It was a day... it was Friday, September 17, 2010... a day no one would like to remember...

Note to ReadersEdit

No matter what happens in this story, EVERYTHING that is stated is completely true. Believe it, this all happened in someone's life. Read at your own expense, for if you're in Middle School... well, you might never look at your school the same way again.

Freshman FridayEdit

See, there's this thing in some schools known only as... Freshman Friday! On such a day, Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores engage in heinous activities such as brutally beating various freshman, otherwise known as "freshmeat" and so forth. Anyway, people who engage in such activities are just a bunch of fools is what they are, they don't know how it feels to be brutally beaten, kicked, and pushed into glass and whatnot. Sigh, the main character of this story barely survives.

The MythEdit

RING! A boy's alarm clock rang. Boy drearily sat up from bed and rubbed his eyes. He got up and walked over to the bathroom to take a shower, brush his teeth, e.t.c. Boy came out of the bathroom and walked into his room, he glanced over at his calendar and saw something that made him gasp in shock and back up in fear. On the date, was written "Freshman Friday." It was written as if someone was rushing to write it and dragged away as he was still writing... "No... that's impossible!", Boy stammered. Freshman Friday was a myth that 12th, 11th, 10th, 9th, and 8th Graders created to scare the littler students, namely 7th Graders. Some say it's just a mere myth, but no one has survived to tell the story that it was true... Boy was a believer, and today, was his day... the day of truth. The day that he would survive to tell the story.

The BreakfastEdit

Boy went downstairs to eat some breakfast. There, he was provided with bacon, eggs, and jellied toast and whatnot. Any other boy would be stuck with mere cereal or whatever, but he wasn't just any boy, he was Boy. After eating breakfast, Boy headed out to school.

The School DayEdit

Boy went throughout the school day, cautiously walking through the hallways, dodging as many older kids as he could. You see, Boy went to a school where 7th Graders were mixed in with 12th Graders and all grades in between! Meaning that Boy was to brush shoulders with some random 18 year old or something. Eventually Boy went through the whole school day, and when the last bell rang, Boy walked triumphantly throughout the hallway... thinking to himself "I had survived Freshman Friday." or "So what just a myth, eh?" But little did he know, seconds later he'd witness the utmost brutality.

The SurvivalEdit

Boy went over to his locker and was greeted by Best Friend. "Oh, hiya Best Friend.", Boy greeted. "Hey there, Boy.", Best Friend replied. "Congratulations, Best Friend. We've survived the Freshman Friday.", Boy informed. "Yep. Now I know that I'll be able to survive this middle school thing without a sweat.", Best Friend said. "Or a drop of blood.", Boy added. Boy and Best Friend walked down the steps leading to the first floor. When they got down, they prepared to turn a corner and leave the school. But suddenly, best friend was confronted by two bullies! "Hey, remember me?!", Bully #1 asked. "N-no! No, please!", Best Friend pleaded. "And I'm his big brother. Me and my fist are pleased to meet you.", Bully #2 said, clenching his fist. Boy backed away, he knew if he'd interviened then he'd be pummelled as well. Just then, Boy noticed a teacher limping toward him. He turned around. The teacher was all dishoveled and looked as though he'd been brutally beaten. He said - in a deep crackling voice - "Go home..." "What is this guy talking about?", Boy asked himself. Suddenly, a giant crowd began to rush around the corner, as if there was something worth seeing. The bullies whom confronted Best Friend also rushed over. A curious Boy and Best Friend went over as well, only to witness the utmost brutallity...

A seventh grade boy was being brutally beaten by over ten teenagers! He was in a headlock being punched repeatedly before being thrown down the steps! The Random Guy, who was now bleeding profusely, attempted to limp away. But, one of the teens jumped from the top step and body slammed him! "Whoa!", both Boy and Best Friend gasped in shock. They knew it was all over for that guy, so they made a run for it before someone targeted them! Boy and Best Friend made it far enough away. "What the HECK was that?!", Best Friend exclaimed. "I'll tell you what that wasn't; us, now let's get the heck out of here!", Boy replied. Boy and Best Friend approached the doors. Just then, two teenagers walked up to the two. "Oh, hey what's up man.", one of them spoke. "Oh I remember you.", Best Friend replied. The teenager stuck out his hand for Best Friend to slap fives with. "No! Best Friend, he can't be trusted!", Boy whispered. "Eh, don't worry, I know this guy.", Best Friend replied, sticking out his hand as well.

Suddenly, Random Teen grabbed Best Friend's hand and put him in a headlock! Boy backed away, "No! (deep breath) NO! (deeper breath)!" Boy watched as Best Friend was punched repeatedly in the head by Random Teen's Friend! "Oof! Oof!", Best Friend stammered as he was brutally beaten. Boy tried to escape! Boy ran away! But, Random Teen saw this and threw Best Friend into Boy! They both fell to the ground, Random Teen picked up Boy and began to punch him repeatedly! "AAAAAHHHHH!!", Boy screamed. "Ugh..." Boy was thrown onto the ground once they were done with him and Best Friend. Best Friend stumbled to his feet. "Ugh... we have to go to soccer. We must make it to the locker room...", he stammered. "No! No you... BEAST!!!", Boy yelled. "We've barely survived! Don't you see that Freshman Friday is REAL!?" "We must do it.", Best Friend replied. Boy and Best Friend rushed throughout the hallway crowded with Random Teens! Soon, they made it to a stop in the road, a group of menacing teens. "Y-y-y-yes?", Best Friend asked. "Didn't believe in Freshman Friday, eh?", one of the Random Teens asked. "Er... wel actually, I did believe until I went through the whole day without-", "SHUTUP!!", another Random Teen yelled. "We'll give you five seconds to get out of our hallway."

To be continued another time...