Just imagine you're a new student and you are walking through the hallway. Then you bump into a big, tough, and somewhat hairy teenager. Then everything goes black. This is what happens everyday in the life of Greg Bucard. It's The Life and Times of a Pre-Teen Middle-Schooler! O_O ...

The Morning RoutineEdit

Encountering the SisterEdit

Greg's sleep was interrupted, not by the alarm clock as usually scheduled, but by his sister's inconsistent rambling across the hall. Greg walked over to his sister's room as she talked to her friend on her cell phone. "Blah blah blah", she said. "Dear Sister, can you please be quiet?", Greg calmly asked. "Blah blah blah blah blah blah", she continued. "Quiet!", Greg instructed. "Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah", she continued. "Shut up!", Greg yelled. "Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah-tety blah-tety blahk!", she said. Greg snatched the phone from his sister, threw it on the floor, and stepped on it. "How do ya like that, eh Sister?!", Greg asked. Sister slapped Greg across his face! Greg fell backwards, tripped on the carpet, and fell down the stairs!

Encountering the FatherEdit

Greg lands on the kitchen floor next to his Dad, who is eating a stack of pancakes with a cup of coffee. "Hi Dad", Greg said. "Hey, son", Dad replied and wolfed down the pancakes. "Where's Mom?", Greg asked. Dad said nothing. "Dad?", Greg asked, trying to get his father's attention. Dad said nothing. "DAD!", Greg yelled, accidentally knocking Dad's plate off the table. Dad pounced on Greg and started punching him repeatedly. "What !" POW! "-the-!" POW! "-heck-!" POW! "-is wrong-!" POW! "-with you-!" Dad punched Greg so hard he hit the wall, leaving a huge crack! Greg attempted to run up the stairs, but Dad took out his belt and threw it at Greg. The belt wrapped around Greg's neck, and Dad was able to pull Greg down. Dad started spinning Greg around, and then he let go of the belt. Greg crashed through the window and landed on the porch in massive pain.

Encountering the MotherEdit

Greg's mom walkss up to Greg. "Hiya, Greg-boy. I just finished my morning walk. I'll go fix your breakfast?", Mom said and went inside. Do you NOT see me on the ground in everblooming despair?!, Greg thought. He got up when his twisted leg felt better and limped inside the house. Mom lay a plate of eggs & bacon with a cup of orange juice on the table. Greg sat down and ate the food. "What the --?!", Mom yelled, and she threw a knife at Greg. Greg quickly ducked, dodging death by a slim margin. "Whoa! What was that for?", Greg asked. "You ate your sister's breakfast!", Mom replied. "What about me?!", Greg asked. "The heck with you! Beat it, boahy!", she yelled. "Shut cho mouth, mama!", Greg shouted back. Mom lunged at Greg with a butter knife. Greg jumped on the floor, rolled, and stood up. Mom swung at Greg. Greg ducked and punched Mom in her jaw. Mom flinched, but then reached for a stack of glass plates and through them at Greg. Greg hastedly dodged as the plates hit the wall and shattered! Mom let out a war cry.

Encountering the Entire Family!Edit

Suddenly, Dad and Sister zoomed down the stairs to assist Mom. "Wha -? You're all turning against me?", Greg asked. "You ticked us off and now we're returning the favor!", Dad said. "Get him!", Sister yelled. The 3 lunged at Greg! Greg jumped in the air, narrowly escaping various punches. Greg landed on the table, and from there, was able to kick each family member. However, when he tried to kick Mom, she caught his leg and threw him on the floor. The 3 started to kick Greg when he was the ground. Greg tripped Dad, who fell on the floor. The family rushed to Dad's side, as Greg got up and got the heck out of there. As Greg turned around the block, he thought he was safe. Right then, the 3 family members attacked Greg from behind! Greg fell on the ground and quivered in fear. The family dragged him back home. When inside, Mom yelled at Greg to get dressed. Greg quickly finished and ran to catch the bus.

