In The Time Traveller, normal junior high boy Joel Severe is whisked into the future where he meets his future self. He and his future self use a time machine to go to different time streams, ultimately indangering the space-time continuum, and they must fix it as well as thwart a villain bent on universal domination.

A Seemingly Normal DayEdit

The car skid to a stop in front of the school. "Have a nice day, Jo--", Mom started. Before she could finish her sentence, Joel BUSTED out of the car and raced into the school! Joel slid on the floor and ran up the stairs! He got on the 2nd floor and ran to his locker. He hastily put the combination in his lock and took it off, opening the locker. Joel quickly grabbed his gym clothes, as well as dumped his English, pre-algebra, and science binders in. He shut the door and put the lock back on. Joel, holding the gym clothes in hand, and his backpack on his back, ran down the stairs!

As Joel was running, he bumped into a random teen who was walking up the side of the stairs you were supposed to walk down, "Whoa!", the teen shouted, jumping back. Joel, seeing the teen's murderous look in his eye, made a run down the stairs. "Get back here, you little twerp!", the teen growled and gave chase to Joel! Joel got to the bottom of the stairs and ran for the Boys' Locker Room. The teen followed. Joel quickly jumped down the stairs into the locker room. The teen stopped in his tracks as the bell rang. The teen trudged to his class, disgusted.

"Hey there, Jordan!', Joel greeted as he got dressed. "Hiya, Joel. I heard that we're gonna have a pretty tough Gym class today", Jordan explained. "Pff! Hard? Ha! I'm Joel Severe! I can take on ANYTHING these teachers can dish out!", Joel gloated.

"Dodgeball!", the gym teacher announced. Joel gulped and backed up in fear, eventually hitting the bleachers. "D-d-dodgeball?!", Joel panicked. "I thought you said you could handle anything the teachers could dish out?", Jordan asked with a smirk. "W-well, I thought you meant a game of hoops or something. Not d-d-dodgeball!", Joel continued to panic. "Please! What's so bad about this?", Jordan asked. "Well, if it was just a normal group of kids, it'd be no problem. I'd be like 'Dodgeball? No problem, I'm-a king at this.' But... she's on the other team", Joel said in fear, pointing at the other team. "Who?", Jordan asked. Joel answered in a deep, crackling voice, "Ashley."

"Ashley? She's our friend. Besides, what's she gonna do to us?", Jordan asked. "Well, on a normal day, yes, she's our best friend and she's all peachy keen. But when it comes to DODGEBALL, she's a complete BEAST!", Joel shouted. "Scoff! Yeah, right! Let's see what she does", Jordan scoffed. "Alright kids. Let's start in 3-2-1!", the teacher yelled. Ashley grabbed a ball and HURLED it at Jordan! The ball hit Jordan and he flew back, crashing through the wall and landing in the hallway! "N-n-no! N-n-NOOO! Nyaaaahhh!", Joel begged for mercy. Ashley spotted Joel and hurled a ball at him! The last thing Joel felt before he fell unconscious was the blood goozing down from his face. Then everything went black...

Joel woke up only to see a fist coming at him! The boy ducked out of the way! The hand grabbed around Joel's neck and choked him! "Aak! Aaak! Aak!", Joel choked. The body in which the hand belonged to emerged from the darkness. 'Twas... the teen! More bodies emerged from the darkness. The bodies were of various other teens... as well as Jordan & Ashley, who were clenching their fists and chuckling deviously! "Waak! Waaak!", Joel choked as he tried to free himself from the teen's grasp! He scratched the teen in the eye! The teen dropped Joel and jumped back, holding his eye in pain! Joel made a hasty run! "G-g-get that, [censored] son of a [censored]!", the teen shouted in anger. Everyone else gave chase to Joel!

As fast as everyone else was, Joel was extremely frightened , and so thus gained a burst of adrenaline! Joel "cleared it" on his foes and jumped out the window! He rolled on the school lawn and jumped onto the streets! A cluster of cars raced towards the poor boy! Joel slid through the streets, narrowly dodging certain death! Joel turned around, only to see the teen from before - now with a scar in his eye - was chasing him, foaming from the mouth! Without hesitation, Joel ran into a dark alley, hoping the teen would not be able to find him.

"Hey! Hey, you! Ya little wimp! Git out here and fight like a man!", the teen shouted. "I'm not a man. I'm just a normal guy trying to find his place in the world, though many people ridicule, mock, insult, and seek to destroy me", Joel muttered to himself. "Huh? Wha was that?!", the teen asked. Joel put his hand over his mouth and slowly backed out of the alley. He ran into a cul-de-sac and looked around. He spotted an uninhabited house in the middle of it all that seemed like a good place to hide. Joel ran up to the porch, opened the door, rushed inside, shut the door, and locked it.

The Time Machine Edit

Joel leaned against the door, panting profusely. "*pant pant*!", he panted. Suddenly, Joel heard a bunch of voices coming fron upstairs. "What the...? Isn't this house supposed to be abandoned?", Joel thought to himself. He quietly creeped up the stairs and approached the room in which the sounds seemed to be coming from. Joel leaned against that door and listened intently. "I'm telling you, Stella. With these business ventures, we'll make hundreds, nay, THOUSANDS of -- there's someone in the hall", a voice noticed. Joel stopped breathing.

In the room, the man got up from his chair and approached the door. Joel, without hesitation, jumped down the stairs and ran around the hall. Upstairs, an old man BUSTED down the door, holding a double-barreled shotgun! "Grr... where are ya, you nosey, eavesdropping piece of trash!?", the man shouted in anger. He ran down the stairs as Joel hid under the stairs. "I gotta get outta here...", Joel muttered. He looked to the side and saw a lone door. Joel jumped up, and hastily ran into the room, quietly closing the door behind him.

"Where are you, ya scaredy-cat? I just wanna pump yo guts fulla lead is all!', the man threatened. Joel crossed his fingers, hoping the man wouldn't burst into the room with his shotgun and shoot rapidly at him. As Joel was glancing around the room, he saw a mysterious object covered by a black tarp. Curious, Joel edged towards the object. He removed the tarp, only to reveal some sort of contraption. Joel saw that said contraption was unplugged, and... well, plugged it in.

The contraption started to beep, then it lit up, covering the room in a plethora of different colors, as well as making a loud "WHURRING" sound as if there was an overheated PlayStation 3 in the room. "Sssh! Sssh!", Joel tried to command the contraption, but everyone knows a contraption can't hear. However, the man heard and said, "Something's coming from that room!" He edged towards the door. Joel raced to the contraption and pressed a bunch of letters on its keyboard. The man KICKED the door down, seeing Joel! The man raised the shotgun to fire Joel's head off! Joel, knowing it was all over, accidentally pulled a lever. Suddenly, Joel and the contraption vanished into thin air!

