Few Hours Before Special...

Random Kid: (walks into The SIW Restaurant.)

Waitor: Oh hello there, young Random Kid.

Random Kid: Oh, hey there waitor. Listen, I know this is last minute, but I need a room to host the ½ Year Anniversary Special in.

Waitor: Didn't you last say that you were hosting said special at the place that J. Severe hosted his ½ Year Anniversary Special in?

Random Kid: Yeah, change of plans. That place exploded when he and some girl named Sarah had a gunfight.

Waitor: Oh... well. I'm afraid not sir, we're all booked. You cannot get a reservation.

Random Kid: What the heck do you mean I can't get a reservation, I own the danged place!

Waitor: Well sir...

J. Severe: (busts in) Random! Hurry it up, I just sent out the notices for the change and from the looks of the traffic on the Belt Parkway they're comin' early!

Random Kid: (grabs waitor by collar and pulls him down to his level) Listen boahy! You're gonna get me that reservation in that party room, or else!

Waitor: I'm terribly sorry sir. Someone's using that room and-

Random Kid: I didn't want to have to do this but... Random Girl Ashley?!

Narrator: Random Girl and Ashley run in.

Ashley: What is it?

Random Kid: The party room is occupied, you know what to do...

Random Girl: Right...

Narrator: Random Girl and Ashley bust into the party room where they see a wedding.

Pastor: You may kiss the- What in the --?!

Narrator: Both Random Girl and Ashley begin rapidly shooting in the air! Everyone runs out, and not a soul is left in the party room.

Random Girl: Party room is officially vacant!

J. Severe: This goyl's wilin'!

Random Kid: Good job guys. Now let's order the food before-

Narrator: Hundreds of people burst into the SIW Restaurant in the middle of Random Kid's sentence.

Random Kid: -the people get here...

Random Kid: Okay! Ashley, you go order the food from the kitchen and J. Severe, Random Girl and I will get this party started.

Ashley: Right! (runs into kitchen)

Let's Start the Party!

Narrator: Audience files into party room and find seats. They then sit down and get ready for the special.

Random Kid: (runs onto stage) Heh heh, hello everyone! You ready to rock?!

Audience: (cheers)

Random Kid: I said, are you ready to ROCK!??!!!

Audience: (cheers like crazy)

Random Kid: Good. Now get on up here J. Severe and Random Girl!

Narrator: Audience cheers as J. Severe and Random Girl run up on stage.

J. Severe: What's up peeps?!

Random Girl: Hiya! It's finally nice to be an actual host!

Random Kid: Okay. Let's do it. J. Severe, what's first on the schedule?

J. Severe: (pulls out list) And our first section of the special is... Butter, Milk, Eggs!... Huh? Oh, wrong list... (stuffs list into pocket and takes out another one) First up, is the award for the funniest quotes!

Audience: (cheers)

Funniest Quotes

Random Kid: Okay. Let's start! The nominees for the top funniest quotes are...

  • The Rude Racer: "You're just an old man with one foot in the grave!", quoted by Derek.
  • A Boy in Bel-Air: "You eyeballin' me boahy!?", quoted by The Director.
  • ¼ Year Anniversary Special: "I'm gonna kill you!", quoted by A. Louis.
  • The Kid President: "(*gunshot*) "Wade? Wade?", I desperately called. Wade was never heard from again.", quoted by Jack Munson.
  • A "Normal" Day in the Life of J. Severe: "He walked up to a random lady and said "I like them booties!" Well, the lady SMACKED Dad SO hard that he flipped through the air and crashed into the refreshments table which BURST into flames!", quoted by J. Severe.
  • Random Kid's Identity Revealed?!: "Random Girl, stumbled up, angry as ever! She kneed the 2nd sister in the ribs and scratched her face! The skin ripped as blood splattered everywhere!", quoted by Random Kid.
  • Cartoon Network: "And then some fool decided to change it all and Cartoon Network (now CN) is a stupid piece of - Oops I never said that.", quoted by J. Severe.
  • The "Eclipse" Adventure!: "She tried to jump back, but accidentally bumped into her dresser and all of her Twilight books toppled onto her head! I picked her up by the collar and was ready to punch the livin' daylights outta her! Just then, her mother busted into the room after hearing the loud sound and saw me with my fist wound up about to hit Ashley.", quoted by Random Girl.
  • Ding-Dong Ditch: "The other guy recognized him and slowly closed the door and locked it!! He then went back into his basement with a blank face. "Who was it?", his mother asked unknowingly of what had gone on outside of their property. "No one", the boy replied with a low voice."
  • Journal Story: I Was Walking to School: "My father busted in to see what was going on, but the criminal rapidly shot at him, causing him to frantically flee!", quoted by Random Kid.
  • Random Kid and J.Severe!: "The guidance councelor jumped out of the line of fire as Random Kid stayed to take it like a man! Random Kid jumped over the chair as it hit the wall breaking into a billion pieces and leaving a hole in the wall! "I'm gonna KILL you!!", Random Kid yelled.", quoted by Random Kid.
  • The 100th Article Special: "What the?!", Sally yelled in shock! "AAAAHHHH!!!!", Matt screamed! The truck did a 720 and hit the side of the 59th Street Bridge!!!", quoted by Random Kid.

Random Girl: Yay! One of my articles is in there!

J. Severe: But only because you got that idea from me. Of course my stories are in the lineup.

Random Kid: Anyways, it's time to reveal the funniest quotes on SIW!

J. Severe: And here we go!

Audience: (cheers as Random Girl walks backstage and comes back with an envelope)

Random Girl: And the winner is... (opens envelope) Huh? Look at this Random.

Random Kid: (peeks at paper) Wow. Well folks, it looks like there's been a three way tie!

Audience: (rambles amongst themeselves in confusion)

Random Kid: Yes, I know, very surprising. The winners are...

All of them!

Audience: What the --?!

Random Kid: Yes, I know! Crazy ain't it.

J. Severe: But here's the catch, these are just some of the funny quotes. (holds up paper)

Random Girl: As you can see, this paper holds all 120 articles on the wiki~! Meaning that every article is a winner!

Audience: Yaaayy!!!

Random Kid: And now folks, we'll have our new editors make their special appearance!

Audience: (cheers loudly)

J. Severe: As you know, SIW is a growing community of authors and informal editors! So, introducing, the new editors!

New Editors

Audience: (cheers loudly again)

Random Kid: First up, Ashley Girl!

Narrator: Ashley walks from behind the curtain and sits down in chair on the stage.

Ashley: Hi everybody!

Random Kid: Next up, SpongeWriter123! Otherwise known as... SpongeWriter!