Before SchoolEdit

Catching the BusEdit

Greg jumped off the porch and landed on the lawn just as the school bus zoomed by. "Wait!", Greg called, and gave chase to the bus. "Hey look. It's Grumpy Greg", said one of the bratty girls on the bus. "Yeah. Grumpy Greg. Grumpy Greg", another girl said. "GRUMPY GREG! GRUMPY GREG! GRUMPY GREG!", all the kids taunted. "Shut up!", yelled the bus driver, and went faster. "No!", Greg said, and went as fast as he can. "Ugghh...", Greg stammared as he reached for the bus door. Suddenly, he tripped on a rock and Greg fell down on the rock hard street. Greg lay down as various scrapes and cuts covered his body. Unbeknowst to Greg, a truck was about to drive over him! The boy quickly ducked as the truck passed over him. However, Greg's shirt collar caught on to the truck's bumper. So the truck drove off, as Greg held on for dear life! The truck stopped by the Junior High to deliver some meat. 'Twas then that Greg escaped and went to the blacktop.

Meeting the BullyEdit

Greg went to the blacktop and saw his old friend, Vince, from elementary school. "Hi Vince", Greg greeted. "Yo Greg", Vince replied. The two chatted for a few minutes about what had happened over the summer and whatnot, when Greg was pushed out of NOWHERE by a young boy named Dex. "What the --?!", Greg stammared. "Ha ha", Dex laughed. "You won't get away with this!", Vince threatened, and he and Greg chased Dex. The two friends gave their all, but that Dex was too slim and sly. However, Dex was not watching where he was going, and bumped into the school bully! The bully turned around and shouted at Dex. Greg and Vince quickly ran away. When they had stopped and turned around, they saw Dex on the ground, begging for mercy! The bully punched Dex yet again, and then stared straight at Greg and Vince. "Who's that?", Greg asked. "It's Bully. You don't want to get on his bad side", Vince said.

Greg Gets on His Bad SideEdit

Greg walks inside the school to order breakfast, since he could not eat anything at home. He walked into the hallway with the tray until he bumped into Bully, splattering the food all over him. "Yo, what's your problem?!", Bully shouted. "Listen, boy! I'm not afraid of you. Do whatcha want. I don't care", Greg retorted. Bully punched Greg with all his force! Greg hit the locker and then bounced towards Bully! Bully grabbed Greg's head and BASHED it into his knee! Greg landed on the ground and quivered in fear! "Don't mess with me again, twerp!", Bully threatened and stormed away. Vince walked up to Greg. "Told ya", he simply said.

During SchoolEdit


After that ordeal, Greg walked to homeroom. There, he met his teacher, Ms. Muntz. It was also where he found out that he was in the same class as the Bully! "Hello, class. Welcome to a new year at Serokin High School. Also, I'd like to introduce the new kids to T. Bully, who's been left back for the 17th year in a row. Let's give him a round of applause", Ms. Muntz said. Everyone in the class cheered for Bully, except for Greg. "How do you do it, Bully?", Ms. Muntz asked. "Easy. Wailing on random people and shooting old folks down in cold blood", Bully explained. "What?!!", Greg blurted out, "You beast!" "No one calls T. Bully a beast!", Bully argued. "Oh yeah? You're a beast, boahy!", Greg taunted. Bully jumped into the air and lunged at Greg. Greg picked up a wooden chair and threw it at Bully! The chair hit Bully directly, and the teen fell backwards onto a desk, which split in two. However, Bully wasn't giving up yet. Bully charged at Greg with an iron fist. Greg dodged and Bully hit the chalkboard, with his hand going through the wall. Greg seized the moment by kicking Bully. Bully elbowed Greg. While Greg groaned in pain, Bully smacked Greg SO hard that the poor boy flew through the air. Greg crashed into the SmartBoard and it burst into flames! "Stop!", Ms. Muntz commanded. Greg, with a crazed look and foam oozing from his mouth, hurled chunks of what was left of the SmartBoard at Bully! Bully flipped through the air, caught a chunk, and through it back at Greg. The chunk hit Greg and he flew threw the air, yet again! Greg crashed into a bookshelf and it fell on top of him. Bully ran over to the pile of debris and body-slammed Greg! And the rest is way too intense to type.