"Ugh...", Joel groaned as he opened his eyes. He found himself... in the same room! Except that the crazed man with a shotgun was nowhere to be found. Relieved, Joel exited the door, glanced around, then exited the house. The boy went outside, and could clearly see that something was different, but couldn't quite put his finger on it. Uncaring, Joel crossed the street back to the school. He could also see that the school had gotten unexplicably bigger, as if there had been construction during the summer, but that was impossible seeing that Joel was only gone a few minutes. Uncaring, Joel went inside the school.

In the hall, Joel could also see that there had been unexplainable changes within the school. Before Joel could pace and ponder this, the bell rang. RRIINNGG!! A bunch of kids came rushing out of their classrooms and into the hallway! The students rammed into Joel, knocking him over, and stomping on him! "Aak! Aaak! Aaahhh...", Joel screeched.

Fight with a Mysterious TeenEdit

As Joel lay on the ground writhing in pain, a random teenager approached Joel. "Kid, what are you doing in the Senior hallway?", the teen asked. Joel got up, brushed some excess dust off him and said, "What chu' talkin' about? This school is for everyone, not chopped up for individual groups." "Are you kidding? Like us mascular men would share the halls with babies like YOU!", the teen retorted. "Grr... that's what I hate. In sixth grade, you're like the king of the school, but when you graduate and go to junior high seventh grade, you're treated like a kindergartmer all over again!", Joel grimaced. "Whatever, just get out of my way", the teen muttered and started to walk.

Joel ran in front of the teen. He looked familiar. "What's your name?", Joel asked. "Well, it's Jo--, er, why does it matter to you?!", the teen growled, pushing Joel out of the way. "Don't PUSH me!", Joel shouted, pushing the teen. The teen swung at Joel! Joel ducked and punched the teen in his face! The teen flew back and hit the wall! The teen kicked Joel! Joel flew back and hit the ground! The teen raised his arm to elbow Joel! Joel rolled over as the teen's elbow hit the ground! Joel kicked at the teen! The teen grabbed Joel's arm and threw him to the ground! The teen jumped up. Joel jumped up. The teen swung at Joel! Joel jumped over the fist as it hit a random teacher and she flew back, crashing into a desk and splitting it in two!

"What the --?!", the teen shouted. The teacher got up and wiped the red liquid off her face. "Heh heh. Sorry about that, Ms.Tia", the teen said with a sheepish smile. "You", Ms. Tia growled, pointing at the teen, "and you!", she pointed at Joel, "go to the Principal's office!" The teen and Joel disgustedly walked to the Principal's office, arguing quietly between themselves. Soon, they arrived at an ominous door. "What's this?", Joel asked. "This is... the Principal's office", the teen gulped. "What are you talking about? The Principal's office is over in the next hall", Joel explained. "Listen, I don't know what world you're from, kid, but this IS the Principal's office!", the teen corrected, walking into the mass of darkness that was the inside of the room. Joel reluctantly followed.

Inside was indeed the Principal's office. It had that "old man" smell seeing that the Principal was an old, grouchy man. There was a big desk in the center of the room, and a big chair sitting at the end of the table - and within that chair... was the Principal! Joel looked intently at the man. He looked several years older than when Joel had last seen him. Surely, this couldn't be the same principal from before. "Hello, boys. Come in and take a seat", the Principal said. "Do we have to stay here for long, 'cuz I have --", the teen started. "SIT THE HECK DOWN!", the Principal commanded. Joel and the teen took their seats. "So what trouble have you gotten yourself into this time, Joel? It's the third time this week you've been sent to my office", the Principal asked. "What are you talking about? I wasn't here three times this week!", Joel protested. "I wasn't to you, I was talking to Joel", the Principal said, pointing to the teen. "Your name's Joel?", Joel asked the teen. "Yeah. Joel Severe", the teen replied. 0_o

At last, it all finally made sense! The different hallways, the mislocation of the Principal's office, the aged Principal, and the teen that looked like him... it all made sense! That contraption wasn't just a random piece of junk, it was a time machine! And it had taken Joel years into the future! "Whoa...", Joel muttered. "What is it?", the Principal asked. "N-nothing...", the boy replied. "No, tell me!", the Principal growled. "I said it's nothing", Joel repeated. "RAAAAHHH!", the Principal yelled, foaming from the mouth. He reached into his desk and unsheathed a machete! "Waaaaggh!", Joel and the teen screeched. The Principal swung at them with the machete! The two ducked! The teen grabbed the Principal and threw him out of the room! Before the Principal could get in, the teen quickly shut the door and locked it.

The Truth about the TeenEdit

"What was that about?", the teen asked. "Well, research has been done, and it's scientifically that even the best, good-natured principals can turn into bloodthirsty beasts bent on killing innocent students", Joel explained. "... Well...", the teen replied, speechless. "Yeah... hey your name's Joel Severe, right?", Joel asked. "Er, yes", the teen replied. "I see. And what year is it?", Joel asked. "Why, it's 2016", the teen explained. Joel gaped.

"What is it?", the teen asked. "It's you. It's really you! Erm, I mean it's really me! Uh... I mean...", Joel stammared. "Just spit it out", the teen groaned. "I'm you... from the past!", Joel blurt out. "What the --?!", the teen shouted. "It's true! My name is Joel Severe, too. I'm from the year 2010, and I'm supposed to graduate in the year 2016", Joel explained. "What? No... that makes no sense!", the teen said in denial. "Yes, it does! Don't you remember? Why, you were me right now when you were younger", Joel explained. "I don't remember much from my childhood...", the teen groaned. "Fine! If you don't believe me, I'll have to show you the time machine myself!", Joel said. "Okay, then", the teen agreed.

During Lunch (which was coincidentally the next period), Joel & the teen snuck out of the school. They crossed the street into the old abandoned house. The two crept inside and Joel showed him to the room of which the time machine was stored in. When the teen saw it, he was astonished. "So it's true. You ARE me from the future!", the teen, who from now on will be referred to as Future Joel, realized. "Told ya", Joel replied. "Wow. This is heavy", Future Joel sighed. There was a long silence. "Well, shouldn't you be getting back to 2010 or something?", Future Joel asked. "No way. There's still much to see in futuristic [NAME OF TOWN INHELD]. I ain't leaving 'til I see all of them", Joel refused. "Heh heh. I see you have my perky attitude. That's ill. But aren't you going to mess up some space-time continuum or another mumbo-jumbo?", Future Joel asked. "Listen, would you rather have fun and bring the entire universe to the brink of extinction or stay bored and keep the universe safe?", Joel asked. "Good point", Future Joel replied.

The School from the FutureEdit

Joel & Future Joel walked back to the school. They entered the lunchroom, that is, the Senior High lunchroom. For a Senior cannot be seen in the Junior High cafeteria; that would lead to immense amounts of humiliation and whatbnot. However, if a junior high student was seen in the Senior High cafeteria, his popularity would increase ten-fold. But the problem here is that the Senior and the junior high student were partnered up. Who was this Senior and the junior high student he was paired with, you ask? Why, it was Future Joel & Joel. To learn more about each other, they had to travel together. But the average teen these days wouldn't believe something so preposterous as time travel because... well, that's a teen. So it was up to the two Joels to find out a clever way to... erm... n-never mind.

