The Breakfast is a supporting antagonist in the lives of Joel Severe and Jordan Roverson. The Breakfast was previously defeated by Joel Severe, but returned for more, and was stopped by Jordan Roverson.

To see the prequel of this story on the Joel Severe Wiki, just read The Breakfast.

Crime but no PunishmentEdit

Last time in the story back at the JSW, The Breakfast had stopped terrozing people since as no one was afraid of it anymore. But one day, said Breakfast returned to terrorize once again. Whilst best friend Joel Severe was on vacation in another continent, Jordan Roverson saw that The Breakfast had returned to wreak havoc amongst the peaceful town. After hearing the tale of how The Breakfast was defeated, Roverson knew exactly what to do.

Our New Hero!Edit

For some odd reason, The Breakfast had been returned to it's normal state of bacon, eggs, a bowl of cereal, and a cup of orange juice. As The Breakfast was about to cause mass terror in a food court, Roverson confronted The Breakfast. "Listen Breakfast, I'm afraid you're going to have to leave.", Roverson said. The Breakfast shot out strips of bacon from it's fingertips! Jordan hastily jumped out of the way as the strips of bacon smashed into various tables hurling them into the wall! Roverson kicked The Breakfast! But his foot was absorbed into the egg white and he was being sucked into The Breakfast! "NO!", Roverson yelled.


Roverson was defeated! Sucked into The Breakfast, and now resting in it's stomach, ready to be digested. Then, Jordan realized that this was not the same Breakfast as before. This Breakfast consisted of bacon, eggs, cheese, a cup of milk, and sausuge! Now that Roverson was aware that this was not the same Breakfast that was digested in two people stomach's and also... well, I can't say. This is a kid friendly wiki.

The Feast!Edit

Jordan then proceeded to eat the egg whites that he was sucked into, a jumped out of the Breakfast's stomach! "I have returned!", Jordan said triumphantly. The Breakfast swiped its sausuge hand at Roverson but he jumped onto his arm and began to quickly eat at the hand! Once The Breakfast's whole hand was gone, Jordan jumped onto The Breakfasts' melted cheese over eggs head!

Defeated, Yet Again?!Edit

The Breakfast used it's right arm and grabbed Roverson off of the top of it's head. It then threw Jordan into a bunch of table which broke to pieces! Jordan lay motionless on the ground, struggling to get up. The Breakfast let out a loud and alarming *ROAR!* and smashed it's remaining arm down, attempting to crush Roverson! He backflipped over a table and jumped onto the Breakfast's arm again! The Breakfast began spinning around and Roverson was sent hurdling off to the ground! The Breakfast prepared to deliver the final blow.

The Breakfast is Defeated Not Defeated!Edit

Roverson got up and hastily dodged the Breakfast lunge! "Whoa!", Roverson shouted. The Breakfast shot bacon strips rapidly at Roverson! Roverson ran to the escalator and quickly ran out the door of the food court.

The Terror of The BreakfastEdit

The Breakfast continued with it's daily routine of:

  1. Terroizing people.
  2. Terrorizing people some more.
  3. Take a break and watch CNN.
  4. Then terrorize people again.

Whilst The Breakfast was watching CNN, it saw itself on television. As did Roverson while in his home trying to catch up on the latest news. Who knew a daily meal could be such a villian? No one, exactly, and thus, The Breakfast was never stopped.


The Uncut VersionEdit

What did you expect? We couldn't end a story with the antagonist prevailing. This is what happened after The Breakfast continued it's reign of terror. The reason it's in the Uncut section is because... well, you'll see. O_O, read the uncut version at your own expense... you may lose your appetite. Why? As said before... you'll see.

The Breakfast continued to terrorize people for a few days, that is, until Joel Severe had returned. "What's going on?", Severe asked. "The Breakfast has returned!", a passerby stated. "What the-- ?! The Breakfast?! Didn't it turn into a piece of poop?", asked Severe. "Well rumor has it that it was, but it's been returned to it's normal bacon, eggs, cheese, a cup of milk and sausages.", the man explained. "I don't remember the breakfast consisting of that other stuff.", Joel said to himself. "Well it's because it's not the same Breakfast.", a voice added. "Huh?", Severe turned around and was greeted by Roverson. "Oh, Jordan. Hiya.", Joel said. "Why hey there buddy. The Breakfast has returned!", Jordan exclaimed. "Yeah, I figured that.", Severe replied.

"How are we going to stop it?", asked Joel. "Well it's simple, we eat it.", Roverson said. "Eat it? But what happens when we poop it out and then it comes back to life to terrorize the town again?", Severe asked. "Simple, we just ignore it and it'll go away again.", Jordan explained.

"But it's just going to return and the cycle will start all over again.", Joel said. "Well... uh, what about Cheese Boy?", Jordan asked. "I think he learned his lesson from last time.", Joel added. Suddenly, a loud *CRASH!* was heard in the distance. "What the-- ?!", Roverson exclaimed. "It's here!", Joel said. The Breakfast stood before Jordan and Joel. "Take this!", Joel rushed in and punched The Breakfast's eggwhites! "No wait you'll get!", but before Jordan could finish Severe was sucked into The Breakfast's stomach!