Narrator: SpongeWriter walks from behind curtain and sits down in chair next to Ashley.

SpongeWriter: How ya'll doing?!

Random Kid: And last but not least, N. Brian!

Narrator: N. Brian walks from behind stage and sits down in chiar next to SpongeWriter.

N. Brian: What's up!

Audience: (cheers like crazy)

Random Girl: And now, we'll be asking these editors a few questions!

Random Kid: Let's prepare to- Huh?

J. Severe: (whispers to Random Kid) Hey Random, remember what happened on April 29th?

Random Kid: What're you-- Oh yeah. But how do I put that? I'm pretty sure everyone in the crowd hates that guy.

J. Severe: But still, ya gotta do it.

Random Kid: Okay, but I don't know about this.

Random Kid: (takes deep breath) People, we have an announcement.

Audience: Huh?

Random Kid: Yes, on the day of April 29th, 2010, one of SIW and JSW's greatest foes returned. It was A. Louis. But it wasn't to come and vandalize the wikis like usual, like everyone expected. Infact, A. Louis did something no one expected. On his talk page, A. Louis apologized for his actions, much to the surprise of us all. An immediate notice was put up of this.

Audience: (stays silent)

J. Severe: And now, in the memory of that faithful day, we will read the his apology out loud.

Audience: (cheers)

Random Kid: Here goes.

"Hey, look cousin, I'm sorry for everything i did. I really respect you a lot. I think you're the best cousin I could ever have. I'm sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry for what I did. I know you may never forgive me, but deep down you're still my cousin to me. I know you're going to be crazy and tell your parents but I'm very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very sorry and you have the rights to be super mad, but just think about those good times, but please i beg you from the bottom of my heart please, please don't get me in trouble. I know what I did was super wrong but please don't tell the parents I'll get I'm big trouble and to tell you the truth, after your mom told my dad, he took everything from me for for weeks and I learned my lesson: big time. Look J. Severe, I'm supremely super, super sorry. Don't, don't, don't get mad. I swear I will never hurt you in my life. You're my cousin, OK? So please think about it. Real and all your friends. I'm sorry, very sorry, and you don't have to read this if you don't want to. Just think about it and just leave me a message on my talk page and just say the word, and I'll be gone.

P.S. Don't tell your parents, please, for me

Sincerely, A. Louis"

Audience: (gasps in surprise) (is silent for a few seconds) (then busts out in applause)

J. Severe: Yes, yes I know. Who knew my cousin actually had a heart.

Random Girl: What the-- ?!

Narrator: Smoke fills the stage as A. Louis drops down hanging from a rope!

A. Louis: What up everybody!

Audience: (cheers loudly)

A. Louis: I got's a little song to sing to my cuz' J. Severe!

Audience: WHOO!!

A. Louis: Alright! Let's get ready to rock! (pulls guitar out of nowhere!)

Narrator: A. Louis begins to play beat it on the guitar!

A. Louis:


They told you don't you ever come around here!

Don't want to see yo face you better disappear!

The fire's in their eyes and their words are very clear just beat it! Beat it!

Yeah! And... um... ?

Well, I (stops playing guitar)... forgot.

Random Girl: Let me get this straight. You made a giant appearance to sing a song to J. Severe... and you forgot it?

A. Louis: Well I... yes.

Random Kid: Well guys, guess we'll have to save the party. Hit it J.!

J. Severe: (begins to play a beat from a beat box)

Random Kid: Prepare yourself, for the "Fresh Wiki of Wikia!"

Now this is a wiki, all about Stories and Info that may be sticky!

And I'd like to explain how this wiki came, with Stories and Info, by a guy named...

His name is Random Kid, and he'd be ashamed.

If you were to disrespect his wiki name!

He doesn't go by his real, for security reasons, and revealing it, would be like treason!

So he was bored one day and he called his friend!

Who was sittin' on a couch, in his small den.

He told him bout' his wiki how cool it was!

So Random Kid, went on something called computah's!

He saw the wiki, how cool it would be!

If he decided to make his own for everyone to see!

It's the S-T-O-R-I-E-S!

With the A-N-D,

and the I-N-F-O!

Has ya stories and info well what do you know.

It's the SIW, callin' you, to visit it, made by a guru!

The only of it's age, may even become a sage!

(beat boxing slowly fades)

Audience: (cheers louder than ever)

J. Severe: (claps) Yeah, let's give Random a hand.

Audience: WHOO!!!

Random Girl: Heh heh, there'll be more of that at dinner folks, but for now let's continue on with the questions for the new editors!

J. Severe: You know Random Girl, I've realized something.

Random Girl: What's that J. Severe?

J. Severe: You're a new editor too.

Random Girl: Huh?

J. Severe: Yeah. You came around the same time Ashley did, and since she's considered a new editor, technically that makes you one too.

Random Girl: ... Well I... uh. Heh heh. (goes and sits down next to Ashley)

Random Kid: Anyways, people let's get started with the interrogating- I mean questioning!

Audience: (claps)

The Interrogation Questioning

Random Kid: Let's begin shall we, J. Severe, pop the question!

J. Severe: Right. So new editors, what do you plan on doing now that you've become official contributors?

Random Girl: Well I plan on writing some stories, just like you and Random Kid.

J. Severe: I see. Good luck with that.

Random Girl: Why do I get the feeling you're not excited about that.

Random Kid: Well, something tells us that you're going to right stories about the dreaded "Twilight."

Random Girl: Well heck yeah I am!

J. Severe: (shakes head in disgust) Anyway, SpongeWriter, what do you plan to do on the wiki.

SpongeWriter: Well I'd like write stories as well as contribute to the wiki.

J. Severe: Great job SpongeWriter, I hope you succeed. Now, N. Brian, what do you plan on doing to contribute to the wiki?

N. Brian: I'd like to be a lookout for trouble when you and Random Kid aren't around.

Random Kid: Well I believe thats the Special Ops job but... who knows, you may even be able to join them one day.

N. Brian: Heh heh, maybe I would.

J. Severe: Ashley's next, what do you plan on doing on the wiki?

Ashley: Well J., since I work on your wiki more, I'll write stories on your wiki and just contribute my information to this one.

J. Severe: Nice, see you on JSW then. Jordan, how about you?

Jordan: Like Ashley, I plan on writing stories on your wiki and just contributing my knowledge on this wiki.

J. Severe: Great! And finally, A. Louis, what do you plan on doing know that you're unblocked?

A. Louis: Well first I plan on becoming a regular editor and then contributing my knowledge to each wiki.

Random Kid: I hope you do a good job A. Louis. Now that we're finished with the questioning we wait till' the-


Narrator: Multiple waitors carrying plates of gourmet meals run in and place food down on everyones tables.

