Bon Severe is the sister of Joel Severe.


Bon hastily dashed down the hall as the minions chased her in hot pursuit! She ran until she reached the edge of the cliff. She turned around and saw the enemies getting closer! Fearing for her life, but with no choice, Bon jumped off the cliff, tumbling down. The minions stood at the edge of the cliff, satisfied, believing that they had disposed of Bon once and for all. However, as Bon tumbled down, her cloak caught onto a branch sticking out of the cliff's formation, and she hung there in mid air. She looked underneath herself, and noticed that there was a small opening within the large rock formation. Bon untangled her cloak from the branch and crawled into the small opening.

She crawled through the space, until she came to the other side, where a big room was. She glanced up and saw a flight of stairs leading up to the ceiling. And at the top... was the map. O.o! The map in which led to the buried treasure that transformed the founder into the richest person in the world. Bon glanced around to make sure no minions were around to catch her, then she edged towards the stairs. Bon slowly crept up them, trying not to make a sound. After climbing an obscene amount of stairs, she reached the top. Bon reached for the map, when...

"STOP!!! .. right... there!", a voice shouted. Bon turned around in fear. There he was... the Evil Captain. Bon's main antagonist. "So... you thought you could find the map before me, did you? No, you could not. My men followed you here, and alas, not only do I find you, Ms. Severe, but I find the fabled Map of Treasures, hidden for thousands of years within this very own castle!", the EC explained. "Well, I'm sorry to burst your bubble, Mon Capitan, but this map is MINE!", Bon said, triumphantly, snatching the map from its place. "No... the map is MINE! Seize her, slaves!", the EC commanded the minions, who charged at Bon!

"Huh? Hey! Whoa! What are you doing? Stop!", Bon yelled, as the minions fought her. She kicked some back, and slapped some others. While doing so, one minion was able to snatch the map! "Yo!", Bon shouted, tackling the minion and reaching forth to take the map from him. The minion let go of the map, and it rolled down the stairs... right into the EC's hands. "Mmm hmm hmm hmm... mwah ha ha ha!", the EC laughed maniacally, "The Map of Treasures is finally mine! After decades of searching, it is FINALLY mine!"

"No!", Bon shouted, jumping up and dashing down after the EC! She unsheathed her machete and charged at him! "I'm gonna cut cho' ---!", she started. Suddenly, a rap song started to play. "Huh?", Bon stammared. She pulled her cell phone out of her pocket - from which the music came from - and answered it, "Yello?" "Hey there, Bon!", greeted her little brother, Joel, who was talking to her, per phone, "Mom needs you home right now to help with the cooking. Where are you?" "Where am I? Uh... you know, just hangin' out with my friends and stuff", Bon lied.

"Well, Mom says you need to get home NOW. The mashed potato developed a mind of its own", Joel explained. "What are you talking about?", Bon asked. "Well, Vlad brought home a bottle of life serum, which brings anything to life, and Mom mistook it for some vinegar... Anyway, you --- Hey, what are you doing?! Hey, back away, you living Thanksgiving side dish! No, no! Nooooo!", Joel yelled as various chomping sounds were heard. The line went dead. "Ugh... heh heh, sorry about that, EC. I got some family problems", Bon apologized.

"I see. And you have to go home and tend to your familiac needs, huh?", EC asked. "Yeah", Bon replied. "YES! Finally! Now I get to keep the Map of Treasures!", EC cheered. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll thwart your evil plans tomorrow!", Bon shouted, rushing out the door. As she hopped aboard her motorcycle and rode off, Bon groaned in annoyance. This teenage girl was interested in adventure and the persuit of money, however her fun was often ruined by her family's desperate needs. She vowed, though, that one day she WOULD have a grand adventure. That day would come sooner than she thought...

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The Sister

Family MattersEdit

Bon entered the house, only to see Joel wielding a double-barreled shotgun! "Hey there, Bon!", Joel greeted. "Don't call me Bon", Bon groaned. Just then, a mashed potato monster, as Joel had described, charged into the room! "What... is that?!", Bon asked in surprise. "That... is my target. Hey there, you stupid beast! Say 'ello to my little friend!", Joel said, shooting rapidly at the monster! This had no effect on it, and it smacked Joel away! "Oh boy, you are such an amateur", Bon sighed, pulling out her machete and stabbing the monster. This caused the monster to bleed butter, and it deflated, until ultimately becoming a pile of regular mashed potato.

"Oh, Bon!", Mom said, running into the room and embracing her daughter, "You slayed the monster!" She then went back into the kitchen and a loud slapping sound was heard! "Ow! Geez, what was that for?", Vlad asked. "That was for bringing home the life serum in the first place, ya doo-doo head!", Mom insulted. Bon excused herself to go upstairs. She opened the door to her room, only to see Rich laying on her bed! "What are you doing in my room?!", she yelled. "Laying on your bed, of course", Rich said, iPod touch in hand. "Get out!", Bon yelled. "Why? You have the comfiest bed", Rich said. Bon unsheathed the machete and pointed it at Rich! "Alright, alright! Yeesh... women...", Rich muttered, leaving the room.

Bon laid down on her bed and turned on the TV. She turned to the channel TeeNick, and started watching "DeGrassi." "Aw... at times like this, with me and my teen-oriented show, nothing can go wrong", she sighed. Just then, a loud THUMP! was heard on her window. She rushed over, and saw Mike outside, hurling his basketball at the window. "Hey! Wanna go one-on-one, doll?", he offered. "I'll go one-on-one with you in h---", Bon started. "Ooh, temper, temper. It was just a mere proposition is all", Mike replied. "I've got a proposition for ya, too: Go jump in a lake!", Bon shouted, shutting the window. "Yeesh, women...", Mike muttered. "Yeesh... men", Bon muttered, resuming her TV watching.

The Next DayEdit