"Yo, Joel! What's with the baby you've got here?", a teen sitting at the table asked. Joel was disgusted; he had just been greatly insulted and he could do nothing about it for if he fought him, the teen would surely kill Joel. "He's... er, my... little brother!", Future Joel lied. "Your little brother's a Freshman. This kid's obviously in junior high", the teen retorted. "I wasn't talking about my actual little brother. I meant... er, my little brother as in the organization 'Big Brother, Big Sister.' Yeah, that's it!", Future Joel corrected. "I didn't know you joined that", the teen replied. "Well, you learn something new everyday", Future Joel said. "But why's he here, eating with us?", the teen continued to interrogate. "If you ask one more freakin' question, I'm gonna pull out your guts and feed them to my dog", Future Joel threatened. "Okay, okay! Yeesh! Calm down...", the teen cowered.

"Table 6, come up!", the aid yelled. Table 6, which was the table in which our heroes were on, so they all got up and went inside the kitchen. "I'm eager to see what kind of culinary they have six years into the future", Joel wondered. "Hey, now don't be spreadin' around all that psychological trash. Folks are gonna think I chose to be paired with a nerd", Future Joel complained. "What are you talking about? This is just the way I am", Joel told him. "Well, if you're gonna be seen with me, that's the last thing you want to be", Future Joel retorted. "Grrr...", Joel growled. His future self was not all he was cracked up to be if he didn't share the same intelligence.

"What chu' want?", the lunch lady asked. "Huh?", Joel stammared. " I sai' what chu' want, boy?!", the lunch aid yelled. "Er... well, I --", Joel started. The lunch aid reached under the table and pulled out a double-barreled shotgun! "Aaaahh!", Joel screeched. "He'll just take the special", Future Joel called out. "Wise choice, m'boy...", the lunch aid muttered as she handed Joel a tray of lobster dipped in butter. "Ooh! That looks delicious!", Joel admired. "Yeah, it's much better than the crap they used to sell", Future Joel muttered. "Pardon your language!", Joel shouted. "Shut cho' pie hole!", Future Joel retorted. Joel grimaced, grabbed a can of chocolate milk and went on his way.

At the cash register, the cashier asked, "Where's your ID card?" Joel reached into his pocket and pulled his out. "What the --? This says you graduate in 2016, but it's 2016 and you obviously ain't old enough to graduate. You thought you could forge a card, eh BOAHY?!!!", the cashier exploded in a fit of rage. "No, please! I want to live!", Joel pleaded. "Here, just put it on my ID card", Future Joel offered, handing the cashier his card. The cashier reluctantly charged the card, but as Joel went to leave, the cashier muttered, "One of these days, young bahss, I'm gonna end you..."

Back at the table, Future Joel and his friends talked about things that would be too gruesome to post in this story. Meanwhile, Joel just observed his tray of food. "Wow. Look at such exquisite food. And the tray - insted of being styrofoam, it's transparent glass! And the chocolate milk, rather than being in a mere carton, it's in a can!", Joel admired. "Yo, you're not supposed to LOOK at the food, you're supposed to EAT it", Future Joel explained. The table burst into laughter. Joel gave them a dirty look and went to devour his food.

The Secret StashEdit

RRIINNGG!!! The bell rang! The large plethora of teens jumped out of their seats and made a hasty run out the exit! "Aaaaahhhh!", Joel shouted as some random teenager crashed into him and knocked him down! "Help meeee!", the boy screeched as numerous people trampled over him! Future Joel bravely reached into the cluster of stampeding persons and pulled out Joel! "*gasp gasp* I thought it was all over!", Joel panicked. "Yo listen, don't be all 'Aaaahh! Aah! Aaah! Agggh!' whenever you need help, 'ight? My homies are gonna think your mentally ill or something", Future Joel complained. "Your 'homies'? Seen when do you... I... WE have homies?", Joel asked. "Ever since I ditched that boring hobby", Future Joel told him. "W-what hobby?", Joel inquired. "The hobby of --", he started. "Hey there! You two!", a man down the room yelled. "Run, run, run!", Joel muttered to his future self. The two high-tailed it out of there before the ominous man could say another word.

The two walked through the hallways. "So what do you like to do?", Joel asked. "Well...", Future Joel said, with a smirk on his face. A random teenage girl walked by. Future Joel smacked her butt. "Ooh!", the girl sighed. "What the --?!", Joel shouted in disgust. "What is it?", Future Joel asked. "Well, you just smacked that girl's booty", Joel explained. "So? It's not like she's going to file a restraining order on me", Future Joel said, walking in front of Joel. "Yeah... but... ugh!", Joel groaned.

The boy ran up to Future Joel. "So what other hobbies do you have, besides harassing girls?", Joel asked. "Well, I'm captain of the football team, the basketball team, the --", Future Joel started. "You do 'sports'?", Joel asked. "Pff! That's like, my main goal in life, yo!", Future Joel replied. "N-no. That's impossible", Joel said, backing up in fear. "No, it's easy! Became my main focus after I stopped --", Future Joel started. The two stopped in their tracks. In front of them was the door to the Principal's office. And the floor... was the Principal's corpse!

"Well...", Joel stammared, at a loss for words. "Hey, that means the room is unguarded! Let's go inside!", Future Joel suggested. "What? You crazy, boy?! Going into the Principal's office... voluntarily?!", Joel shouted. "Sssh! Stop being such a sissy!", Future Joel insulted. "Me? A sissy? Ha! That's quite laughable. Really, I'm tearing with laughter. I am NOT a sissy. Why, a sissy is the LAST thing anyone would ever classify as. I don't know where the heck you got that thought", Joel muttered. "Then come with me!", Future Joel replied. The two ventured into the darkness of... the office! (SFX: thunder booms and lightning strikes) Oh no, I'm extremely scared! Heh heh, not really. Anyway, what are you still doing here, go to the next paragraph!

The two found themselves in a cold, dark room. Then Future Joel turned on the lights. Now it was a warm bright room! But it still smelt of the blood of inncoent students whom the Principal shed no mercy on. "Hey, over here!", Future Joel called. He had opened a drawer in a series of cabinets. Joel walked over and looked inside. Within there was a cluster of... toys! "All I see is a bunch of toys", Joel pointed out. "Well, dig deeper and you'll find some of the most horrid things ever to grace this school", Future Joel suggested. Joel reached farther into the drawer and pulled out a gun! "A BB gun?", Joel inquired. "With real bullets!", Future Joel chuckled. "Whoa! Cool!", Joel admired. "Yep. Keep goin' in", Future Joel encouraged. Joel dug in some more and pulled out a slingshot with a sac attached to it. "What's the big deal with this?", Joel asked. "There are grenades in that sac", Future Joel told him. "What the --?!", Joel shouted. "Ah man, this is like being a kid at Christmas. Go on, there's one more", Future Joel said. Joel reached in, but his future self pulled his hand away. "No, no, no. This is too cool for you to hold!", Future Joel chuckled. He reached into the drawer. "This is my babe-uh... this is... my hoverboard."

