The Series is an original series of stories created and written by Random Kid, starring his original character; Jordan Roverson. In the series, Roverson goes on many adventures, often trying to save the town in this intense, humorous, and random series of stories. The Author has said that he will keep every story in the series extremely fictional, thus, the randomest of things can happen from breakfast coming to life to parents going rogue and attacking their own child.

List of StoriesEdit

  1. The Breakfast
  2. The Video Games
  3. The Parents



Jordan Roverson - A young boy trying to find his place in the world and the overall main character of the series. He is often the victim of the random events that occur in the stories and is often the resolution as well. He often engages in all out brawls and is able to outsmart his foes with something they lack, wits. He stars in many stories on the wiki, and thus, was given his own article.

Joel Severe - Best friend to Jordan Roverson. He is featured or at least mentioned in all the stories in the series. He stars in many stories on JSW, and thus, has his own page on JSW as well.


Bullies - Three bullies who often attempt to beat up Jordan Roverson.

The Parents - Roverson's parents who often (in almost every story) ask him what he did that day. Yet they always get the same answer.

About the AuthorEdit

J. Severe is blank years old and an aspiring author and illustrator. His imagination often overwhelms him and his stories become way too violent. Thus, in order to be shared with the world, the ultra violent parts are created into "Uncut Versions".

Here's an example.

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