The Nurse's OfficeEdit

Greg and Bully were in the nurse's office. Bully had a concussion, whereas Greg had a busted lip and a twisted leg. "Bully, since your injuries are less severe, you can go", said the nurse. "Why are they less severe?", Bully asked. "Because a concussion usually hurts your brain and you have no brain", said the nurse. "Oh", replied Bully. "Do you have any words for Greg before you leave?", she asked. "Yeah. Boy, if you ever bump into me after class, you won't live to tell the tale", Bully threatened. "Oh, so ya gonna kill me now, eh boahy?", Greg asked. "That's enough! Get the heck out of here, Bull-ay!", the nurse commanded. Bully left. "Greg, you know Bully is stronger than you. You should leave him alone", the nurse suggested. "Are you saying that I'm weak?", Greg asked, angrily. "No. I'm just trying to help you", the nurse said. "You can help me by lying on your deathbed", Greg said, and left the room, with the nurse staring in dispair.

Free PeriodEdit

Greg walked through the hallway trying to get to his locker. On the way, he spotted Bully kissing some random girl behind the lockers! "What the --?! I'm disgusted!", Greg shouted. "Hey, move along Shorty. This ain't no peepshow", Bully threatened. "You know what, Bull-ay?! I've had enough of you and your attitude! Let's finish this, right here, right now!", Greg suggested. "Bring it, boahy!", Bully agreed. Greg lunged at Bully. Bully dodged and twisted Greg's arm! "Yoooowwwcch!", Greg yelled. He tripped Bully on the ground. With Bully temporarily injured, Greg made a run for it! Bully came to and grabbed Greg's leg! Bully spun Greg around and threw him into a locker! Before Greg could get out, Bully shut the door and locked it. "Hey! Get me out of here!", Greg commanded. But no one heard him over the chatter...

'Twas hours later when the janitor opened the locker and set Greg free. The boy had missed a big chunk of his school day, but at least he made it out in time for gym.

Physical Education PainEdit

Greg made it to the gym just in time. Coach Balone was just going over what they were to do today. "Today we will play baseball", he said, "Who would like to help me demonstrate?" A number of kids raised their hands, including Bully. "Why don't you help me, Bully?", Coach Balone asked. Bully walked up to the coach and took a baseball bat. "Now I'm gonna walk over there and toss the baseball at you, then you smack it with the bat, okay?", the Coach asked. Bully nodded. Coach Balone walked over to the other side of the gym and threw the ball at Bully. 'Twas then that Bully saw Greg on the sidelines, and a devious smirk covered his face. Bully hit the baseball in the direction of Greg. The baseball hit Greg full force and he flipped through the air and landed on the waxed floor! "Bully, what the heck is wrong with you?!", Coach Balone asked angrily.

Bully ran over to Greg. Greg got up and screamed, "WHAT IS WRONG WITH Y ---!" Bully smacked Greg across his face with the bat!! Drool shot out of Greg's mouth as he backed away in pain! Bully ran to Greg with a homicidal look in his face and smacked Greg numerous times!!! Bully kicked Greg upside his head, and Greg flew into the air! Bully then jumped into the air and hit Greg!! But this hit was so hard that it sent Greg flying through the air and he crashed into the next room - Science! Greg landed into a chemistry set, and then the components mixed, causing the room and half of the gym to blow up!!! Coach Balone ran to Bully to give him a well needed talking-to, but then the bell rang for lunch. Everyone left, leaving Greg on the floor in eternal pain!

The Un-Supervised Moments of SchoolEdit


Greg, after that ordeal, walked to a well-needed lunch. There he ordered a cheeseburger, fries, a carton of chocolate milk, and a slice of pizza. He sat down next to Vince and ate merrily. "This is the longest I've gone today without getting beat up", Greg said, relieved. "Well maybe Bully decided to leave you alone", Vince said. Greg got up to throw his food in the garbage, but slipped on a banana peel and his tray went flying through the air. The tray landed right on Bully's face! "Oh no", Greg muttered. Bully wiped the milk and pizza sauce off his face and stared at Greg. Without thinking, Greg grabbed a meatball and hurled it at Bully. SPLAT! This had temporarily delayed Bully, but Greg had to cause a distraction so he could escape. "FOOD FIGHT!", he yelled. Out of nowhere, a whole bunch of food came randomly flying through the air! Greg ducked on the floor as a plastic knife went twirling above him! Bully spotted Greg and took a wild lunge, but was hit back by a rushing pizza slice thrown by Vince. Bully fell backwards on the floor on a pile of skim milk. Vince grabbed a garbage can and rolled it over to Greg. "Jump in!", Vince instructed. Greg hopped into the 1/4 full can of trash and Vince rolled it out of the school.