Future Joel pulled a sleek, shiny, blue hoverboard out of the pile! "This is the 'Severe Flier Mark 3'", Future Joel announced. "Whoa! That's awesome, right there!", Joel admired. "Yeah ha ha! Got this my first year of high school. It was extremely expensive, like all stuff are when they first come out, but this... is worth every penny", Future Joel explained, "... and I want you to try it out." "M-me?", Joel asked. "Sure, knock yourself out", Future Joel approved. "Whoo-hoo!", Joel cheered. He put one foot on the board, only to have the board slide off and crash into the wall! Joel landed on the ground, writhing in pain. "Heh heh. That's gonna need some work", Future Joel laughed.

"Okay... stay right there", Future Joel coaxed. Joel had finally gotten on the hoverboard without falling, and had the grenade slingshot in his pocket, as well as the BB gun with real bullets in a case strapped to his shoulder. "There! NOW you look like a real warrior. Got ch'own mode of transportation, a gun, and a deadly handheld weapon", Future Joel said, holding up his cell phone to take a photo. "Yeah, I do look pretty awesome", Joel agreed, "But one question: how do you ride this thing?" "Oh, it's just like riding a skateboard, but in mid-air", Future Joel explained, now texting someone will the phone. "So, if I do this...", Joel started, moving his foot backwards in the air. WHOOSH! The hoverboard made a heavy thrust forward! "Aaah!", Joel yelled, making a swift turn. Now the board was facing down the hallways and was moving slowly. "Huh? Hmm...", Joel muttered, and moved his foot in the air again. The board suddenly flew down the hall at fast speeds!

"Whoa! Ha ha ha!", Joel laughed as he rode down the hall on a soft cushion of air. "H-hey!", a guard yelled and started chasing Joel. "Uh-oh!", Joel muttered and moved his foot again! The board flew forward and crashed through a window! "Aaahh!", Joel screeched as he hovered through the streets, narrowly dodging cars! "Heyah!", Joel yelled triumphantly as he soared through a neighborhood of houses. Numerous people gazed out their window only to see this boy gliding on by. Even one elderly woman was sitting on a porch as Joel zoomed by, greeting "Morning!" The woman just stared at him in disbelief.

Joel tilted the board upward, and the hoverboard started to ascend into the sky. "Ha ha ha! This is great!", Joel chuckled. He hovered above the clouds, as high and fast as he could, until he was just a few thousand feet from reaching outer space. "Better get back down", Joel thought. He tilted the board downward, and he began to rocket down at speeds of 500 mph! "Waaahh!", Joel shouted as the wind rushed past him! He neared closer and closer to the ground and it seemed that at any second Joel would hit the cement and splatter across the street. However, at the very last second, Joel hastily tilted the board forward, missing the road by a mere inch.

"Ha ha ha! That was so fun!", Joel sighed. Suddenly, police sirens were heard. "What's going on?", Joel wondered. A cluster of police cars were coming down the road... and they were headed for Joel! "What the --?! Aaahh!", Joel screamed as he hastily flew forward with the board! But no matter how fast he rode, the police cars always seemed to get closer and closer! With no choice left, Joel reached into the case on his back and pulled out the BB gun! He shot repeatedly at the cars! Various bullets hit the cars, which swerved out of control, crashing into houses and exploding in bursts of flames!

Joel was out of bullets in the BB gun, but there was still cars on the chase! Joel put the gun away and took out his slingshot! He put the grenade in it and, without hesitation, flung it across the street! 'Twas a poor shot, and the grenade hit the ground, not hurting anybody. By now, the officers had handguns out their windows and were shooting at Joel! The boy hastily dodged the bullets! "*gasp gasp*... I've only got one shot!", Joel groaned. He took one more grenade and put it in his slingshot. He held it back as if he were using a bow and arrow. The boy flung the grenade full-force and with excellent accuracy! The grenade landed inside a random police car. The grenade exploded, blowing up the car, then blowing up the cars around them! Soon, the entire street was up in flames! Joel made a quick escape from the scene.

Minutes later, Joel was back at the school and walked up to Future Joel, who was still in the Principal's office, texting. "Hey, Future Me! Did you see what I had to go through?", Joel asked. "Huh? W-what?", Future Joel stammared, raising his head up from the screen of his phone. "Never mind", Joel muttered, disgusted.

After SchoolEdit

"Ah man, look at the time! Class is halfway over! Better at least show up so they don't arrest me for skipping classes", Future Joel said, putting his phone in his pocket and going on his way. "W-where am I supposed to go?", Joel asked, running up to his future self. "I dunno. Hang out by the cafeteria, go across the street to Dunkin' Donuts. Do what chu' want", Future Joel suggested. And with that, Future Joel went into some random classroom, leaving Joel all alone in the school.

Inside the class, the teacher was scolding the Future Joel for being so late. "Where the heck were you?!", she yelled, angrily. "Hey, it's like that guy once said, 'Better late than never'", Future Joel replied, putting his hands behind his head and putting his feet on the chair in front of him. "I'm tired of your carefree attitude, Severe!", the teacher growled. "I'm tired of yo face!", Future Joel retorted. "Grrr!", the teacher groaned, picking up a globe from her desk and hurling it at Future Joel! Future Joel caught the globe in one hand and spun it around on his finger like a basketball. "You're gonna have to throw something harder than that, babycakes", Future Joel chuckled. "You know what? N-never mind. I don't know what to do with you...", the teacher muttered.

Meanwhile, Joel was patrolling the school, which had completely different pathways than the school used to have before. After minutes of immense searching, the boy found what must have been the Junior High cafeteria, and busted in. The room was practically deserted, except for a group of kids who sat in the corner, conversing. Joel decided to approach them. "Hiya, random people whom I've never met nor seen before in my entire life", Joel greeted. One of the kids pulled out a jacknife and held it to Joel's neck. "Get out...", the kid muttered, angrily. "But I just --", Joel tried to explain. "Get OUUUUUUT!!!!!", the kid shouted at the top of his lunges. "Eek!", Joel screeched, falling to the ground in fear and crawling back. He got up and made a hasty dash out the exit. A few seconds later though, Joel came back in and asked, "Can I just get one thing from the vending --?" The kid reached into his backpack and pulled out a sniper rifle. "Alright, alright! I'm gone, I'm gone...", Joel muttered, backing up.

After meandering freely around the school some more, Joel came upon the school library. He looked inside the room. There were numerous students on the computers, and various kids reading books, but there was ONE sole empty computer chair. If Joel could get to it, he could type his awesome stories on the computer, similar to the fashion of how I am typing this story, except I'm not at the school library, I'm in the comfort of my own bedroom. But anyways, if the rules were the same as years before, then Joel couldn't come in after the bell rang - which was about 20 or so minutes ago. But glancing at the check-out desk, Joel noticed the stunning lack of librarians there. Perhaps he could sneak in without anyone noticing.