Random Kid: Well I was going to say we wait for the food to get here but, now that it's here, let's eat! And plus we have some special treats for everyone!

Audience: WHOO! (cheers like crazy)

J. Severe: Only one thing left to say now, let's eat!

The Food's Here! Special Treats

Waitors remove the covers to reveal all sorts of meals and whatnot on each family's table.

Random Kid: Okay now let's... Wait a minute. Something just occurred to me J.

J. Severe: Huh? What's that Random?

Random Kid: Have you eaten since breakfast today?

J. Severe: Umm, now that I think about it, no.

Random Kid: Nor did I. Now, we're up here starving yet performing our butts off while the audience sits there and enjoys gourmet meals!

J. Severe: (gasp) (looks at Audience disgustedly) You're right...

Random Kid: Also, where are all the new editors that were sitting in those seats a few minutes ago?

J. Severe: (looks over to see empty seats) What the-- ?! (looks around and spots new editors stuffing their faces at the back tables)

Random Kid: How dare you guys betray us!

A. Louis: Hey man, I'm not going to starve myself for some stupid anniversary special.

Random Girl: I'm on a diet... and I haven't eaten breakfast yet...

SpongeWriter and N. Brian: We were just hungry.

Ashley and Jordan: (both too busy stuffing faces to reply)

Random Kid: Well, I'll remember this someday. (gives evil eye)

Random Kid: So now, without further adieu... wait. What the heck is adieu anyway? Alot of hosts say it but I just don't get it.

J. Severe: Well I think it's some kind of saying. Meaning without further procrastination or something.

Random Kid: Hm, makes sense. But anyway, without further adieu, let's begin.

J. Severe: First up, we have some Stand Up Comedy from yours truly. Heh heh.

Random Person in Audience: J. Severe's gonna do stand up comedy? This should be whack.

J. Severe: Huh? Whack? WHACK!? Is that supposed to be some kind of insult?!

Random Person in Audience: Yeah, yeah it is.

J. Severe: What the-- ?! I'm going to ignore that.

Random Kid: Anyway, let's get on with the Special! Enjoy your tasty foods while hearing jokes from J. Severe!

The Stand-Up Comedy by J. Severe

J. Severe: Okay people, so let's get started.

J. Severe: So I was just walkin' down the street right? I went to Dunkin' Donuts and I see this fat blob in front of me in line. And I was like, what the heck?! Who IS this guy in front of me?

Audience: (chuckles)

J. Severe: But then the fat guy heard me and turned around. "Why are you criticizing me? Can't you just ignore me?" And I was like, "I can't ignore you , you're so FAT you're takin' up all my space."

Audience: (laughs mildly)

J. Severe: Then he said, "Why don't 'cha say that to muh face." And I said, "Can't. Don't wanna smell that stanky breath o' yours. Plus, even if I tried I coudn't make it, your stomach's in the way."

Audience: (laughs moderately)

J. Severe: Then the man tries to punch me. I punch him back but my fist bounces off his stomach. I mean, what ---?

Audience: (laughs a lot)

J. Severe: Then the man just turns around and blurts out a whole bunch of donuts that he wants, completely ignoring my punch like he didn't even feel it... go figure.

Audience: (laughs non-stop)

J. Severe: So I say, "Is that it or should I call the delivery truck?" This guy starts cryin' and runs out the store, his neck fat all rumblin'. But before he ran out, of course he just HAD to take his food with him. Then when I go to order, the cashier says they're all OUT!

Audience: (laughs uncontrollably)

J. Severe: I just pretended I didn't see that, then when I go to order, the cashier says they're all OUT!

Audience: (laughs uncontrollably again)

J. Severe: Oh yeah, and one day I was on vacation in the Caribbean Islands. My mother, father, and grandmother came too. So, you know how the Caribbean has a lot of bugs and animals right? The whole time my mother is running from bugs, and I'm like "What the heck? What was the point of coming here if you're afraid of bugs? It's like you came on vacation just to run from animals and insects."

Audience: (chuckles)

J. Severe: My grandmother just simply HATES animals, so it's the same thing with her. Like, "Did you come here for the soul purpose of running from animals? You knew animals lived here."

Audience: (laughs)

J. Severe: They had these trolly like things to take you around the resort, and one day, while we were riding in one of those and granny was in the front seat, a big lizard decides to take a stroll on the road. So she's like, "Run it over!" And of course the driver has to follow order, so he tries it. Well, the lizard JUMPED onto the windsheild and granny went totally bolistic!

Audience: (laughs mildly)

J. Severe: So granny literrally opens the passenger door and JUMPS out of the truck! Only to land on the grass with more lizards!

Audience: (laughs uncontrollably)

J. Severe: Yep, it happened! All I can say is, we were late for our dinner reservations that night.

J. Severe: So anyway, there's this really ugly guy in my class.

Audience: (chuckles)

J. Severe: And on picture day, this fool says "I can't wait to see how my picture comes out!" And I say, "Don't we all?" So, when it comes time for the class picture he decides not to smile and makes a regular face, just to prove that he's not ugly. Don't you get it, he can't see what he looks like in the mirror cause' it always breaks in a split second.

Audience: (laughs moderately)

J. Severe: We're all excited for the class picture when this fool makes his "regular face", and the camera suddenly breaks to pieces in the photographer's hands!

Audience: (laughs maniacally)

J. Severe: I mean, you must be pretty ugly for both a mirror AND a camera to break at their first sight of you.

Audience: (continues laughing)

J. Severe: Thanks folks, I'll be here all week! Now, I'll hand this mic over to Ashley and Random Girl for their live song performances.

Random Girl and Ashley walk up onto stage and take mic from J.

Live Song Performances by Random Girl and Ashley

Random Girl: Thanks everyone, let's hit it Ashley!

Ashley: Yep!

To the tune of Toy Story 3 Rap (Leo Little's Big Show on Disney)

Random Girl: Hey guys!

Ashley: How ya doin'?

Random Girl: How ya been?

Random Girl and Ashley: What's up!?

Random Girl: This is an official SIW Rap Up! This one goes out everyone on my friend list!

Ashley: And all my subscribers, on youtube, what's up ya'll!?

Random Girl: S and the I to the W!

Ashley: 1 Half of the year comin' straight after you!

Random Girl: Random Kid and J. Severe bout' to make some noise!

Ashley: A. Louis, N. Brian...

Random Girl and Ashley: Plus Jordan and SpongeWriter in the line-up!

