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The Simpsons is a many award-winning animated series and also the longest running animated and primetime series out there. The show centers around Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie Simpson and their adventures in Springfield.

The Simpsons
Clockwise from top left: Marge, Homer, Bart, Santa's Little Helper (dog), Snowball II (cat), Lisa, Maggie (in the center).



Original Run

December 17, 1989 - Present

April 19, 1987 - May 14, 1989 (shorts)


Dan Castellaneta

Julie Kavner

Nancy Cartwright

Yeardley Smith

Hank Azaria

Harry Shearer


Matt Groening


The Simpsons started out as a skit in 1987, on The Tracy Ullman Show believe it or not. Well, soon the shorts became too popular for their own good, and The Simpsons left the Tracy Ull-Dump and got their own show. December 17, 1989 was the day the first episode of the Simpsons was broadcast (incidentally it was a Christmas episode). Though they looked kinda weird and ugly back then, but the People of the Past liked 'em anyway. Lots and lotsa merchandise were sold, usually bearing Bart's face on them - since he was considered the main character back then, a role which would later be taken by his Dad. Throughout the years, The Simpsons released a lot of VHS/DVDs, video games, and has 20+ seasons and 450+ episodes. In the middle of the 20th season, the show began broadcasting in high definition, much to the liking of the fans with HDTVs. In 2007, a feature film premiered in theaters, simply called The Simpsons Movie, which gained positive reviews, though the show's ratings had gone down in recent years. This show's been around for 20 years and more! I'd like to see Family Guy - The Simpsons' lesser liked rival with somewhat similar programming but maturer themes - beat that!


The Simpsons have won so many awards they it defies the law of physics! So, I'm gonna go against the law and post the awards it's gotten. These were taken directly from "The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special: In 3-D! On Ice!":

  • 25 Emmys
  • 26 Annies
  • 6 Genesis awards
  • 6 Writers' Skill of America awards
  • 4 People's Choice awards
  • 2 British Comedy awards
  • 2 Kids Choice Awards
  • A prism*
  • A satellite*
  • And even a golden reel!*

The starred awards (*) may or may not count as actual awards.

It's been called the "Best Show of the 20th Century" by Time, and the "Best Show of the Past 25 Years" by Entertainment Weekly. It's been called "Best Show of All Time" by numerous people and it's been on covers of millions of magazines several times, It airs in over 90 countries in more than over 45 languages. Not to mention it has boatloads of merchandise, ranging from action figures to clothes to CDs to cereal to bedsheets to video games to bottle openers to stamps to planes to tattoos to watches to other things that will blow your mind! Why it even has its own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! The Walk of Fame! Not to mention a house in Vegas, a ride at Universal Studios Theme Parks, and a Bart Simpson balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! As a matter of fact, the word "D'oh!" had been put in the English Dictionary! Why, these yellow-skinned cartoons are so successful they could kill us all!

No! No! It's too successfull! So successful that it sets the page on fire! Dwaaah! Mary, get the fire extingusher! Ugh! Eat this! SPLOOSH! Gasp. Gasp. That was a close one.

Characters Edit


Homer Jay Simpson - Age 38. The Founding Father. Works at the Springfield Nuclear Plant. Not exactly the smartest member of the family but not the dumbest - or is he? -, Homer tries (Note: TRIES) to do his best to please his family, though not always successful. Catchphrase: D'oh!

Marjorie "Marge" Bouvier-Simpson - Age 34. The Mumbling Mother. Housewife. Marge always goes over and beyond her family, making sure they know how important they are to her. Catchphrase: Hmmm.

Bartholomew Jojo "Bart" Simpson - Age 10. The Behaved (NOT!) Brother. Student at Springfield Elementary. Troublemaker. Bart's normally a defiant boy who listens to no one and pulls pranks whenever he feels like it. But he's still a good boy - thanks to father Homer's consistent strangling. Catchphrase: Ay Carumba! / Eat my shorts!

Lisa Marie Simpson - Age 8. The Significant Sister. Student at Springfield Elementary. "A" student and saxophone player. Lisa, unlike her brother, is a smart, sophasticated girl, known for playing the saxophone at school concerts being top of her class, and objecting meat (she's a vegetarian.) Catchphrase: None. Or perhaps she does have one but this reporter has yet to find out.

Margaret "Maggie" Simpson - Age 1. The Bouncing Baby. Regular baby. The youngest child of Homer and Marge. She's usually seen sucking on her pacifer, but she's known to do some great things: Like shooting Mr. Burns. Catchphrase: Suck (on pacifer).


File:The Unstateable Town of Springfield.png

The town is which the Simpsons live in is called Springfield. Now Springfield is not your average town. It's a town where pretty much anything can happen. In other words, it's a perfect place for the yellow-skinned family to let loose their cartoonish antics! A big wonder has been where this eccentric town was located. It's pretty much obvious: it can't be anywhere.

It's impossible. The geographic layout of Springfield defies the laws of physics and thus it can't even be explained. It IS in the United States, but it just can't really be anywhere. For example, in the Simpsons Movie (see below), it is noted by Ned Flanders (the Simpsons' religeous next-door neighbor) that the four states that border Springfield are, and I quote, Ohio, Nevada, Maine, and Kentucky. That boggles the mind since those states aren't even remotely near each other.

But the great thing about Springfield is that since it is geographically incorrect, it can be anywhere it wants! It's an image of the imperfect American town. Yes, that's right: imperfect. Though anything can happen there, doesn't mean it's perfect. As a matter of fact, it was rated one of America's worst cities.... Heh. Well I probably just delayed tourists from visiting there. Oh well, just enjoy the gallery.

The Simpsons MovieEdit

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The Simpsons Movie is a 2007 animated film, released by 20th Century Fox.