The Poor Boy is a series of stories written by J. Severe, to illustrate the somewhat humorous bad times of a kid named Dave. In these stories, Dave faces things that a real person would face - except with funnier outcomes. These stories are realistic fiction, in that they don't include insane amounts of violence that many other stories on this wiki do. However, the Author has said that he'll keep the series realistic, but nearly go across the line with zany antics, subtle brawls, and such.

List of StoriesEdit

  1. The Poor Boy: Teacher Trouble
  2. The Poor Boy: The Dance
  3. The Poor Boy: Friend or Foe
  4. The Poor Boy: Swords after School
  5. The Poor Boy: The Ballad of Basketball
  6. The Poor Boy: Ding-Dong Death!
  7. The Poor Boy: The Lost Dog
  8. The Poor Boy: Afternoon with Frank
  9. The Poor Boy: The Wrath of Matt & Natt!
  10. The Poor Boy: The Brotherly Bother
  11. ... and many more coming soon!



Dave - The overall mainest character in the story. He's also the most unlucky and poorly treated kid in the school. Dave only strives to do what is right, but other people would rather just ignore him.

Frank - Dave's best friend. Frank is often with Dave when he goes on his most dangerous endeavors. And with that, Frank is almost as bullied and tormented as Dave is.

Trey - Dave's friend and Frank's best friend. Trey usually hangs out with Frank alot, and when Frank is hanging out with Dave, Trey sometimes goes for the ride. With this, Trey is more admired than Dave & Frank and rarely gets beat up as much.

Matt & Natt - Two best friends who take joy in pummeling their peers, especially Dave & Frank. It is Matt & Natt whom Dave & Frank (sometimes Trey) often go to war against. In the end, Dave & Frank are on the dirt, writhing in pain as Matt & Natt walk away with smirks on their faces.


Isabella (name subject to change) - A girl who often comforts Dave after he has been "insulted for the last time!". She is loudmouthed and rude, and she and Dave often go head to head in catfight-ish combat, but she proves to be a valuable ally at times.

Dilson "Dill" - A fat, blob of a kid. He often thinks that he is cool and hot, when in truth he is the farthest from it. He is only well-known because so many people have spread rumors about him. Due to this, Dill often rivals with Dave to be the better well-known (and with Dave's luck, he'll probably lose). Dave, Frank, and Trey all hate Dill's guts, and Isabella often uses mean words towards him. Another weird trait is his name "Dilson." This had led to many questioning on what Dill's parents were drinking when they came up with that name. As a matter of fact, Dill's Mom's drinking is probably what led to Dill being the way he is now.

Randy - An boy who often follows the trio for no reason. He enjoys gross humor and telling disgusting things, as well as fantasizing in stuff a boy should not fantasize about.

Mark - An angry and troubled boy. Rather short for his age, Mark gets a pick out of insulting other people for how they speak, eat, and act. Mark is good at comebacks and has a strong left hook, which he uses when people tell him to "calm down, little man."

The Teacher - A cold, ruthless tutor who strikes fear into the heart of even Matt & Natt! She sends kids to the Principal's Office for practically doing nothing at all, and puts files into kids perminent records though they are mostly just cartoons drawn during math class. 65% of all kids she has taught never went to college, for "bad marks" on their record.

Family - Dave's current family consists of parents, a brother, and two half-brothers. Dave's parents can change their moods from time to time. Dave's Mom is kind and sweet. Dave tries to be good in school, because he'd hate it if he lost his mother's trust in him. The other reason Dave tries to be good in school is because if the slightest thing went wrong, Dave's Dad would be there with a belt and a murderous look. Dave's older half-brother Brad often rivals with Dave for use of the house's electronics - in which Brad usually wins. Dave's younger brother Luke is a rude, nasty 8 year-old who still wears diapers and doesn't want to share. Another older half-brother of Dave has come to stay recently, though he only brings pain and despair to all.

Jerry - The guy Dave is forced to sit next to. Jerry's mood often changes from nice to wanting to crush Dave's bones for particularly no reason. Jerry plays a lot of sports, which gives him his strength, which he uses to team up with Matt & Natt to beat up Dave & Frank! Fortunately for Dave, Jerry is often caught in the act trying to kill him.

Gabrielle - Dave's younger cousin. Dave is stuck with walking her home every other school day. Gabrielle is somewhat spoiled and rude, and often gets in lengthy arguments with Trey... at the end of which she exclaims "You're MEAN!"

The Rest of the Class - There are many more kids in Dave's class that have roles in the stories, but we will not name them.

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J. Severe is blank years old. An aspiring author/artist, he strives to one day be rich and famous. He lives in Blank, Blank with his blanks and blank.

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