Random Girl: The Stories!

Ashley: The ones that started it all!

Random Girl: The Night that I Became a Man!

Ashley: They're havin' a brawl!

Random Girl: Random and J., they're the kings and the ace!

Ashley: Until their wikis get rocked by the Louis of A.!

Random Girl: Twas' the Web War!

Ashley: Type there typed hear!

Random Girl: But the vandals coudn't compete!

Ashley: With Random and J.'s tight gear!

Random Girl: Enemies at first!

Ashley: But then they formed a bond!

Random Girl: Now they type together.

Ashley: To infinity and beyond!

Random Girl: It's the S to the I to the W!

Ashley: 1 Half of the Year comin' straight after you!

Random Girl: Random Kid and J. Severe bout' to make some noise.

Ashley: A. Louis, N. Brian

Random Girl: Plus Jordan and SpongWriter in the line-up!

Music slowly fades away...

Audience: YEAH!!! (cheers uncontrollably)

Random Girl: Thanks everybody! Now, we'll be handing the mike over to Random Kid, J. Severe, SpongWriter, N. Brian, and A. Louis for the SIW Half Year Award Show!

Audience: WOO-HOO!

SpongeWriter: (steps up onto stage) How's everybody doin' tonight?

Audience: (cheers loudly)

A. Louis: (steps onto stage) Everybody doin' fine, huh?

Audience: (cheers loudly)

N. Brian: How's the food everyone?

Audience: (cheers even louder)

Random Kid: (steps onto stage) I woudn't know...

J. Severe: Let's hurry this up, I STILL haven't eaten.

SpongeWriter: What do you say we get this Award Show on the road, eh?

Audience: WHOO!!

The Award Show


Random Kid: Okay, the first award is for the best SIW Drawings.

J. Severe: Yep, as you know, there are many logos and drawings, we're hear to decide which ones are the best!

SpongeWriter: First, is the most colorful SIW Drawing.

Most Colorful Drawing:

Random Kid: Hey Dan, bring out the envelope for the Award will ya?

J. Severe: Yeah, we're waiting here.

Dan: Yes sirs. (runs out with envelope in hand) Here you are sir.

Random Kid: (takes envelope) Thanks buddy. And the winner for the most colorful drawing is...

N. Brian: Lower the screen Dan!

Dan: Yes sir!

100 inch Plasma TV lowers from ceiling.

A. Louis: Okay, we will now reveal the picture!

Random Kid: And the most colorful drawing is...

SIW Home picture 4 Redo

Logo 4: Made March 19th.

Audience: (claps)

J. Severe: I remember that logo, it was the coolest logo on SIW back when it was uploaded. It featured the 3 main editors on SIW, that is, before more editors like SpongeWriter and N. Brian came along.

A. Louis: Hey, what about me?

Random Kid: Well actually A. Louis, you don't really do ANYTHING on the wiki, you don't even leave any comments.

A. Louis: Oh, well... I'll have to get around to that.

Random Kid: Anyway, let's move onto the next category for drawings, the most intense drawing on SIW.

Most Intense Drawing:

SpongeWriter: I think we all know what the winner of that award will be.

Random Kid: Yep, hey Dan, envelope!

Dan: Coming sir.

J. Severe: So Audience, how's the special so far?

Audience: WHOO-HOO!

J. Severe: Well guess what, the Special is just beginning! We still have much left like the-

N. Brian: (covers J.'s mouth) Don't give it all away!

Dan: (comes running with envelope) Gasp, gasp, here.

A. Louis: Thanks. And the winner for the most intense drawing on SIW is...

The Night I became a Man Picture

Random Kid vs. Home Invader: Made December 21.

Audience: (cheers)

Random Guy in Audience: The guy is fighting a kid with a knife!?

Random Kid: That story and the picture are both TOO intense!

SpongeWriter: I knew it'd be that drawing!

N. Brian: Cool.

A. Louis: Whoa.

J. Severe: How did you like that Audience?

Audience: (cheers loudly)

J. Severe: Alright, let's move onto the last drawing award, the Most Favorited Drawing!

Audience: WHOO!

Most Favorited Drawings

Random Kid: Dan, envelope!

Dan: (gasp, gasp) Coming... sir... (body thuds)

N. Brian: There are alot of drawings on SIW, I wonder what will be the most favorited.

A. Louis: Probably one with me in it.

J. Severe: But A. Louis, there are no drawing with you in them.

A. Louis: Well uh, there should be!

Dan: (comes running) (gasp, gasp) Coming... sir... (collapses on ground)

Random Kid: Uh, is he okay?

J. Severe: I don't think so, but who cares, he's got the envelope. (takes envelope) You voted folks, and the Most Favorited Drawing on SIW is...

Drawing appears on screen...

Stories and Info Wiki Logo New

The most favorited wiki drawing.

Audience: WHOO!

Random Kid: Well what do you know? That's my favorite too.

A. Louis: I should be in that picture...

N. Brian: Not to worry, you could draw your own drawing of you and upload it.

A. Louis: Yeah, if I knew how to draw. J., can you teach me how to draw?

N. Brian: Teach me how to draw, t-teach me how to draw! Everybody drawin', e-everybody drawin'! Huh? Heh, ignore that.

J. Severe: Well of course A., but later, right now we've got the special to attend to.

Random Kid: And thus, we'll move onto the next set of awards... Videos!


J. Severe: Okay, the first category of this set is... the Funniest Video of SIW!

Audience: Yaaaaaay!

Funniest Video

Random Kid: Uh, guys. Dan collapsed, so... who's going to cash the votes and bring the envelope?

A. Louis: I'll be happy to. (evil snicker)

N. Brian: What's with the evil snicker?

A. Louis: Huh? Oh, I just... sometimes I do that.

J. Severe: Well get to work boy, we don't have all day you know.

A. Louis: Right.

Random Kid: Well folks, Dan's collapsed and we're in a bit of a dillema. So for now we'll just sit back and-

A. Louis: Done! (runs from behind curtain and hands Random Kid envelope)

Random Kid: Wow, that was fast. Okay, you've cashed in your votes, and the funniest video on SIW is...

thumb|230px|left|This is... Unexpected.

J. Severe: What the heck!?

Audience: HAHAHAHAHA!!

Fat Guy in Audience: YEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! IN YOUR FACE!! (runs up to stage) YEEEESSSS!!

Random Kid: People please, regain self-control!

Fat Guy: YEAAAH!! GO Fried Chicken!

Random Kid: Shutup! (punches Fat Guy)

Fat Guy: (falls down and rolls off stage)

SpongeWriter: Well... that's strange...

