A Family who Doesn't Understand the Meaning of Person Space is a family that... well, exactly what I just said. Occasionally the family will attempt to stop you from doing certain things or just Rambling ramble incosistently everytime you see them. In other occasions the family member may lunge ferociously at you in a fit of rage or just annoy you until you lunge ferociously at them. Here are a few examples:

Example #1Edit

The MotherEdit

Me: Mm, this milo in a cup is so good I--

Mom: Milo powder in a cup? Are you crazy, that's for drinking in hot chocolate form, not chocolate powder form!

Me: But Mom, Dad and I always eat milo this way.

Mom: No, I will not sit here and watch my only son rot his teeth with dried chocolate!

Me: B-but I--

Mom: But what? But what?! Shut cho' mouth!

Me: Never mind. Uh.

Mom: Don't "uh" me! If I say you're not allowed to eat that you're not allowed! No arguments!

Me: Sigh. If only I were 18. Then I'd be able to eat all of the milo I desire.

Mom: If you were 18 I STILL wouldn't let you eat that stuff!

Me: ... That's messed up.

Mom: Your teeth are going to be messed up if you don't stop eating that stuff! (slaps cup out of son's hand)

Me: No! You... BEAST!!!

Mom: You callin' me a beast, boy?

Me: N-never mind.

Mom: No! Answer me, were you callin' me a beast?

Me: No I was just--

Mom: Shut cho' mouth!

Me: But you told me to--

Mom: SHUT cho' mouth! Now answer the question.

Me: Okay... I--


The FatherEdit

I was just sitting in my bed watching television, when suddenly-

Dad: (runs into my room and hops on my bed)

Me: What the-- ?!

Dad: Get out, this is my room now!

I had just gotten my room done over and apparentely my father really liked it. He was obviously jealous that my room was refurbished and his was the same ole' bedroom he had back in the '90's.

Me: What? This is my room, you can't just take it just because it's done over and you like it.

Dad: That's what they all say. (gives dirty look and walks out)

Me: (shakes head in disgust)

Later that night I was walking into my room reading a book (with it in front of my face). I look up and I see my father spreaded out across my bed in his underwear watching television!

Me: What the-- ?!

Dad: (turns head and looks at me). What?

Me: I've never been so disgusted and speechless in my entire life.

Dad: What's there to be disgusted about, I told you this was my room now.

Me: ...

The GrandmotherEdit

I had just rang the doorbell to my grandmother's house.

Grandmother: (opens the door) Hey young man!

Me: Hello there Grandma. (attempts to quickly walk by with just a hug)

Grandmother: You think you're too old to give your old granny a hug boy? (reaches out, grabs and hugs and kisses head numerous times)! "Smooch, slobber, smack!"

Me: Waaaah! That's so repulsive! Please, control yourself grandmo--

Grandmother: Smooch, slobber, (neck fat rumbles).

Me: N-no please! Waaah!

Grandmother: Smooch, slobber, smack!

Me: Get offa me! (jumps backward, away from grandmother)

Example #2Edit

This wi;; be written at a later time.

As you can see from reading these 3 quite disturbing imaged scenario's, some family can be really... I don't even know how to explain this madness! Just remember, try to keep those outbursts to yourself. Maybe, just maybe, they'll realize you really don't like any of that! If they do think you like it, they'll eventually get tired of doing stuff like that because they see no reaction anymore. You know how they are.