Joel BURST into the room, and suddenly an alarm started to ring! Joel got to his seat just as a librarian busted through one of the side-doors! "Who just came in here?!!", the librarian yelled, foaming from the mouth. Joel quickly pointed to some random guy at a table, and said "Him." The librarian pulled out a dagger and pounced on the guy. "No... no... NOOOO!", the guy begged for mercy!

With that out of the way, Joel started to type some stories on Microsoft Word. He was so caught up in this that an hour passed by and the boy was still typing about a brawl. Soon, Future Joel BUSTED into the room! "What the --?", Joel asked, startled. "What were you doing?", Future Joel asked. "Well, I was typing --", Joel started. "No time for this mumbo gumbo! We gotta go before they find me...", Future Joel muttered in a deep crackling voice. "Who?", Joel inquired. "That's not important!", Future Joel yelled, grabbing Joel by the arm, and pulling him away. At the last second, Joel reached forth for the mouse, left-clicking the "save" icon and thus saving the document.

Future Joel and Joel crashed through the school doors to the outside! "Shouldn't we call Mom to pick us up?", Joel asked. "'Mom'? Ha ha ha! Dude, you are such a baby! Seniors don't get rides from their mamas! They ride... in style", Future Joel announced, pulling out some car keys and pressed a button. Joel heard a loud "CLICK!" sound and looked in the direction of the sound. There it was... a sleek, shiny, black BMW. "Whoa! You... er... I... uh... we have a car!?", Joel asked, over joyed. "Yep, got at the end of my third year, boy", Future Joel explained. The two walked through the school lawn, as various ladies looked at Future Joel and sighed. "You seem to be quite the ladies' man", Joel noticed. "Yeah... sure am", Future Joel replied, "What about you?" "Well, girls just beat me up is all", Joel muttered. "HA!", Future Joel blurted out, "Er... I mean, how unfortunate for you. Heh heh."

The two got into the car. "I'm-a put on some rap", Future Joel said. "I hate rap", Joel growled. "Well, what would you like?", Future Joel asked. "I'd prefer some classical music", Joel suggested. "Too bad, classical music sucks. Rap it is!", Future Joel declared, putting the volume up to MAX and turning to a station playing a rap song with an unspeakable amount of cursing in it. "Yeeeeaaah! Whoo-hoo!!!", Future Joel shouted, sticking his head out the window and putting his foot on the pedal. VROOOOM! The car drove at accelerating speeds!

"Whaaah! You're going too fast!", Joel shouted. "What do you mean? I'm only going 90 mph", Future Joel replied, as he made a hasty swerve with the car! The car turned on its side and rolled over someone's lawn! The car turned right-side up and continued to drive on the road. "See? No sweat", Future Joel pointed out. "You're gonna KILL us!", Joel growled. "Yeah yeah. Hey, it's your first night on the town. How's about we go somewhere nice?", Future Joel suggested, "Where you want? Toys R Us, McDonalds...?" "I'm out of bullets for the BB gun", Joel explained. "Then where you want to go is 'The Ammo Shop'", Future Joel said, swerving the car some more. This time, they spun around and crashed into a pile of trash cans! Future Joel backed up, and drove to the front of the building, which had a large sign on the outside labled 'The Ammo Shop'.

Future Joel & Joel walked in the shop. They approached a shady character at the cashier. "What ken I do ya fer?", the figure asked. "We need more bullets for this here gun", Joel said, pulling out the BB gun from his backpack. "Ah, I'll need to see yer identification", the figure said. Future Joel took out his driver's license and handed it to the mysterious figure. "Ah, says here you're 17. You need to be 18 or older ta git what I got 'ere", the figure explained. "Oh, shame. Whatever shall I do with this here money?", Future Joel taunted, taking out some bribe money from his pocket. "Ooh! Er... perhaps I can reconsider", the figure said, taking the money and going to the back of the store. "Toss in a couple of grenades there, too!", Joel shouted.

When the purchase was done, Future Joel & Joel got in the car and drove off. "Heh heh. Joke's on him. That's just some fake plastic money", Future Joel told Joel. However, back at the shop, the figure noticed this and growled, "I'll get back at those kids..." So, as the two Joels were driving down a block, a spear shot past them! "What the --?!", Joel shouted, turning around only to see the figure in a car, shooting harpoons at them! Another spear was shot and nearly hit the car!

"Quick! Shoot him down!", Future Joel shouted. Joel pulled out the BB gun and shot twice at the figure, but missed both times. "Ugh! Take the wheel and let me do this!", Future Joel growled. Joel took the steering wheel as Future Joel grabbed the BB gun and flawlessly shot at the figure! The bullet hit a wheel on the figure's car, causing air to blow out of the wheel and the car to spin uncontrollably! The car crashed into a nearby house, and it exploded in a burst of flames! "Ah, look at the sparks fly", Future Joel admired. "Awesome teamwork!", Joel cheered, high-fiving Future Joel. Future Joel took the wheel once more as Joel sat in the back seat.

Meeting the Future FamilyEdit

Soon, the car pulled up into the Severe household driveway. "So Future Me, how are Mom, Dad, and the rest of the crew doing in 2016?", Joel asked. "Oh, you'll see soon enough...". Future Joel groaned as if something gruesome had happened to them. The two walked into the house. "Oh boy! Joel's here!", a loud female voice shouted as various stomps were heard coming towards the Joels' direction. "Who's that?", Joel asked. "Mom...", Future Joel answered in a deep, crackling voice. There she was, old and skinny, gray-haired and wrinkly: Mother. "Oh, Joel-y boy, I'm so glad you're --! Hey, who's this friend you have here?", Mom greeted. "Is it a girl?!", a gruff, male voice shouted. 'Twas Dad, and he came into the kitchen, white-hair. yet balding, wrinkly brown skin, with a cane in one hand and a handgun in the other. "I told ja Joel, I told ja a million times. 'Tain't no girls coming in this house 'til yer twenty-th-- ", Dad started, "Hey that ain't no girl! That's a shrimp!" "Er, yeah. I joined 'Big Brother, Big Sister' and I got paired up with this kid", Future Joel lied.

"Oh, what's his name?", Mom asked. "Er... well, my name is...", Joel stammared, "Joel ...sev ... Joseph ...vere! My name is Joseph Vere!" "Well, hi there Joe!", Mom said with a grin. "I don' care wat his name is. Wat's the boy doin' 'ere?", Dad interrogated. "Erm... well, the kid didn't have a home, Dad, so I volunteered to keep him with us. Yknow, 'til they find a foster home for the guy", Future Joel lied some more. "Oh, how nice!", Mom cheered. "Uh-uh! No way, now how! Da boy's probably got fleas on him", Dad complained. "Oh, do SHUT up!", Mom yelled, "This is a very kind thing our son is doing, and you're telling him not to do it?! What, you want him to grow up into a stiff, mean old beast like YOU?!", Mom screamed. Dad was speechless.

