aware that the house was clearly structurely unsound. Suddenly, the ceiling began to crack slowly, and bricks began falling profusely! Roverson hastily ran to the nearest window and gasped for air! Just then, the ground began cracking as well, and it looked as though the whole house was about to collapse right then and there!

Roverson, still holding the object ensued in pure gold, and hastily jumped out of the window as the house collapsed to the ground! The collapsing of the old house spread dust and debris and whatnot all over the yard! Roverson jumped from the two story window and fell onto the grass! Meanwhile, the bullies were walking away when they heard the loud *CRASH!* behind them! Dust and debris spewed all over the place, which they saw when they turned around. "Huh? Wasn't that the house that the nerd was in?", Bully #3 asked. "Uh, yes. Yes it was.", Bully #1 replied. "Whoa! We've got to see if that kid is okay!", Bully #2 said, running into the dust. The other bullies followed Bully #2 into the dust and debris.

Jordan got up from the ground and saw the shadows of the bullies edging toward him! "Wait, who is that?", one of them asked. "Is that him?", another replied. The bullies came into clear sight. "Stop right there or I'll bash you over the head with this thing!", Roverson threatened. "What the heck? He's okay?!", Bully #1 asked, stepping forward. "Yeah, I'm okay, but you're not going to be if you take one more step!", Roverson exclaimed. "Perfect, he's fine. Now we can give him that beating he oh so deserved!", Bully #2 threatened. Bully #2 began edging toward Roverson again! "What the-- ?!", Jordan started.

He gave Roverson a good punch! "Whoa!", Roverson flew back and hit some debris from the collapsed house! This spread even more dust, causing the whole street to be ensued in never ending smoke! Roverson stood up, leaning tiredly on the debris. "You... BEAST!!!", Jordan yelled and ferociously swung the object ensued in pure gold at Bully #2! Bully #2 jumped back, and Roverson made a cunning escape! He ran out of the ensuing dust and continued down the street. Due to the dust, the three bullies couldn't find their way out and Roverson was able to make yet another escape.

When he finally left the street and light was shining again, he examined the "OEIPG (object ensued in pure gold)". He finally figured out what the OEIPG was, it turned out to be a Wii Remote. Or otherwise called, a Wii-mote.

The Wii-Mote's Powers'Edit

Jordan continued down the street to his home. "A Wii-mote, eh?", Jordan said to himself. "What's with the ensued gold? I've never seen a Golden Wii-mote, why I've never even heard of one.", Jordan continued. "Hm, I'll test this baby out when I get home.", Jordan said as he stuffed the Wii-mote into his book bag. Roverson finally arrived at his house, he opened the door with his key and walked inside. Once there, he treated himself with some nice chocolate chip cookies and milk.

When he was fully referbished and ready to carry out his Friday routine, he went up to his room. "Now let's test this baby out.", Roverson said as he put Kingdom Hearts 3 into his Wii system. The game began, showing Sora looking into a blue sky. Roverson turned the Wii-mote on and prepared to play. He walked around with Sora, and was able to slash with the Wii-mote, making Sora slash his Keyblade.

"Whoa. It's like this thing has automatic Wii Motion Plus, heh heh.", Jordan said as he freely slashed around, killing countless heartless's as if they were nothing more than that of a slice of cheese. Just then, a button began to flash on the Wii-mote. 'Twas the A button. Jordan pressed the button and a flash of light came BURSTING out of the television screen! WHOA!", Jordan yelled as he was seemingly being sucked into the television!

Roverson awoke to find himself now next to a living, breathing, Sora in Traverse Town. "What the-- ?!", Jordan shouted, confused. Sora turned around and saw Jordan. "Huh? Hey there, who are you?", Sora asked, also confused. "I'm... well... uh, that's right! I'm Jordan!", Jordan revealed. "Nice to meet cha' Jordan.", Sora greeted. "So uh...", Roverson started. "Whoa! Watch out!", Sora interrupted, pushing Jordan out of the way. He fell onto the ground and turned around, only to see Sora go head to head with a Heartless!

The Heartless swiped at Sora! He jumped into the air, flipped, and slashed the Heartless in cold blood! The Heartless split in half and fell back, disappearing into thin air. "Whoa.", Roverson admired. "Look out!", Sora called out. Roverson turned around, only to see a Heartless with a sword about to slash him! Just then, his Wii-mote turned into a Keyblade and blocked the oncoming sword! "Whoa. Cool!", Jordan said, kicking the Heartless away from him. Jordan jumped up, "Prepare to be defeated.", he said and slashed the Heartless horizontally, similiar to what Sora did.