Just as Greg & Vince left the scene, the principal ran into the cafeteria and shouted, "WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?!" The throwing stopped for just a few seconds, but then the kids threw food at the principal. "Ugh! OW! Stop that or you're all suspended!", she threatened. But the kids gave her no mercy. One of the kids put the food in his mouth, chewed it, spit it out, and threw that at the principal. Soon enough, the other kids started doing that and - to make a long story short, it was not a good day for the principal.

Recess: A Time of Death and SorrowEdit

Alas, we come to what is arguably the most intense part of the story. Vince pushes the trash can through a glass window and shards go flying through the air! The trash can rolled on the ground as Vince hit the cement with a loud "bang!" Greg climbed out of the can as it rolled on into the distance. Vince got up and approached Greg. "That was a close one, Gregory", Vince said. "Yeah, let's just hope that the bully --", Greg started. Suddenly, the Bully kicked the door to the school off its hinges! "EEK!", Greg & Vince shouted. The Bully jumped down the steps and confronted the two friends. "You two twerps just ruined my reputation", the bully growled. "Well we're not doing too well either, buddy", Vince said, coldly. Bully choked Vince! "Vince! Put him down ya big bully!", Greg pleaded. "Well, if you insist", Bully said and tossed Vince across the playground.

Bully glared at Greg. "You are next", Bully said and lunged at Greg! Greg dodged and Bully's fist went through the ground! "Augh!!!", Bully moaned in pain! Greg KICKED Bully upside his head and Bully fell backwards and hit his head against the brick wall of the school! Bully snapped his fingers and 4 other teenagers flew out of nowhere and attacked Greg! Greg fell on the ground in pain as the teens continued to kick him! "These are my homies", Bully said. " "Homies"?", Greg asked. One of the teenagers grabbed Greg by the neck and punched him in the stomach! Out of nowhere, a chunk of digested food flew out of Greg's mouth and landed on the bully's face!

Bully fell backwards on the ground and wiped the puke off his face. Greg tried to escape but one of the teens tripped him and Greg's face scraped across the blacktop! Greg jumped up and the bully jumped into the air, flipped, and kicked Greg! Greg flipped through the air, but landed on his feet and charged at Bully. Bully aimed a punch at Greg but Greg dodged and kicked Bully's leg. As Bully stood on one foot, Greg tripped him and turned around. A teen took a punch at Greg, but Greg caught the teen's arm and cracked it! Greg jumped up and kicked another teen straight in his mouth! Then Greg pulled out a taser and shocked a third teen in his heart! But nothing could prepare Greg for what happened next!

Race Against TimeEdit

The fourth teen pulled out a knife and cut the taser off Greg's hand! As Greg turned around, the knife slashed across Greg's face! Greg fell on the ground as blood oozed from the top of the nose! The teen went in for the kill, but Greg rolled over and the teen hit the ground! Greg jumped up and ran for his life! The teen got up and pulled out a sniper! The teen rapidly shot at Greg, but Greg ran at an exceedingly fast rate! Soon enough, Greg tripped on a rock and hit the ground as the bullets flew over his head! Greg turned around and bullets ripped through his shirt! Greg tried to grab the sniper but failed and fell on the ground. The teen aimed the sniper gun at Greg, and it seems that it was all over! But Greg jumped up, twirled in the air, and kicked the teen in his jaw SO hard! Greg grabbed the sniper and aimed it at the teen who lay on the ground, begging for mercy! Greg was about to walk away when the principal walked on the scene and saw Greg with the gun and the teen on the ground. "Gregory! How dare you?!!!", the principal shouted. Greg gulped.

After SchoolEdit

Principal's OfficeEdit

Greg and the fourth teen were taken to the Principal's office. "What the heck were you thinking?!", the principal yelled. "I was thinkin' I had to beat this kid down", the teen said. "And I was thinkin' I had to stop the guy", Greg said. "That was a rhetorical question!", the principal yelled. "Oh, so I'm rhetorted now, eh?", the teen asked, about to stir up some trouble. " 'Rhetorical' means that it's not supposed to be answered", I pointed out. "Shut up", the teen said. "SIT DOWN!", the principal yelled. The two boys sit down.

