The Stories and Info Wiki's 100th Article Special!Edit

Audience: (cheers)

Random Kid: Yes, I know folks. It seems like just yesterday the wiki was created and now it's at its 100th Article.

Audience: (cheers)

Random Kid: But before we start this short special, I'd like to welcome our special guest host.

Audience: (cheers yet again)

Random Kid: Welcoming: J. Severe.

J. Severe walks out from behind the curtain.

J. Severe: Hiya folks.

Audience: (cheers)

Random Kid: Now let's get this special started. First up, is our Award Ceremony.

J. Severe: Yes, this Award Ceremony will give awards to the favorited articles on SIW at this time.

Audience: Whoo!

The AwardsEdit

Random Kid: And the first award for the funniest article here on the Stories and Info Wiki:

J. Severe: (takes out envelope) Well what do y'know, it's the Random Kid and J. Severe Story!

Audience: Yaaaaay! (cheers wildly)

Random Person in Audience: Uh, was that story even true?

J. Severe: Huh? Shutup. What does it matter?!

Random Person in Audience: Never mind.

Random Kid: (takes out envelope) And the award for the dumbest article on SIW... Huh?

J. Severe: Dumbest?

Random Kid: I put my blood, sweat and tears in these articles and the only award you can think of is dumbest?

J. Severe: I ought to give the writer of this special a good punch!

Random Kid: Okay, let's rephrase that, the silliest article on SIW is... well it's the Fried Chicken page!

Audience: Yaaaay!

J. Severe: (takes out envelope) And the next award goes to the shortest article on Stories and Info Wiki.

Random Kid: What is it J.?

J. Severe: Why it's the Original Music page!

Random Kid: Wasn't that article created yesterday on February 26th?

J. Severe: Uh, yep.

Random Kid: Wow. And finally, (takes out envelope) the most intense article on SIW!

J. Severe: Gasp!

Audience: Ooh.

Random Kid: (sheds tear) And it's... why it's the A Normal Day in The Life of a Random Kid page.

Audience: WHOO!

J. Severe: And that's all we've got for the Award Show folks. Next, we'll be doing letters.

Random Kid: Yep. Letters sent in by the Audience about ideas for new pages and stories on the wiki.

Audience: Yaaaaay!