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Random Kid


December 20, 2009


Creativity, Humor, Entertainment, Intensity, and Cartoon

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Random Kid, J. Severe, Random Girl, Spontaneous Editor, Secretamulet, and SpongeWriter123

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Rated PG
Rated PG for sequences of intense action, and brief mild disturbing content.

Welcome to the Stories and Info Wiki, a wiki where stories and information written by anonymous typists prosper and whatnot! That's right, so you'll never find out who's behind this! NEVER! (cackles maniacally in background)

Welcome to the Stories and Info Wiki where stories written by anonymous typist prosper and whatnot. If you're new here, you might be wondering, "What is this? Is it just trash written by some anonymous kid?". Well, I can assure you that this wiki is absolutely not "trash" written by some "anonymous kid". If you want to learn just some of the facts about this wiki, simply click this: What is SIW?. Once here, all... or most of your questions about this wiki will be answered. And once you're done, come back to the home page and enjoy yourself, reading the vast story collection, original character cartoon drawings, and even research articles done by a random kid. Along with help from other administrators and selected personel of the wiki. For those of you who aren't new to this wiki and come here every weekend for research and story reading, read on. But first...

Before you start exploring, you should note the following: First of all make sure to look at everything on this wiki. Scroll up and down on every single page if you have to. Secondly, ignore all the adds everywhere because I definetely didn't make anything so heinous. And lastly, you should notice that the acronym; SIW, is written everywhere. That is not pronounced Siw (si-uh). It is infact S-I-W, each letter seperately. And now that we've started you off on the right foot... go and explore!

This here is a wiki containing many things both humorous, intense, and informational. Here, we work for the good of mankind, or... Er, entertainment per se. On this wiki, we have many articles ranging from stories to articles filled with information and facts. We have over one hundred articles all edited by specially selected personel who were given the right to edit here on the wiki. Well what're you waiting for, go and explore ya fool!

Narrator's mother: Son, are you insulting some random person on the internet?
Narrator: Uh... no mom.
Narrator's mother: Good, you'd better not be or else.
Narrator: Or else what Mom?
Narrator's mother: Shut cho' mouth! Or else I come after you, and when I find you...
Narrator: (gulps in fear)
Narrator's mother: Yeah, that's what I thought. What ARE you typing anyway? (glances over at computer screen)
Narrator: Er... nothing! (tries to block screen)
Narrator's Mother: What the--?! "go and explore ya fool?" So you DID insult someone! You're turning into a lier eh, boy?!
Narrator: N-no, it's just that-...
Narrator's Mother: That's it. (unsheathes machete from pocket) (edges toward Narrator) I'm gonna END you!
Narrator: No! No, please! No! Oh no, I want ta' live! No! No! What're you doing?! No! (deep breath) NO!! (deeper breath) NOOOOOO... (scream slowly fades off into the distance)...


The news of the Stories and Info Wiki.


  • Hey there, folks. Notice anything different? Why yes, if you have an account and can see such a thing, then you'd know that Wikia got a new skin called "Oasis." Pretty cool, ain't it? Well no, it's not cool. In fact, this "Oasis" has outraged many people back at the Community Hub Wiki. Why people were so outraged that they were deleting the old Monaco skin, that they created an alliance that goes completely against Wikia. 'Tis called, the Anti-Wikia Alliance. Yes, many people hate this new Oasis and would prefer Monaco, which Wikia has completely wiped off the face of the Earth. So what do you think reader? Do you like the new Oasis skin, or would you prefer Monaco. Or, are you so outraged that you're going to go over to the Community Central and either join the Anti-Wikia Alliance, or shoot down the leaders of Wikia in cold blood? Vote:
What do you think of the new "Oasis" skin?

The poll was created at 21:21 on October 8, 2010, and so far 4 people voted.

Other News

  • A new skin called "Oasis" has been created and the Stories and Info Wiki is forced to go along with it. See, URGENT MESSAGE!!!.
  • New things have been added to the home page here. Check it out!

The Good News!


Da Rules

I hate being strict on a wiki that's built off of fun but no wiki can go without rules. Why if a wiki WERE to go without rules... well, there'd be complete pandemonium on the wiki, thus, causing Wikia to be destroyed and fade into obscurity. Okay, maybe not... but still, just please follow the rules. And well, if you don't, then you'll be banned without hesitation! Carry on.

  • Rule 1- No one edits this wiki without permission from me, Random Kid as others like to call me.
  • Rule 2- Real names shall not be posted on this wiki for reasons like this. What if your some child predator looking for young victims on wikia, what'll I do when you find out my real name and track me down to snag me! Precisely!
  • Rule 3- If I do give you permission to edit this wiki (which is highly unlikely), no using profanity or anything like that. Profanity is actually the reason that I had to be so strict with these rules!
  • Rule 4- Take your time when reading the articles on this wiki, some think they can just rush through it without really getting to admire the websites beauty!
  • Rule 5- There are no more rules now get out of here!
  • Rule 6- Just don't plagiarize. For more information, visit Copyright Notice.

I really hope you follow these rules so you can have a more successful life, freely reading the wiki without being banned for usage of profanity or editing this wiki without my permission (which means if you follow Rule 1 you shouldn't be able to use profanity because you shoudn't be editing the wiki in the first place).


So ya want an explanation eh? I don't owe you any explanations, I don't "owe" you anything! But, to be fair I suppose I'll give you the reason why I'm so strict on this wiki. Well, picture this.

You work extremely hard on all that, what with the typing and editing. Then some random guy comes and edits it, putting profanity, inserting false information, all of the things that you can be blocked for. Next thing you know you have to do that trash all over again, EVERY SINGLE DAY! Would you want somebody editing all of your hard work?! Your blood, sweat, and tears just washed away like a lone leaf in the rain. Your ideas thrown away like a dirty glove. All of that work for absolutely nothing.

Would you like that? Well I for one, would hate it! Hate it so much that I'd quit editing the website and just move onto other things off of the internet. The crule, harsh, internet. Now, would you want that? A perfect wiki gone to waste due to others kung-foolery! No! I'm not having it people! I'm gonna stand up for my rights and block anyone and everyone who edits this wiki without my permission. Even if you see something wrong, mis-spelling, whatever. Just leave it be, I'll eventually get to it... maybe. So now you know folks. Why I'm so strict with this wiki and what not. Because I don't want my hard work going to waste in the blink of an eye, because of some random fools inconsistence! Please, have a heart.

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