"Say Joel, do you have any brothers and sisters?", Joel asked, wanting to know the future of his siblings. "Well, my older brother is a bum on the street because he couldn't get into college, my sister's a convicted felon, and my younger brother's got into a bunch of brawls in school. There's my family in a nutshell", Future Joel explained. "Well...", Joel said, speechless. "Anyway, guys, me and Joseph over here are gonna go upstairs to do our homeworkk. Peace!", Future Joel said, grabbing Joel's arm and running with him up the stairs.

The two ran into Future Joel's room and closed the door. "Welcome to the piece de resistance! My fortress of solitude! Joel Severe's room!", Future Joel introduced. Joel looked around and was immediately disgusted. The room was covered with posters of heavy metal bands, random girls, and violent video games. "What the heck happened here?", Joel asked. "I happened here, of course! With my new interests, I had to make the room into muh style, and that means making it cooler than it used to be before", Future Joel explanied. "I don't even like this stuff!", Joel groaned. "Well, I guess our interests changing over the years", Future Joel muttered. "Yeah, and you still didn't answer my question: what was the hobby that you --" "Hold that thought! Family Guy is on TV!". Future Joel interrupted, laying down on his bed and turning on the TV. "You watch 'Family Guy'?", Joel asked, disgusted. "Yeah. What, you think I still watch those childish cartoons?", Future Joel asked. "But isn't Family Guy a cartoon?", Joel asked. "Yeah, but... er, shut cho' mouth!", Future Joel growled.

After hours of looking at Future Joel watching TV, Joel asked, "Don't you have to do your homework?" "Homework? Heck, no. I just rush my homework in the school library before class" Future Joel replied. "That's not very responsible", Joel muttered. "Will you stop being such a joykiller and lighten up for once?", Future Joel retorted. "I'm not the kind of guy who will lighten up easily", Joel growled. "Dang, I never knew I was so arrogant as a child", Future Joel groaned. "I never knew I was such a jerk when I grew up", Joel retorted. Future Joel got off his bed and approached Joel. "Ya wanna fight about it?", Future Joel asked. "I'm-a fight you, win, and drag your sorry corpse down the stairs", Joel taunted.

"Boys! Dinner time!", Mom called. "Ugh... we'll have to stall this for now", Future Joel growled. The two boys walked down the stairs and approached the dinner table. Joel & Future Joel took their seats. Next to them was Future Joel's little brother, who was also Joel's little brother but 'twas older than Joel because Joel had time travelled into the future, and thus everyone except Joel (because he had come from a different time stream) was an older, futuristic version of themselves than their counterparts in the time stream that Joel was from, so because he had gone so far into the future, now the brother that was younger than him in his time stream is older than him in this time stream, but still younger than the Joel of this time stream for there... you know what, I'll just be quiet now.

Mom brought in various plates of macaroni and cheese. "Ooh! How delectable!", Joel licked his chops. After everyone had gotten their meals, Mom proposed a toast to Joel... whom they knew as his alias Joseph Vere. Everyone raised their glasses and clinked them together, except for Dad who refused to participate and instead wiped the cheese off his moustache.

Night at Future Joel's HouseEdit

"Okay, good night Joe", Future Mom said, tucking Joel into bed. "See you tomorrow morning, Mo-- er, I mean, Mrs. Severe", Joel corrected. Future Mom kissed Joel's forehead and left the room. "Ah, this ain't half bad", Joel sighed. "GO TO BED, JOEL!", Joel heard the mother yell down the hall. "Why? I'm not going anywhere important tomorrow", Future Joel replied. "You're going to school!", Future Mom argued. "Yeah, like I said. Nowhere important", Future Joel retorted. "UGH!...", Future Mom groaned, walking away. Meanwhile, Joel's eyes slowly drifted off to...

"WAKE UP, KIDDY!", a loud voice yelled in Joel's ears! "Wha!", Joel stammared, falling out of bed. He jumped up, to see Future Joel holding a bullhorn. "What was that for?", Joel asked, irrated. "TO WAKE YOU UP! DUH!", Future Joel replied through the bullhorn. "Aah! Stop that! You're gonna wake up someone!", Joel warned. "THAT'S THE POINT! I'M TRYING TO WAKE YOU UP!", Future Joel shouted through the horn. "Fine, then! I'm up! Be quiet!", Joel growled. "WHY? THIS IS SO FUN! I COULD GO ON ALL NIGHT WITH THIS!", Future Joel replied. Joel knocked the bullhorn away from Future Joel. "Alright, Mr. Party Pooper...", Future Joel muttered.

"So what is it?", Joel asked. "Past Me, have you ever had a party in the middle of the night without your parents' permission?", Future Joel counterasked. "No", Joel replied. "Then, YOU sir, have no life", Future Joel retorted. "Just because I --", Joel started. "Shut up. Anyway, that's what we're gonna do tonight. I've got a big TV downstairs, a Blu-ray player, and a tub of large movie theater butter popcorn with our names on it", Future Joel explained. "But we --", Joel started. "Listen, kid, you only live once and you gotta make the most of it", Future Joel refused. "Well, actually Hindus believe otherwise", Joel explained. "But we're not Hindu are we? No, we are not. So let's party until we drop dead!", Future Joel said, pulling Joel down the stairs with him.

Future Joel threw Joel onto the couch. "Say kid, have you ever seen a scary R-rated movie?", Future Joel asked. "Well, I --", Joel started. "Of course, you haven't, knowing how lame you are. Well, today's your lucky... um, night! You're gonna see blood and gore deemed too obscene for any 17 year-old and under to even --", Future Joel started. DING DONG, the bell rang. "Ooh, our guest is here!", Future Joel said, rushing to the door. "A guest? What guest do we have at this hour?!", Joel asked, grabbing a can of Coke.

Future Joel opened the door, letting some random teenage girl with long, black hair enter. "Ah, Nicky, great to see you here!", Future Joel greeted. "Who in the heck is she?", Joel asked, sipping the Coke. "She is my girlfriend", Future Joel introduced, kissing her. Joel spit the soda out of her mouth! "Girlfriend?!!!", he shouted. "No... no, that's impossible!", Joel shouted, falling on the floor and crawling back in fear. "What's with the midget?", Nicky asked. "Oh him. Ah, that's Joe. Some kid I'm supposed to take care of him. You know how them small kids are, so immature, worried about cooties and that junk", Future Joel explained. "What? First of all, I am NOT immature and do not believe in the fabled 'cooted e's'", Joel resented, standing up. "It's just somewhat of a shocker that I -- er, you, wouldst have a girlfriend", he explained. "Ah, Joel, I see your apprentice has quite the vocabulary", Nicky said. "Yeah, he's a smart little fella. Anyway, come, there's a seat on the couch with your name on it", Future Joel said.