"Now tell me, why was Greg pointed a sniper at you?", the principal asked the teen. "Because the guy's a homicidal maniac! I'm at my wit's end!", the teen yelled. "That's not true! YOU tried to rip my flesh off, but I had to protect my title!", Greg argued. "Order! Order!", the principal yelled. "What's your story?"

The Teen: It was a bright, sunny day. Me and my pals were just peacefully strolling through the blacktop when Greg and his equally murderous ally came lookin' for trouble. My friends ran, but I had to show these guys it was not nice to do such a thing. But before I had a chance to say anything, the guy pulled out a sniper gun on me!

Greg: That's a lie!

Principal: Shut up!

The Teen: You idiot!

Greg: Go jump in a lake!

Principal: Silence, both of you! What is your story, Gregory?

Greg: See, this guy named T. Bully was trying to beat me up all day, just because I accidentally spilled my breakfast on him. Just now at lunch, I tried to slow the guy down by starting a food fight.

Principal: That was YOU?!!!

Greg: Um... well, I --

Principal: You BEAST! Because of your foolish antics, my blouse smells like vomit!

Greg: Now listen, I didn't come up with the chew/spit/throw thing, that appeared by itself.

Principal: Get the heck out of my office! You should be lucky I'm not expelling you!

And Greg made a run for it out of the office, before the principal went on an unstoppable rampage. By the time Greg escaped with an inch of his life, recess had ended, and a flood of kids came out of NOWHERE and trampled Greg! To make a long story short, he ended up in the nurse's office for the second time in the day.


Greg and Vince packed up from their final class. "What happened?", Vince asked. "Well, after you left me out to dry, I had to take on a whole bunch of teenagers at once", Greg explained. "How'd it end?", Vince asked. "I had a sniper gun in my hand, pointed at the last teen that was conscious", I said, quite proudly. "Then what are you so upset about? You won!", Vince cheered. "Yeah. If only the principal didn't see me, then yell at me for starting a food fight", I said, covering my face. "That's messed up! You had to defend your life and you get yelled at?", Vince asked, kind of angry. "That's what I'm talking about", I said, agreeing with him.

"You still don't get it", said an ominous voice. "What the --? Who's there?", Greg asked. A shadowy figure emerged from the darkness. The body was seen but the face was hidden by an agent-type hat. "You two will never stop us. You WILL pay", the figure said. "Who are you?", Vince asked. "Guess", the figure said. "Detective Spontaneous?", Greg asked. "No! Not Spon --!", the figure started, but before he could finish that sentence, Greg pulled the hat off to reveal none other than T. Bully! "Gasp! It's --!" But before Greg could finish his exclamation, a whole group of masked minions came out of nowhere and captured Greg & Vince!

The Ding-Dong-DitchEdit

A few minutes later, Greg and Vince woke up in a grassy bush. "What's going on?", Greg asked. "Shut up", Bully said, emerging from the bush. "We're trying to ding-dong-ditch this place", another teen said. "Ding-Dong-Ditch this place - with the old man who never comes out? Are you mad?!", Vince asked. "Since he never comes out, this is the perfect chance", Bully said. "Well guys, that's great and all but we've gotta go. See ya", Greg said and attempted to make a run for it. "Oh no you don't! If we go down, you're going down with us!", a teen said and pushed Greg and Vince in the middle of it all. The bully gave Greg his backpack and walked up to the porch.

The bully rang the doorbell and jumped down the stairs. He and the others made a run for it! After half a minutes of escaping, the group stopped and burst into laughter. That is, everyone except Greg and Vince. "I got a bad feeling about this", Vince muttered. Suddenly, Greg heard the sound of a squeaking door. "What was that?", Greg asked. "What?", Vince asked. The door sounded again. "Was it that?", Vince asked. "Yeah", Greg replied. "Uh, guys. We --", Vince started. "Shut up kid. Can't you see we're laughing?", the bully said. "But we could get in trouble", Vince edged. "Trouble is my middle --", the bully started. It was then that he saw the old man. The old man who never got out of his house. And he was walking towards them. And he had a pit bull.

