The Nintendo Corporation is located in many nations, mainly Kyoto,Japan. Founder, Fusajiro Yamuachi, it first produced handmade cards called "hanafuda". By the year of 1963, this rising company had tried several different jobs such as, a cab company. Nintendo soon developed into a video game company, becoming one of the most influential video game company. Nintendo is known to be one of the fifth largest software companies in the world. One of the first, most popular video game systems developed by Nintendo is the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). In 1985, the console launched in North America, accompanied by Super Mario Bros. With Mario, being the main Nintendo logo. In 1989, Yokoi (one of Nintendo's companies) developed the Game Boy handheld video game console. Nintendo is the longest surviving video game company to date. Nintendo, modern day, is now popularly known for the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS/DSi, and many others. It is widely argued which video game and video game console company is better, Sony (known for Playstation's) or Nintendo. In the year 1996, the Nintendo 64 (N64) was released in the USA. This console was the starting console for the Super Smash Bros. game series. The next edition to this game series was Super Smash Bros Melee for the Nintendo Gamecube. The final edition of this series was Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the widely popular Nintendo Wii.

Nintendo has also created many other video games such as:

The Legend of Zelda - Game Series

Pokemon - Television and Game Series

Star Fox - Game Series

Metal Gear Solid - Game Series

Sonic the Hedgehog - Television and Game Series

Kirby's Adventures - Game Series

Metroid - Game Series

Donkey Kong - Game Series

Game and Watch - Game Series also Video Game Console

Super Mario - Game Series

Yes, these are the more commonly known video games, courtesy of the Nintendo Corp.

Different Systems.Edit

Game and Watch

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Boy (color)

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Virtual Boy

Nintendo 64

Game Boy Advance

Nintendo Gamecube

Game Boy Advance SP

Game Boy Advance Micro

Nintendo DS

Nintendo Wii