"Wow, that's a nice weapon you got there. What's it called?", Sora admired. The Keyblade transformed back into the Wii-mote. "Well it's called a Wii-mote, and it's partly this things fault that I'm even here in the first place.", Roverson answered. "So you're saying that this 'Wii-mote' thing acts as a gummi ship?", Sora asked. "No, you don't understand. I was playing it with this fancy doo-hickey, and thus, sucked in to my Kingdom Hearts 3 game.", Jordan explained. "Kingdom Hearts 3? There's a third Kingdom Hearts? That's impossible. There's only one Kingdom Hearts and it's the heart of all our worlds.", Sora explained. "No. This... all of this around us, is a Video Game.", Jordan revealed. "I see. So you're saying my whole world is just a video game? Including me?", Sora asked. "Well sorry to break it to you like that but yessir-y. Now we've got to find some way to get back to my worl--.", Jordan started.


"Whoa!", both Jordan and Sora shouted. In the distance a loud boom was heard. "What's going on?", Sora asked. "Well I've read the guide and I think we're up to the part where... wait... Oh-no-- !", Jordan started. Suddenly, a shady figure in a black cloak appeared atop a building of Traverse Town. "It's Ansem!", Sora exclaimed. "Tis' I! Ansem the Seeker of Darkness. I've come to shroud the world in neverending... well... darkness!", Ansem shouted triumphantly. "Never!", Sora retorted. "Ah, young Sora. How not-nice to see you agian. Who is this accomplice of yours?", Ansem asked. "I'm Jordan! And we WILL stop you!", Jordan called out. "How? There's no way you and Sora can possibly defeat me.", Ansem said. "Yes we can! Cause' this is a video game, and in video games, good always prevails!, Jordan shouted back. "Foolish children. I will dispose of you. Now my Heartless, destroy them!", Ansem commanded.

A bunch of Heartless dropped down from the sky. Sora slashed at a Heartless! "Take that.", Sora said, triumphantly. But tons more surrounded him. "Whoa. This thing won't turn back into a Keyblade.", Jordan lamented as Heartless began to surround him also. "Well with my Keyblade, I always call out 'keblade' for it to appear in my hands.", Sora informed. "Maybe you should try it." "Hm, good idea. Keyblade!", Jordan exclaimed. The Wii-mote in his hand became a blue keyblade! Immediately, Roverson slashed at multiple Heartless, sending them to oblivion. But more just kept coming.

"What're we going to do?", asked Sora, worried. "We've got to escape.", Roverson concluded. "In that alley!", Sora said, pointing out an alley in the distance. Jordan and Sora made a run for the alley as the Heartless attempted hasty pursuit. Sora and Jordan kept running through the seemingly long alleyway until they found themeselves surrounded by an all white background. "What's going on?", Sora asked. "Beat's me.", Jordan replied. SHOOM! Jordan and Sora fell landed on the floor of Jordan's bedroom. "What the-- ?!", Sora started. "My room!", Jordan said, relieved. "So this is your world? Seems nice.", Sora said. "Yep it-- Whoa!", Jordan looked back at the TV. Ansem and the Heartless were about to pop out from the screen! Jordan hastily took the disc out and the Kingdom Hearts game froze. "Whew. That was close. I thought it was all over for a second.", Jordan said, turning off the TV. "So I guess we won't be going back anytime soon, eh?", Sora said. "I guess not.", Jordan replied.

Link and The Master SwordEdit

Just then, a Heartless BURST out of the television screen. "WHOA!", Sora exclaimed in shock. "Keyblade!", Jordan called out, his Wii-mote becoming a Keyblade. Roverson quickly slashed the Heartless in half and it fell back and dispersed in thin air. "Heh. Nice moves.", Sora congratulated. "Thanks. But what in the world just happened? I thought we froze the game?", Jordan asked. "I guess some of the Heartless got out.", Sora explained. "We'll need help to stop them." Sora sat on my bed. "Hm, comfy place you got here.", Sora said. "So what do we do know? How are we going to find help?", he asked. "Easy. I'll just do what I do best: play video games.", Jordan replied. "You want to play video games in a crisis like this. For all we know your world could be in danger.", Sora scolded. "What? You don't like video games?", Jordan said, taking The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess from it's case and popping it into the Wii.

"Well, considering I AM one, yes but-- ", Sora started. "Heeyah!", Jordan interrupted. "What was that?", Sora asked. "It was my signature Link impression. I always do it when I'm playing a Legend of Zelda game.", Jordan explained. Sora shook his head. "Y'know, you should be careful with that remote. After all, it brought you to my world and put your life in danger, and this game looks like it could be even more dangerous than my world.", Sora explained, watching as Jordan went face to face with the boss. "Ah, relax Sora. You were much less tense in the video games... some of the time.", Jordan muttered. "What's THAT supposed to mean?", Sora inquired. "Well sometimes you can be a nice person and at others just an all out beast.", Jordan explained. "What? Name one time that I acted like a beast.", Sora challenged. "Remember when Riku, under control by Ansem, attempted to take Kairi's heart and you went HEAD TO HEAD with him?", Roverson asked. "Never mind.", Sora said, sheepishly.

Just then, the A button began to flash again. "I think you're supposed to press the A button.", Sora suggested. "What? No way, the last time I pressed that button when it was flashing I was sent into the Kingdom Hearts 3 game.