"Yo dudes. We better clear it", the bully said. "What's the use? It's just an old guy and a dog", another teen said. "Yeah, but we should just go", the bully said. It seemed this Bully guy had some common sense. But instead of running, they jogged oh-so slowly. Without a warning, the old man started running out of NOWHERE and began to catch up to the gang! "Whoa! Let's get out of here!", the bully yelled and the gang started running as fast as they could! Even Greg, who held two backpacks, ran in front of the others! "Dwaaaah!", he yelled. Soon enough, the old man stopped running and took various breaths. He realized he couldn't catch these fast kids - so he'd need a Plan B. And he had just the thing.

The gang started to slow down. "Whew. That was close. I thought we would be busted", the bully said. "I tried to tell you!", Vince argued. "Shut up pipsqueak", the bully said. "Well, the most important thing is that we are free", Greg sighed. Right then, the old man (driving in a car), turned the block and started shooting a MACHINE GUN at the gang! Greg and Vince quickly ran for their lives! The teenagers followed suit! It was a race against time! One of the teens tripped on a rock and fell down. The old man's car stopped by the fallen teenager. It was obvious the poor guy would not live to tell the tale!

The old man came back for more! He put the petal to the medal and drove as fast as he could! He caught up to each teen and they were never seen again! Soon enough, it was the Bully's turn! "Guys, I'm sorry I bullied you! Tell my mom I loved her! See you in heaven....", were the bully's last words before he was pulled into the eerie darkness behind the old man's car! "We're next!", Vince yelled. Vince jumped into a bush and hid! The old man's pit bull looked into the bush, but could not find Vince. It seemed Greg's best friend had escaped death by a mere thread, but what about Greg himself!?

Greg quickly approached his house and ran inside the home! He pulled down the shades and put his back to the door! Unbeknowst to Greg, the old man had caught up to him! The man knocked on Greg's door. Greg, thinking that it was just a normal visitor, opened the door. "Hey there", the man said. Greg SLAMMED the door in his face and raced to the basement to lock the door ther too. When Greg came up, Mom asked "Hey Greg, who was knocking on the door?" "Oh that was nothing. You were probably just hearing stuff", Greg lied. The man knocked on the door yet again and Mom went to open it.

"Hello there Ma'am. I believe your son and a bunch of gangsters rang the doorbell of my home and attempted to run away", the man explained. It turned out that the old man wasn't truly old, he looked as if he were in his 30s. "Is this true?", Mom asked Greg. "Well... they weren't gangsters. They were bullies", Greg said, trying to patch up the situation. "So ya workin' with a bunch of bullies, eh boahy?!", Mom yelled. The man told Mom the whole story, then left Greg to take the lashing from his mother. Greg was grounded for a month, and got a good spanking from Dad.

A Not So Good EveningEdit


Greg walked over to the table and took various books out of his backpack. He took out his large math textbook. He was supposed to read half the book. This was a 1000-page book, and it would take a really long time, not to mention he had lots of other work. But it was only 4:00. The day was still young. So Greg went to the freezer to grab an icey. As he was enjoyed the multi-flavored coldness, Vince called on the phone. Greg picked it up. Vince was hyperventilating on the other line. "What's with you? You sound like you just escaped death. I mean... we did, with that guy in the car", Greg muttered. "Well, I have some urgent news! But first, tell me about that guy. Did he catch you?", Vince asked. "Uh... no, I was too fast for the guy. Couldn't catch up", Greg lied, "So what did you want to say?"

"As I left the bush I had jumped in during that wild chase, I overheard a bunch of older girls saying they would have a sleepover tonight", Vince explained. "But it's a school night!", Greg pointed out. "That's what I thought. So I formulated this plan: we'll videotape them in the act and bust them the next day, while also getting to see what female teenagers do when they're all alone", Vince sneered deviously. "Isn't that an invasion of their privacy?", Greg asked. "You know what, Greg? Do what you want. All I know is that I'll be doing a good thing, and I'll be getting some info. Call me when you make your mind up", Vince said and hung up.

Greg's Night OutEdit

Greg sat and thought about this. Then he made just about the smartest - and dumbest - decision of his life: he called Vince and accepted his offer. Then 15-minutes later, Vince arrived at Greg's door with a camera and his cell phone. "Let's go", he said.