Future Joel and Nicky took seats on the couch. "Uh... hey, there's no room for me", Joel pointed out. "Oh boo hoo. What are we gonna do? The world's gonna end!", Future Joel said, sarcastically. "Just take a seat on the floor or something", Nicky suggested. Joel glared at her and laid down on the floor. "Hey, before you get too comfortable here, go fetch us that tub of popcorn in the kitchen, eh?", Future Joel asked. "What am I, your butler?", Joel asked in disgust. "No... you're a butler in training. Now go! On-da-lay! On-da-lay!", Future Joel replied. Joel grimaced and went to get the popcorn. When he returned, Nicky snatched the popcorn from him! "Hey! Can't I have some?", Joel asked. "No, you're on a low-carb diet as of tonight", Nicky said, stuffing her mouth with popcorn. Joel growled in anger and sat down on the floor.

The movie started, and Joel was bored - and hungry - as heck throughout it. "These special effects are cheesy! And you can tell those guts are CGI", Joel pointed out. However, the teens paid no attention to him, and played along as if the movie was the scariest thing they'd seen. "Aaagh!", Nicky shouted, as a monster on-screen devoured a human, and she hid her head on Future Joel's shoulder. Future Joel wrapped his arms around her. "Don't worry, Nicky, I got 'cha", Future Joel defended. "Oh, please! This is a fictional mov-- ", Joel started. "Shut up!", Future Joel yelled. "It's okay...", he then said to Nicky in a soothing voice.

About 3/4 of the way through the movie, the two teens started making out. Joel heard various smooches and sighs of relief from above. "Yeesh! Get a room, you two", Joel groaned. "We did: the living room. Which we're in right now", Future Joel replied. Joel groaned in disgust.

By the time the movie was over, Nicky's head was on Future Joel's chest and the two were stretched out on the couch. "This movie was trash, and you two disgust me", Joel complained. "You'll understand one day", Future Joel replied. "Yeah, one day and you're older and you're less hard on the eyes", Nicky insulted. The two teens laughed. "Grrr...", Joel growled. He finally exploded in a burst of rage! "What's wrong with you, Future Me?!! You're supposed to be intelligent and smart, not this... this monster!!!", Joel yelled, "When did you start to change, man? When...?" "Well, when I stopped being a nerd. When I stopped... writing stories", Future Joel explained. Joel's eyes widened in fear. "No...", he breathed, "NO....", he breathed harder, "NOOOO! THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!", Joel screamed at the top of his lungs. "Yeah. After that, chicks started to dig me more, and when I quit drawing, I was practically the coolest guy in town", Future Joel replied. Joel started to cry. "No... my future can't be like this. I won't let it... I WON'T!!!", Joel shouted, jumping out the window! "Past Me!", Future Joel yelled in alarm.

Outside, Joel jumped into Future Joel's car. He grabbed a spare key that was in the glove compartment and put it into the key slot. He then started the car and drove off! Future Joel and Nicky busted out of the house and watched Joel vanish off into the distance. "Joel, what's going on here?", Nicky asked. "Erm... Nicky, I haven't been exactly truthful with you. Remember when I said that Joseph was this kid I was supposed to take care of in the Big Brother, Big Sister organization?", Future Joel asked. "Well, not that last part", Nicky replied. "Whew, good. Anyway, that Joe kid... is actually me. From the past", Future Joel revealed. Nicky backed up in fear. "Joel, you've gone crazy", she said, in a deep crackling voice. "You've got to believe me", Future Joel pleaded. Nicky started to make a run for it. Future Joel grabbed her arm. "Nicky, please. I'm telling the truth. Have I ever lied to you?", Future Joel asked. Nicky opened her mouth, but Future Joel interrupted her, "Okay, I have. But this time I'm really telling the truth. You've got to trust me." Nicky looked into Future Joel's eyes and said, "Okay, I trust you." "Great! Now let's go after him!", Future Joel said, he and Nicky jumping onto a motorcycle and driving off.

Meanwhile, Joel was driving downtown. "I-I just can't believe it... How could I have given up the things I love most?", he lamented. Then Joel looked up. "No... I can't let that happen. I have to stop this future from happening... even if it means killing myself", Joel said. He swerved th car so that it headed straight off a cliff. Joel closed his eyes and waited for impact. However, at the last second, he opened his eyes, kicked off the car door, and jumped out as the car fell off the cliff! Joel watched as the car tumbled down and crashed, exploding in a burst of flames! "Killing myself isn't going to work. I have to get to the root of the problem. That means... time travelling to when Future Me lost interest in creativity." Joel then started to run off in the direction of the abandoned house.

Minutes later, Future Joel and Nicky arrived at the cliff. They looked down. "Ah, DANG! Muh cah!", Future Joel yelled in distress. "Wasn't Past You in there?", Nicky asked, worried. Future Joel put on a grim face. "He commited suicide..." He and Nicky then proceeded to climb down the cliff to get a closer look. They reached the pile of flaming debris that was Future Joel's car. "I don't see his charred corpse anywhere", Nicky observed. "That must mean he jumped out before the car crashed!", Future Joel said, relieved. "Good thing, too. If he died, you'd be wiped from existence. Anyways, where do you think he went?", Nicky asked. "Well, knowing Past Me for a few hours now, I can guess that he probably went to the root of the problem. In other words, he's probably gonna time-travel back to the time I lost my creatvity", Future Joel explained. "Well, where's he gonna find a time machine?", Nicky asked. "I know a place. Come on!", Future Joel said, leading the way.

Some time later, Joel reached the abandoned house. "*gasp gasp*", he panted, "I made it!" Joel then walked inside the house. He was as creepy and dirty as it was several years ago. Joel walked into the room with the time machine. "I have to know...", he said. Just then, Future Joel and Nicky arrived outside in their motorcycle! "The door's open! He must be inside!", Nicky said. The two charged into the house and found Joel. "Past Me, what are you doing?", Future Joel asked. Joel pressed some buttons on the time machine, then said "I'm sorry, but I can't stay here anymore. I have to find the answers." "Past Me, I'll GIVE you the answers! The times had changed, and... so did I", Future Joel explained. "That's not enough", Joel replied, pulling a lever. A portal opened up. "Farewell", Joel said, entering the portal.

"We've got to go after him!", Nicky said. "No... I have to go after him. Alone", Future Joel said. "Why can't I come?", Nicky asked. "It could be dangerous. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if you got hurt", Future Joel explained, edging towards the portal. "I wouldn't be able to live with myself if YOU got hurt", Nicky retorted. Future Joel stopped. He turned around and said with a smile, "I won't get hurt. I'm Joel Severe, remember?" Nicky smiled and replied, "Bring him back safe, okay?" As Future Joel prepared to step into the portal, he chuckled, "Yeesh, you're acting like the kid's our son. He's ME, remember?" With that, Future Joel stepped into the portal, and it disappeard. Nicky stood there in the darkness, and shed a tear of remorse. She looked to the sky and said, "Please, watch over him." Then she left the room..."

Fin... at least for this chapter.