N. Brian: And to think all these people would go bolistic over Fried Chicken. (shakes head)

Random Kid: (gasp, gasp) Now let's hurry up before I have to punch another fat guy who goes crazy over Fried Chicken! He ran up here like HE got the award.

N. Brian: Trust me, if you held a plate of Fried Chicken to that guys face, he'd be happier than if he just became president.

J. Severe: Well, why don't we move on to the next award, I don't have all day with this.

SpongeWriter: And the next award is... Most Intense Video on SIW.

Audience: (claps loudly)

Most Intense Videos

J. Severe: Cash the votes A. Louis.

A. Louis: I'm on it. (runs backstage)

Random Kid: So... anyone seen the Laker game?

J. Severe: Uh... no, why?

Random Kid: Just trying to make conversation whilst-


Random Kid: Never mind.

A. Louis: (runs from behind curtain and hands Random Kid the envelope) I think you'll be surprised at this one.

Random Kid: (opens envelope) Why would I be... whoa. Well folks, it seems we have a tie between the videos.

Audience: Huh?

A. Louis: And not only that, but a 3 way tie!

Audience: (gasp)

Random Kid: I guess we'll just play em' back to back on the television. You voted folks, and the three winners are...

thumb|230px|left|This is TOO intense!

thumb|230px|right|Once you get past that random lady talking, this also is TOO intense! He narrowly escapes death!

thumb|230px|left|This is WAY TOO intense! Just imagine that happening to you!

Audience: (cheers uncontrollably)

Random Guy in Audience: Now that's what I call epic!

N. Brian: That was truly entertaining.

Random Kid: Not only were they intense, but they also had some catchy music to go with the effects.

J. Severe: And there you have it folks, the Most Intense Video's on SIW.

Random Kid: Now we'll be moving on to our next set of awards, Songs!

Audience: (cheers)

Songs/Music Videos

N. Brian: How many of you out there like Justin Bieber, eh?

Girls in Audience: YAAAAYYY!!

N. Brian: Well guess what, he's my cousin!

Silence in Audience...

J. Severe: We ALL know that's a lie, including you.

N. Brian: Sigh, you can't blame a guy for tryin'.

Random Kid: So, let's get on with this. First off, we'll start with the most favorited original songs here on the SIW.

A. Louis: (comes out with a pile full of envelopes) I didn't want to end up unconcious on the floor like Dan so in the mean time I cashed all the votes and here are the winners.

J. Severe: Thanks.

All hosts take a few envelopes.

Random Kid: (pulls out envelope from pocket) And the winners in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for the most favorited original songs are...

J. Severe: In third place, it's the song: "W.O.T.S". Otherwise known as Wiki on the Screen!

Audience: (cheers)

Random Kid: Play the video Dan! Er... A. Louis. Uh... whoever the heck is controlling the Plasma TV!

Random Kid, J. Severe, and Random Girl are shown performing W.O.T.S on the TV.


Random Kid: It's somebody's, anybody's, everybody's wiki.

Random Girl: AAAHH! There's a wiki on the scene!

J. Severe: Whoa. That's one serious wiki on that screen!

Random Girl: There's a wiki on the screen!

J. Severe: Hit it! Tell me how you made that awesome wiki!

Background Rappers: W-O-T-S, Wiki on the Screen!

Random Kid: Somethin' on the computah' screen, you know it ain't green!

Background Rappers: W-O-T-S, Wiki on the Screen!

Random Kid: It's actually blue,

J. Severe: Now surely that's true!

Background Rappers: W-O-T-S, Wiki on the Screen!

J. Severe: I can't believe you never knew!

Background Rappers: That there was a-

Random Girl: Wiki on the Screen!

J. Severe: Step right ova' and type in that URL!

Random Girl: Wiki! Wiki!

J. Severe: Step right ova' and-

Background Rappers: W to the O to the T to the S!

Random Kid: If you wanna know how the wiki was made!

Background Rappers: W-O-T-S, Wiki on the Screen!

Random Kid: Stay up all night, stay awake all day!

Background Rappers: W-O-T-S, Wiki all day!

J. Severe: Gonna get no sleep, have some lunch on a tray!

Random Kid: Or stay awake all day have some gatorade!

J. Severe: Now or never, get some sports and play!

Random Kid: Ain't about A's,

J. Severe: Ain't about good grades!

Random Kid: It's about,

Random Kid, J. Severe, and Random Girl: How the wiki was made!

Video slowly fades off screen...

Audience: WHOO- HOO!! (cheers uncontrollably)

Random Kid: Thank you! Thank you! You're far too kind.

A. Louis: That was great!

SpongeWriter: Good job, I like that song.

N. Brian: (is cheering with Audience)

J. Severe: Sounds to me like everyone really liked it.

Random Kid: People please, there's still much to come. Let us move on with the 2nd place winner, now who has that envelope?

SpongeWriter: Uh, I think it's me. And the 2nd place winner is... huh? Oh, looks like we have yet another tie folks. The two songs that have tied are (1. The Best Wiki and (2. Wiki Rap.

Audience: (cheers wildly)

Random Kid: Looks like we'll be hearing both songs tonight folks. Hit it random person controlling the TV!

The Best Wiki

Random Kid is shown on TV performing The Best Wiki.

Random Kid: Stories, comics, leave some nice comments!
Write it, type it, if you want to share it!
Computerization! Alliteration! To everyone, every nation!
Write it up, type it up! Everybody give it up!--

(refrain): All I want to say is that, this is really the best wiki!
All I want to say is that, this is really the best wiki!

The staff, supervisors, workers, special ops!
Got all the copyrights, we need from the cops.
If you copy, we have the right to sue!
It's all part of managing SIW!


Tell me what has become of my life!
I gots two parents who love me!
Now I find myslef always working on the stories...
...of the BEST WIKI!

(refrain x2)

(drum's fade in background)

Video disappears off screen...

Audience: Yaaay!

Random Kid: There's more where that came from folks. Play the second video!

Audience: WHOO-HOO!

Random Kid appears on TV screen performing Wiki Rap.

Wiki Rap

Random Kid:
Now this is a continuation, bout' the history of Stories and Information, and though you may have an inafatuation... let's get down the educatiion.

First off let me explain the situation, it's about Stories and Info, and it's ventilation. Get some petroleum at the gas station, but to get Stories and Info, you'll need imagination!

When ya get there you'll see a sensation, it'll be like a trip, a great vacation. But be careful not to break ya relations, cuz' ya gonna need it for future generations.