So he and Greg journeyed throughout the neighborhood until they came to the supposed house where the sleepover where to commence. The duo was about to enter the house when they saw a big, gruff, and mean fat man at the door. "Who's that? A gorilla?", Greg asked. "No, that's probably the father. We'll have to get in the other way", Vince said. "What other way?", Greg asked. Soon enough, Greg found that Vince was to climb on his back and enter through the window. "Are you crazy?!", Greg refused. "Well, either I'm crazy or you're just too smart", Vince said. Greg was a bit confused at that. But in the end, Vince was able to enter the room and pulled Greg up.

Vince and Greg hid under a bed as the "sleepover" commenced. "You have your camera on?", Greg asked. "Why, yes. Yes, I do", Vince answered, "and --" THUMP! It seemed that the girls were hastily jumped on the bed that Greg and Vince were hidden under. Greg and Vince tried not to yell. But one spike from under the bed pierced into Greg's neck! Greg let out a wail! The girls screamed. Just then, the same fat guy from before busted into the room with a machine gun! "What is it, girls?!", he asked. "There's something under the bed!", the girls squealed. The guy took a grenade out of his pocket and rolled it under the bed. When the duo saw this, they rushed out, but not before the grenade exploded, catapulting them into the air!

The duo rocketed across the hallway under they crashed into some teenage boy's room! And in that room, you won't believe it, was the Bully from before, wrapped in bandages! "You!", the teen yelled. Both Greg and Vince screamed at the top of their lungs! They tried to run out, but the father blocked the exit. They tried to jump out the window, but the teen was guarding that! Greg and Vince were locked in a room with the gun-wielding fat man, and the teen that had tried to kill them before! To make a long story shot, the two barely got out alive!

Crime and PunishmentEdit

The father and the teen lunged ferociously at Greg and Vince! Vince ducked, leaving Oreg to be squashed by the two! Vince didn't delay and ran out the window, leaving Greg to eat his dust. The father shot rapidly at Greg! Greg hastily dodged, and the bullets pierced through the walls, creating tiny holes. Greg jumped up to punch the father, but the teen grabbed him around the waist and hurled him across the room! Greg flew into the wall, leaving a huge crack! Greg grabbed an alarm clock and used it as a shield to block the bullets! The teen lunged at Greg, but Greg bashed him over the head with the clock!

Greg quickly jumped out the window! Once he landed on the ground, he took out his secret weapon: a grenade, and threw it inside the house! In the blink of an eye, a suburban household had burst into flames! Greg hid in the bushes as sawdust flew about. "Greg! Psst! Greg!", a familiar voice shouted. It was Vince, who had now returned to his side. "Hey there, Mr. Leave Me To Die", Greg said coldly. "Listen, I couldn't stay there and get killed", he said. "Well, listen here, you backstabber! I fought for my life in there and all you can do is ---!" Greg wasn't able to finish that sentence, for police had gathered around the scene and caught him and Vince moseying around!

"What are you kids doing here?!", the officer asked. At that point, the father, the teen, and the girls had come out of the house. They were covered in soot. "They ruined everything!", the family yelled. Soon enough, Greg and Vince found themselves in Juvenile Hall.


Greg's Mom and Vince's Dad came into the jail, with a handful of bail money. "What did they do?", Greg's Mom asked. "They were peeping on a girls' private sleepover and they set a house on fire", the officer explained. "What --?! Surely my Vince would never do such a thing!", Vince's Dad argued. "Well they did. And we have witnesses to prove it", the officers said. Greg's Mom and Vince's Dad paid the bail and took their children (of whom they were disgusted at) home. "Bye", Greg whispered. "See ya later", Vince whispered back.

"What the HECK?!!! How dare Greg do such a thing!", Greg's Dad yelled. "I know! I thought I raised him better than that!", Greg's Mom complained. "I always told you that boy was trouble!", Greg's sister added. Soon, Mom, Dad, and the sister got into a big argument. In the middle of it all, Greg was able to slink away and out of notice.

Once he got away from all the distress of the family, he went in his room and laid down on his bed. He immediately received a phone call from Vince. He answered the call. "That was totally wicked!", Vince shouted on the other line. "I know, right!", Greg agreed. And for the rest of the night, Greg and Vince chatted about their previous adventure.

And that's the Life and Times of a Pre-Teen Middle Schooler!