"AAAH!!", Severe yelled from inside the belly of The Breakfast! "Oh no! He's been-", but before Roverson could finish that sentence, Severe ate his way out of The Breakfast's stomach! "Ha! And Severe is victorious once again.", Joel gloated. "Uh, look.", Jordan added. The Breakfast began to regenerate and the hole in it's stomach was soon replaced with eggwhites again. "Darn.", Severe sulked. "Well that explains why his left arm is still there."

The Breakfast swung it's sausage arm at Jordan and Joel! They both ducked over it's arm. Jordan grabbed onto it's arm as it was pulling it back. "Let's try this again.", Jordan said, before ferociously biting into The Breakfast's arm! The Breakfast roared and threw Jordan into a building! "WAAHH!!", Jordan yelled as he crashed into the building!

The Breakfast then turned it's attention to Joel. "Uh-oh.", Joel said, and began hastily running throughout the city with the Breakfast in fast pursuit. The Breakfast was about to catch Joel when the building Jordan was thrown into collapsed right on top of The Breakfast!

The Breakfast was crushed and it was revealed that the insides of The Breakfast was actually in pooped doo-doo form! The doo-doo formed Breakfast spewed all over the town, endulging everyone in... well... doo-doo. Jordan jumped out of the building and stood triumphant. That is, until he realized that he was literraly standing in watery poop. "What the-- ?! Eww, that's so disgusting.", Jordan complained. "Well at least The Breakfast is finally defeated.", Joel reassured.

"Joel, I just realized something.", Jordan said, staring blankly into space. "What?", Joel asked. "Well it's just that. We attempted to eat the breakfast in order to stop it, thinking that it wasn't the same Breakfast as before... But then, it was revealed that it WAS the same Breakfast, and well... we ate it. Meaning that we ate pooped doo-doo with bacon, eggs, cheese, a cup of milk, and sausages.", Jordan explained, sourly.

"Well... now that you put it that way I- BLEH!", Joel started before throwing up! Seeing this, Jordan also began to puke profusely! The two threw up until there was nothing left in their stomach's. "Gasp, gasp. Glad that's out of me.", Jordan sighed. "Tell me about it. I mean, it's one thing to eat doo-doo, but to eat doo-doo that was eaten and then pooped out a second time in double doo-doo form... well that's just wrong.", Joel said.

Suddenly, the splattered poop began to gather together and regenerate!!! "Oh-no. Don't tell me.", Jordan said. The doo-doo began to gather up until it took the shape of a giant monster and thus, The Breakfast was born again... this time, in double diarrhea form!!! "What the heck?!", Severe screamed at the top of his lungs!

"That's disgusting!", Roverson added. The double-diarrhea Breakfast let out a large *ROAR!*! Just then, the vomit of Roverson and Severe began to stir up, and became something so heinous, so disgusting, so maniacally EVIL that it should not be written on the internet!! But... this is the Uncut Version and I already warned you so... here goes.

The combined vomit of Roverson and Severe became another Breakfast monster! It became... a vomited double-diarrhea Breakfast!! "WHOA!!! What is WRONG with the author of this story?!", Joel yelled. The vomited double-diarrhea Breakfast lunged forth at Jordan and Joel! They hastily jumped away from it's arm!

The double-diarrhea monster smashed down on one of the houses of the town! "How are we going to stop these things?!", Jordan asked. "Why ask me?!", Joel asked. "Well you DID create the thing.", Jordan replied. "No I didn't. Some scientist did.", Joel informed. "A scientist? Who? Maybe we can confront him and find out how to stop this thing.", Jordan asked. "Um, well I don't know him but he must live somewhere near [NAME OF TOWN INHELD].", Joel replied. "I see. Well we've got to find him. Check a computer to see if there are any research labs near [NAME OF TOWN INHELD].", Jordan said.

The two ran away from the two diabolical Breakfast monsters. They went over to Jordan's house and used his laptop. "Okay. Research labs in [NAME OF TOWN INHELD].", Joel said while typing. "It says one is nearby in [NAME OF OTHER TOWN INHELD].", Jordan informed. "Well let's go.", Joel said. The two went over to the town in which the research lab was located, and were able to find the creator of The Breakfast.

"Huh? What's that? My breakfast has turned into diarrhea and vomit and is now attacking your town?", the scientist asked. "Yes. It looks like the S.W.A.T. team is trying to stop The Breakfast as we speak.", Roverson said. "Come on, we don't got all day, a piece of doo-doo is attacking our town!", Severe threatened.

"Okay, okay. Well if I reverse the science-y ray that shot The Breakfast in the first place then I believe we can turn it back into a normal plate of food.", the science explained. "Well actually since as the breakfast has been pooped out and vomited several times I don't think it'll be a plate of food that it'll be turning back into.", Roverson corrected. "Well, did you have to put that image in my mind?", Joel asked, angrily. "Hey I'm just saying is all, what the breakfast turns back into may be more disgusting than it's form now."