Back to the PastEdit

SHROOM! "Whaaa!", Joel yelled as he was sent flying through the space-time continuum! THUD! "Ugh...", he groaned. Joel had landed back in the past. He got up and brushed excess dust off him. "Hmm. This looks like the abandoned house, except a bit more spiffy", he observed. Joel left the room and entered the hallway, which, to his surprise, was decorated like a regular surburban house's hallway. "Whoa! How far back in the past did I go?!", Joel wondered. "Arthur?! Is that you?!", a female voice called from the kitchen. "Oh no! There are people living here!", Joel muttered. He quickly scampered towards the front door and left the house! "Arthur?! How dare you leave the house when I'm calling you!", the female voice yelled. Meanwhile, Future Joel entered the house through the portal! THUD! He landed on the floor. "Cough, cough! Ooh, I hate time travel!", Future Joel groaned. He went into the hallway, just as the woman left the kitchen. "Arthur, you ungrateful --!", she started. The woman saw Future Joel. "Aah! Stranger in the house!", the woman yelled. "Wait! Uh, calm down! I'm not --", Future Joel tried to explain. The woman grabbed a shotgun from the wall! "Sheet!", Future Joel shouted, jumping out the window as the woman shot!

Outside, Joel was walking on the sidewalk. "Now, just how far back did I --", he began. Future Joel landed on the yard as the woman fired out the window! "And stay out, cha' ditch!", she yelled. Future Joel stood up, and spotted Joel on the sidewalk. "Past Me!", he cheered. "Future Me! Get away from me, you traitor!", Joel shouted, running across the street. "Wait! No, come back!", Future Joel yelled, running on the street after him! However, as Future Joel ran, a car came speeding at him! "Aaaaah!", Future Joel and the driver yelled!

The driver swerved the car around Future Joel, and jumped out as the car crashed into a tree and burst into flames! "You dam fool!", the driver yelled. "Hey, watch your language. This is a children's story", Future Joel reminded. "I wasn't talking to you. I was talking to my neighbor, Udam Fool. Hiya, Udam!", the driver greeted. "'Sup!", the neighbor replied. "Anyway, look what cha' did to my car?! You know how hard it is to find a good car nowadays?", the driver complained. "Well, at least everyone's safe!", Future Joel tried to look on the bright side. "Not everyone! My daughter's in that car!", the driver retorted. Future Joel raised his eyebrow. "Oh, duck! Francisca!", the driver realized, rushing to his daughter's aid.

"She okay?", Future Joel asked. The driver pulled a teenage girl covered in soot out of the car. "My little girl needs to get the hospital! Call 911, fast!", the driver ordered. Future Joel pulled out his cell phone and dialed the number. "The heck is that?", the driver asked. "It's a cell phone, duh", Future Joel replied. "THAT's a cell phone?! Heck no, son! A cell phone ain't that small! Cell phones nowadays are huge and expensive! That looks like some freaky gadget from the future!", the driver retorted. Joel, who was hiding behind a bush and listening to all this, said to himself, "Cell phones are huge and expensive? This must be a LONG time ago..."

Minutes later, the ambulance arrived, and Future Joel and the driver tagged along with the injured girl to the hospital. A few seconds after that, a random teenage guy, was walking on the street, then suddenly stopped in the middle. He stood for awhile. This guy looked familiar to Joel, who emerged from the bushes and asked, "What are you doing?" The guy faced Joel and said, "I don't know. I feel like something is destined to happen here. Oh well, I guess it's nothing." "What's your name?", Joel asked. "Me? I'm Mike Severe", the guy replied. "M-Mike Severe?!", Joel shouted. Joel's DAD's name was Mike Severe! Suddenly, an old memory popped into Joel's mind: Joel's mom had once told him and his siblings the story of how her and Dad met; Dad was walking down the street when Mom's dad, who was driving the car, hit him! Dad was taken care of in Mom's house, where Mom & Dad's love began. It all suddenly came to Joel! It was this guy here who was supposed to (or nearly) get hit by Mom's dad's car! And since that never happened, Mom & Dad never met each other, and... O_O... Joel was never born! O.o!!!!

"What's your name?", Joel's Dad... er, Mike asked. "I'm Joel Se--- um... Joseph Vere", Joel lied. "Well, it's been a blast meetin' you Joe, but I've got to continue my afternoon walk", Mike said and started to walk away. "Wait! Mike, what year is it?", Joel asked. "Uh... 1982, of course! What other year do you think it is?", Mike replied. Joel's mouth hung wide open. "Er... you go to the high school, right?", Joel asked. "Yes, I'm a senior. Why are you asking me these questions?", Mike retorted. "Okay! Do you know this girl named Francisca Pentin?", Joel asked. "Yeah, she's only the most beautiful girl I've ever laid eyes on. But she'll never fall for me", Mike lamented. "Yes, she will! Um... I mean, I have a hunch she'll fall for you. Y'know... just an epiphany of sorts", Joel replied. "Okay, little kid, you can go now...", Mike shooed. "Wait! I've got more stuff to say to you!", Joel yelled, chasing after Mike.

Meanwhile, in the hospital... "Ugh...", the girl muttered. She opened her eyes to see Joel's face. "Oh...", she sighed, smitten with love, "And who are you?" "I'm Joel... seph. Joseph Vere. Joe, for short", Future Joel introduced, using the same psudonym as his younger counterpart, "I took you to the hospital after you got in a car crash." "Oh... how sweet of you...", she sighed. Future Joel noticed this, and said unsuredly, "Uh... yeah, and stuff. What's your name?", Future Joel asked. "I'm Fran Pentin", the girl introduced. Future Joel coughed! That was his Mom's name!

"You okay?", Fran asked, sitting up in bed. "Uh... yeah. It's just the dust in the air. No big deal", Future Joel replied, shifting his eyes to the sides. "Oh, good. I wouldn't anything to happen to you", she said. "Aw, how nice of you", Future Joel replied. "Yeah. It's the least I can do for you after you, for saving my life", Fran said, a certain glimmer in her eye. "Yeah! Well, gotta go now!", Future Joel said apruptly, and rushed to leave.

Suddenly, Fran's Dad busted into the room! "What chu' doin' with meh daughter?!", he yelled. "Heh heh. I was just, y'know, sayin' hi 'n and stuff. The things we teens do. We all TIGHT, son!... Heh. I'll be going now", Future Joel said. "Dad, can Joe stay over at our house tonight? It's the least we can do after he's helped me get to the hospital", Fran asked. "I dunno, Fran. The guy's probably got a home to go to. And uh, between you and me, he's a bit shady", Fran's Dad whispered. "Actually, my parents are out of town for the week. So I wouldn't mind... er, staying for a day or two", Future Joel reluctantly said, needing a place to stay until he could get Joel back and return to his time period.

"Yay!", Fran cheered. "Hoh boy...", Fran's Dad groaned. "Heh heh... great...", Future Joel muttered, then grimaced. "This is going to be a long week."

School of the 80'sEdit