Then ya might ask "wha'ts a carnation", but ya just a fool, that's not in the formation. But then ya might check out the foundation, and ya may want to give a big donation!

You disobey the rules and you'll be on probation, and ya got no savior, no salvation! You may even feel a small vibration, but ya still no match, for the creation!

So I guess this rap is comin' to an end, but make sure ya don't lose ya friend! And stay cool man, a postcard you'll send, to the Random Kid creating a new trend!

Music fades and video disappears off screen...

Audience: WHOO!

J. Severe: Awesome!

SpongeWriter: That was great!

N. Brian: Tell me about it!

Random Kid: How did you like that folks?

Audience: (cheers wildly)

Random Kid: Well guess what Audience, there's more where that came from. Now, for the 1st Place winner of the most favorited song on SIW! Announce it!

N. Brian: I have that one. And the first place winner for the most favorited wiki song is... the Stories and Info Wiki's Original Theme! "Fresh Wiki of Wikia!"

Audience: YAAAYYY!!

Random Kid: Play the clip!

Random Kid appears on TV screen performing "Fresh Wiki of Wikia."

Fresh Wiki of Wikia

Random Kid:
Now this is a wiki, all about stories and info that may be sticky! And I'd like to explain, how this wiki came,with stories and info, by a guy named...
His name is Random Kid and he'd be ashamed, if you were to disrespect his wiki name, doesn't go by his real, for security reasons, and revealing it, would be like treason!
So he was bored one day and he called his friend, who was sittin' on a couch in his small den, he told him about his website and how cool it was, so Random Kid went on something called a computah'!
He saw this website how cool it would be, so he decided to make his own for everyone to see!

It's the S-T-O-R-I-E-S
With the A-N-D, and the I-N-F-O
Has ya stories and info, well whadda ya know.
The S.I.W., callin' YOU, to visit it, made by a guru!
The only of its age, may even become a sage!

When he finished it it was so great, after 1 minute the number of visitors were 8! After editing, he went to bed real late, and said this is a fine trait!
The next normal day when he woke up, he had a message that said "sup."
Twas' from one of his wiki fans, who loved his website but went in a weird trance!
He heard wikia was havin' a sale, on different types if sidebars colors and mail!
He logged in to, his computer, and he bought 9 lightup rulers!
For himself, he needed one, to measure his ultimate wealth up to the sun.
I just realized that made no sense, I should've used a word like immense.
But I guess this song is comin' to an end, so I'll have to leave until then!

Video slowly fades off screen...

Audience: Yaaaaaay!!

Random Kid, J. Severe, SpongeWriter, N. Brian and A. Louis: (claps loudly)

Random Kid: (sheds tear) Nothing can ever replace the Original Theme Song.

J. Severe: Yep. This wiki is like a son to me.

SpongeWriter: Actually it's not possible for something on a computer to be physically related to you.

J. Severe: I was just saying it as a figure of speech. Since as I was the one who inspired the wiki to be made.

Random Kid: Thus you're the Co-Creator, whilst I am the true Creator.

N. Brian: Yeah, under Boss that is.

Random Kid: Anyway, let's move onto the last set of Awards for this Award Show, the Articles and Stories Awards!

Audience: (cheers loudly)


Random Kid: J., go ahead and announce the first set of awards, will ya?

J. Severe: Sure Random, okay folks. Our first set of awards goes to the top three funniest articles here on SIW.

Audience: (cheers loudly)

Random Kid: (takes envelope out of pocket) And the three winners for the funniest articles are...

SpongWriter: In third place. it's "Short Story: Random Robberies."

A. Louis: In second place, it's "A "Normal" Day in the Life of J. Severe."

Random Kid: And in first place for funniest article, "A "Not-so-Normal" Day in the Life of a Random Kid!"

Audience: (claps wildly)

J. Severe: What the-- ?! But that story is not even finished yet.

Random Kid: It wasn't me who voted, ask someone in the audience.

Various people in Audience raise hand.

J. Severe: Uh, you. The lady with food stains on her blouse.

Lady with Food Stains on Blouse: It's because that story is so funny, that if it were to be ended, it would STILL be voted funniest. I mean, what the heck? He runs into the girls bathroom and engages in an all out brawl with various angered girl?! That's. how you guys say, "TOO intense!"

J. Severe: Thanks lady, now sit down. The question's will be coming up after the award show.

Lady with Food Stains on Blouse sits down.

Random Kid: Okay, now on to the next award. The three most intense articles on SIW!

Audience: (cheers)

Random Kid: (takes letter out of pocket) In third place, it's "The Night I Became a Man."

J. Severe: The first ever story on SIW. (takes letter out of pocket) In second place, it's "Short Story: The Kid President". Hey, an article I made.

Random Kid: And in first place, (takes letter out of pocket), the most INTENSE article on SIW, packed with all out brawling in every chapter... "Random Kid's Identity Revealed!?"

Audience: (cheers wildly) WHOO!

SpongeWriter: That story DOES consists of the utmost brawling. In the first chapter, it's the battle with the bullies. In the second, they set off to find A. Louis. In the third, they hastily try to escape a plane about to crash in the middle of the ocean due to the actions of a suicidal butler. Then, they have a battle on the beach with a whole family of brothers and sisters. Then! They encounter Principal working as a manager at Red Lobster, and of course, what with their history and all, that results in an all out brawl! Then they re-encounter Principal in the hospital, as well as face off against the S.W.A.T. team! And it's STILL not finished.

N. Brian: Whoa.

A. Louis: And all that cause' o' me! I'm pretty proud of myself!

Everyone gives A. Louis a dirty look.

A. Louis: Heh heh, sorry.

Random Kid: And now for the final award. The three most favorited articles on the wiki.

N. Brian: In third place, it's "Short Story: The Kid President."

A. Louis: In second place, it's "Random Kid's Identity Revealed!?."

J. Severe: (looks at Random Kid worrily) (says to self: Don't tell me.)

Random Kid: What the-- ?! Hm, for those two to come in 2nd and 3rd, this last article must be everyone's favorite. I wonder what it'll be. (takes out envelope). You voted folks, and the winner of the most favorited article is... the... (opens envelope) TWILIGHT ARTICLE!!!???

J. Severe: WHAT THE-- ?!

Audience: WHOO!

Random Kid: (backs up in fear) No... you fools.

Random Girl and Ashley come running from behind the curtains!

Random Girl: In your faces! Your lame stories could never match up to the sheer power of Twilight!

Ashley: Hahahaha!!!

J. Severe: No! You're all a bunch of fools is what you are!

Random Kid: (drops envelope and falls to knees) No... that impossible! Twilight... defeating... our stories?!