"Anyaways, while you were blabbering away about doo-doo and whatnot, I was able to reverse the ray's effects and if you shoot the Breakfast with one of these laser guns, then it should return to normal.", the scientist said, handing them two laser guns. "Wow thanks.", Severe said, admiring his new weapon. "This should do perfectly.", Roverson said.

They left the scientist's lab and went back to the now destroyed town. "What the-- ?! What happened?!", Roverson exclaimed. "Simple. A piece of doo-doo and another piece of doo-doo with vomit on it destroyed the town in cold blood.", Severe answered. "It was a rhetorical question!", Jordan yelled. "I knew that.", Joel replied.

Suddenly, a wet brown-stuff covered hand smashed onto the ground in front of the two! "WHOA!", Roverson yelled in shock. The wet brown-stuff covered hand turned out to belong to noneother than The double-diarrhea Breakfast! "So we meet again, eh?!", Roverson yelled. "You're goin' down.", Severe called out. He aimed the gun at the Breakfast and shot rapidly! The Breakfast jumped into the air, flipped, and landed behind the two. "Whoa. For a monster composed of digested foods that thing is extremely agile.", Roverson said.

Severe shot at the monster again! It picked up some debris from a broken building and hurled it at the two! The building bounced off of the ground and the rocky debris rolled after the Roverson and Severe! "Dwaaah!", Joel yelled, and began running the other way! Jordan stood there and shot at the rocks! A lot of them were destroyed but a lot still rolled toward Roverson.

He ran forth and jumped over one of the rocks. He shot at the Breakfast, but it rolled to the side and pushed a bunch of rocks at Jordan! He hastily shot before being hit with one of the rocks! Four of the lasers hit the Breakfast and it transformed from it's once monstrous self to a plate with... well... "you know what" splattered all over it.

Severe ran up to Jordan. "Hey buddy you okay?", he asked. "I don't think so.", Roverson replied. "Oh no, your laser gun's broken.", Joel said worriedly. "Yeah, and so is my ribcage *cough, cough*.", Roverson coughed. "But hey, you did it.", Joel reassured. Just then, The vomited double-diarrhea Breakfast monster dropped down behind Severe! "What in the-- ?!", Severe started before the monster to a violent swipe at him! He carried Roverson on his back behind a felled building to safety. "You stay here. I'll take care of this guy.", Severe said heroicly.

"Wait. I can still do it! I can still fight.", Roverson said, struggling to stand to his feet. "Huh?", Severe asked, confused. "Hey Breakfast, your mother was vomit and your father was a piece of doo-doo! Just look in the mirror and you'll see what they've created.", Roverson insulted. "Now that's messed up.", Severe said. The monster ferociously swung at Jordan and Joel!

They both jumped out of the way as it's arm hit the felled building. Smashing it to pieces! "Shoot him now!", Jordan commanded. Joel rapidly shot at The Breakfast, but it jumped into the air and slammed onto the ground, causing a shock wave and shaking the whole town to it's knees. "He's too powerful! The combined power of vomit and diarrhea is too much for us!", Jordan exclaimed. "You're sick man!", Joel yelled.

"Oh no! He's coming back for more!", Joel warned. The Breakfast kicked them again, they hastily jumped out of the way! "You... BEAST!!!", Roverson yelled. Behind them, the whole town was watching. Could the two kids possibly pull off the win against this beast of burden?

"Shoot!", Jordan commanded. Joel rapidly shot at the monster! "Shoot up, before the lasers reach him!", Roverson commanded again. Severe shot into the air! Sure enough, the Breakfast jumped into the air and was about to be hit with the other lasers! But, seeing it's ensuing defeat approaching, it cut off it's arm and used it as a sheild to block the lasers! It's arm was reduced to a dish of vomited poop, but the Breakfast later regenerated it's arm.

"See? The combined power of doo-doo, diarrhea, and vomit is just too powerful!", Joel said. "No! There's still a way. Give me your laser gun.", Roverson commanded. "Why?", Severe asked. "Just do it!", Jordan yelled. Joel handed Jordan his laser gun. "Now run up and taunt it. It still thinks you have the laser gun so it'll try to destroy you.", Jordan commanded. "Sigh, the things I do to save the town.", Joel lamented, and ran up to the monster. "Hey ya butt! How ya doin'?!", Severe taunted.

The Breakfast lunged forth at Joel! Joel jumped away from it's monstrous arm as it smashed to the ground. "I've got to get the perfect shot.", Jordan started, aiming at the Breakfst. "Whoa!", Joel said, falling to the ground from the aftershock. The Breakfast was about to stomp on Joel. It looked as though it was all over for Severe.

But, as the Breakfast began to stomp it's foot, Jordan shot at the monster and the laser hit it! Right in front of Severe, the Breakfast became nothing more than a plate of food with... well, "you know what" on it again, but this time with the... well, the puke to put it precise.

And thus, the whole town threw Roverson up into the air and let out three cheers. They even made a holiday called; J. Roverson day. And THAT, is how The Breakfast was stopped once and for all.