N. Brian: What's the problem here guys. Twilight's actually pretty cool.

J. Severe: (eyes perk up at N. Brian) You... BEAST!!! (lunges at N. Brian)

N. Brian: (ducks and kicks at J. Severe)

J. Severe: (jumps back and grabs N. Brian's leg)

N. Brian: (jumps and lunges at J. Severe's nose)

J. Severe: (jumps back and punches N. Brian in the stomach)

N. Brian: (twists J. Severe's arm)

J. Severe: (kicks N. Brian in the head)

N. Brian: (trips J. Severe onto ground)

Whilst J. and N. are having brawl, Random Kid spots a paper sticking out of the felled envelope.

Random Kid: What's this? (picks up paper) (eyes widen in shock)

Just as J. Severe is about to give N. Brian a good punch, Random Kid yells "WAIT!"

Random Kid: There's a letter. It reads: "Dear Random and J., we know how much you hate Twilight, so we've made it a tie between that, and the other best article on SIW. Check the back of the page... "

Random flips the paper over.

Random Kid: Gasp! And the article who tied with Twilight is... (sheds tear) The Random Kid page!!

Audience: (cheers like never before)

J. Severe: (lowers fist from N. Brian's face) Gee, sorry bud.

N. Brian: No sweat. I needed a battle to lift some weight off muh' shoulders.

Sad, yet joyous music plays in background...

Random Kid: (sheds tear of joy) the random kid page... the Random Kid page... (stands up) THE RANDOM KID PAGE!!!

Audience: YEAAAHHH!!

Random Girl and Ashley: Darn it. We almost had em'.

Random Kid: This wiki has grown so much. I've never been so proud of anything in my life... as if... this wiki is all I have left... as if... I'm related to this wiki... as if... I'm the creator... cause'.... I AM The Creator!

Audience: (cheers yet again)

Suddenly, gunshots are heard from behind the curtain.

Random Kid: What the-- ?!

Curtains open to reveal A. Louis with a toy gun in his hand.

A. Louis: Listen here boahy, there's no time for sad moments...

J. Severe: Huh?

A. Louis: You heard me. We've got a Half Year Special to complete!\

Audience: (cheers yet again)

Random Kid: Heh heh, that was planned... Anyway folks, let's move on to the next segement of this LONG celebration. The Questions and Letters!

Questions n' Letters!

Random Kid: Okay A. Louis, bring out the letters!

A. Louis: (carries out big bag of mail)

Random Girl: Wow, that's alot of letters.

J. Severe: Folks, these are the questions asked by readers of the wiki, about the wiki.

Random Kid: That's right, we know alot of you out there have questions and we're here to answer them.

Ashley: Let's start with the first letter. (hands Random Kid envelope)

Random Kid: It's from some person named Barbera Josephs.

J. Severe: So what's it say?

Random Kid: Dear Random, I've noticed alot of the pages on the wiki are incomplete. How do you plan on completing them in the future.

Random Kid: Well Barbera, I've planned to get all of the editors to finish their articles and I'll finish mine in our free time. So rather than watching Courage the Cowardly Dog on TV, we can all be working for the entertainment of our readers.

N. Brian: That was... (sheds tear) so beautiful.

J. Severe: And on to the next letter folks. (hands Random envelope)

Random Kid: This one's from someone named Phillip Craig. Phillip Craig? Isn't that two first names?

Random Girl: Uh, yes. Yes it is.

Random Kid: Well anyway, it reads Dear SIW Team, when do you plan on making an SIW Gazette?

J. Severe: Well I can answer that much. The SIw Gazette is still a work in progress and we're trying to organize it so it can be brought out from the shadows to the entire world.

SpongeWriter: Wow.

Random Kid: Let's read this third letter shall we? (takes envelope) This one says it's from someone named... What the-- ?! Sarah Pickett?!

J. Severe: Whoa!

Random Kid: Dear J. Severe, U suck!

J. Severe: What the-- ?!

Random Girl: It seems like every special he gets one of those notes.

J. Severe: I'll get you Sarah!!

Random Kid: Uh, next letter.

N. Brian: I think you'll find this one "pretty" interesting.

Random Kid: (takes envelope) It's from... my parents?!

Random Girl: Why would your parents send you a letter?

SpongeWriter: I wonder what they could want that they can't tallk with you face to face.

Random Kid: Yeah, and even if it's that important why would they want me to read it on the internet.

J. Severe: Well, read it.

Random Kid: Dear... Uh, let's just use Random Kid in place of my real name. ....Random Kid, we've noticed you've been spending too much time typing your stories and forgetting about what's really important, your family. We wrote you this letter because we know you wouldn't listen to us if we tried to talk to you in person. We would really like you to quit working on that stupid website... What the-- ?! .... of yours and remember your family.

A. Louis: Is it me or did they just call their own son's wiki stupid.

Random Kid: How dare they, insult my way of life! They're supposed to be my parents!

Random Girl: Heh heh, I'm sure you'll be surprised at this Random. Me and Ashley actually reviewed some of the letters and found this one before the special. So we replaced your world famous authors special guests with your own...

Ashley: Parents!

Random Kid: Gasp! You... BEAST!!!

Random Girl: Folks, let's welcome our special guests!

Audience: (cheers wildly)

Ashley: If it weren't for these two, this wiki would've never been created by Random Kid!

Audience: (cheers even louder)

The Special Guests

Random Kid: (mouth hangs open as parents walk onto stage and sit in the guest chairs.

Random's Mom: Hiya honey, I hope you listen to what we said.

Random's Dad: Listen to your mother, mm-boahy!

Random Kid: Sigh, J. Severe, why don't you ask the questions.

J. Severe: Heh heh, sure thing. (sits down in questioner chair)

Random's Mom: Oh, are you J. Severe?

J. Severe: Listen nn-goyl, I'm the questioner and you're the questionee's, I ask the questions not answer em'.

Random's Mom: Well...

J. Severe: First question of the day, as Random's parents, you should appreciate your son's work, why don't you?

Random's Dad: Well because our son doesn't spend anytime with us anymore.

J. Severe: If Random were to spend time with you, what would be your plans?

Random's Mom: To go to the movies, and then go clothes shopping, and then-

Random's Dad: No, no, no. We would first go to a museum and then-

Random's Mom: Shutup! I was talking, mm-boahy!

Random's Dad: But your plans would bore the poor boy, clothes shopping?!

Random's Mom: So would yours. A museum?! Really?!

J. Severe: Sigh, next question. According to the Life Story page here, you guys underwent an intense brawl before the memorable birth of Random Kid, is this true?

Random's Mom: Well of course not silly.

Random's Dad: Well actually we were on our way to see a movie.

Random's Mom: No we weren't, we were going to a restaurant.

J. Severe: Sigh, here we go agai-

Random's Dad: Yes we were, it's obvious that you don't remember.

Random's Mom: Well it doesn't matter! The point is, what lunatic would want to bash us with a wrecking ball?

J. Severe: (shifts eyes)

SpongeWriter: Just calm down buddy.

J. Severe: Final question. What would you do if Random were not to stop with the editing of the wiki?

Random's Mom: Oh he better stop! Right Random?

Random Kid: Well I-

Random's Mom: You WILL stop! (lunges forth at Random)

Random Kid: Whoa! (dodges lunge)

Random's Dad: Here we go...

Random's Mom: (punches Random)

Random Kid: Wait no please I- Gak!

Random's Mom: Hey boahy! (points to Random's Dad) You'd best help me rid the world of this trash!

Random's Dad: Perfect. (pulls out machine gun and rapidly shoots in the sky)

N. Brian: Your parents are crazy!

Random Kid: Dwaaaaah! Tell me about it! (dodges foot) Security! Get these lunatics out of my studio!

Random's Mom and Dad are dragged and thrown out of the studio.

Random Kid: (gasp, gasp) Now that that's over, let's get on to the Final part of our Half Year celebration. The SIW Trivia!


  • Along with JSW, SIW is probably one of the only wikis out there you'll find that holds fascinating stories AND info.
  • SIW stands for Stories and Info Wiki, excluding the "and" that is.
  • Within the six months that SIW has been around, it has gained over 100 articles.
  • Over 10 logos were created for the Stories and Info Wiki.
  • The Stories and Info Wiki is rated for Parental Guidance because of it's lack of holding back random violence or crudeness in stories! Though the parts that were just too disturbing or intense for childrens eyes were created into uncut versions.
  • The Stories and Info Wiki's name was created from Random Kid's love for writing stories and sharing never-ending information.
  • Throughout the six months of SIW's reign, it has expanded the normal borders of "wiki-ism."
  • BOAHY!...
  • Just thought I'd share that with you...
  • Y'know, just in case you need it in the near future or something...
  • Heh heh, never mind.
  • Just take complete disregard for everything I said.
  • Well not everything... cause'... well, some of it's the Trivia...
  • And Trivia is VERY important...
  • Why? Cause' it gives the facts!
  • Seperates the facts and fiction and whatnot.
  • Well uh, I'll shutup now.

The End: Final Musical Number

Random Kid: What in the-- ?! Who wrote that?!

N. Brian: Uh... heh heh. (backs up)

J. Severe: Well folks, we've got some good news and some bad news. What do you want to hear first?

Audience: The bad news!

Random Kid: Folks, the bad news is that the special is coming to an end.

Audience: Awwwww...

Random Kid: I'm sorry but that's just the way it has to be.

J. Severe: But we also have some good news.

Random Kid: Yep. The good news is that we've found an ending musical number that far surpasses all of the previous musical numbers.

J. Severe: Yep, a brand new song. Straight from the minds of Random and J.! Here we go!

We Will Write/Type You!

To the tune of "We Will Rock You"- Queen

Paper you're a story, make a big brawl!
Brawlin' on a chopper, gonna be a great book one day!
Ya got lead on your face, you big disgrace.
Savin' that world on ever--y page! Singin'. We will, we will write you, type you!
We will, we will write you, type you! Story you're a book now, makin' big money!
Gonna take on the antagonist of the book some day!
Ya got blood on ya face in a critical chase!
Fallin' on the ground ever--y place! We will, we will write you, type you! Singin'. We will, we will write you, type you! Story you're an old book, tryin' to come up with a sequel!
In an intense battle, gonna save the world again!
Ya got stuff on ya face, just got sprayed by mace!
Main character's defeated, what to do now this guy's crazed! Singin'! We will, we will write you, type you!
We will, we will write you, type you!

Music fades away in background...

Audience: Yaaaaaaaay! WHOOO!!

Random Kid: How did you like that folks?

Audience: (cheers oh-so loudly)

Random Kid: And with that folks, our special comes to an end. See ya in three months people.

Audience disperses while cheering wildly.


Speaking Roles

  • Random Kid
  • J. Severe
  • Random Girl
  • SpongeWriter
  • A. Louis
  • N. Brian
  • Ashley Girl
  • Various people in Audience
  • Waitor
  • Dan
  • Pastor
  • Narrator
  • Jordan Guy
  • Random's Mom
  • Random's Dad


  • W.O.T.S.
  • The Best Wiki
  • Wiki Rap
  • Fresh Wiki of Wikia


Random Kid and J. Severe are sitting at a desk by the door handing out CD's of the special to each respective person in the Audience.

Random Kid: Well, the wikis been around for over six months.

J. Severe: Yep, and mine has been around for over 9 months.

Random Kid: Uh, can you do me a favor and hand out the rest of these, if I don't clean up my families studio, they're going to kill me.

J. Severe: Seeing the way your parents are, go for Random!

The other editors walk up to the desk.

SpongeWriter: So how'd we do tonight guys?

J. Severe: Besides the fact that you stuffed your faces while Random and I were up there starving you did a pretty good job.

Random Girl: Great, now where are our paychecks?

J. Severe: What?

Ashley: Random Kid promised us each paychecks, and since you're the one at this desk, we expect you to give em' to us.

J. Severe: Sigh, (takes out wallet) That guy is too smart for his own good.

Meanwhile, Random Kid is busy spying on a conversation between N. Brian and A. Louis.

N. Brian: So we'll strike em' at the next special?

A. Louis: Yes. Very good my clone...

All the hosts and special guests are leaving when Random confronts N. Brian.

Random Kid: N. Brian, who are you really?

N. Brian: Why I'm N. Brian of course. Certainly not a clone of A. Louis, as I said before that's prepostrous! (dashes across street and into a dark alley)

A. Louis: Hey N. Brian, wait! (chases after)

J. Severe: ... sometimes I worry about that guy.

Random Kid: All I did was ask him a simple question.

Random Girl: Let's just ignore it. Anyway, I guess we'll knock em' dead in three months eh?

SpongeWriter: Yep, after how great this special was the next should surely shock them all.

Random Kid: Well... see you guys.

J. Severe: I still didn't eat breakfast.

All editors go there seperate ways...

When Random gets far enough away, he takes out a piece of Fried Chicken and takes a huge bite.

Random Kid: Mm, NEVER tempt me with Fried Chicken. O_O

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