The Journal Stories are a series of great stories fresh from Random Kid's school journal. The author, Random Kid, plans to take every aspiring story and neatly post them all over this page. Notice: every word. Most of these stories were written back in Random's younger years, when he was just starting to get the full grasp of his story writing abilities. Thus, the stories featured on this page may be somewhat vague and/or crude. But nonetheless, they'll still be awesome!


As you know, the imaginations of Random Kid and J. Severe are ever expanding machines bursting with ideas. Well, have you ever wondered how Random Kid writes when he's off of the Internet and working on "actual stories for the future?" Well, if you have, you've just come across the next best thing, his Journal Stories. Not that he has a "Diary" or anything of the sort, you see, he has to have this journal for school. And on "Free Write Fridays", he writes grand stories for his classmates and teacher to enjoy. Tall` started back when Random Kid saw how many stories he had on the Stories and Info Wiki. Then he came across the best series of stories on the internet Short Stories. But Random Kid also wanted to make a series, but it was forced to wait until the next day. The next morning, Random Kid was rummaging through his Journal, reading the many intense stories. Then, it him him, literally the book fell from Random Kid's desk onto his lap, and he had a new idea. The Jounal Stories series! So, Random Kid got right to work on it, thus, here he is typing now.

Inspiration for Journal StoriesEdit

'Tall started back when Random was carefreely browsing the wiki and noticed how many stories were there. Then, he came across the best series of stories on the internet, Short Stories, written by J. Severe. But, Random also wanted to make a grand series of short stories, but he just didn't know what to make any of them about. Thus, the issue was forced to wait until the next day. The next morning, Random was searching through some of his old belongings and found some of his school Journal's. There, he noticed that there were many grand tales of adventure. That's when it hit him! The Journal Stories series, it was genius, it had never been done before! So, Random got right to work on it, and, here he is typing right now. Heh heh, pretty ironic, eh?

Journal Story 1: I Was Walking To School...Edit

The MeetingEdit

I was walking to school when all of a sudden...

A criminal dashed passed me, trying desperately to escape the cops in a helicopter. I saw this as my big shot at fame, so I chased him down! He dashed into a museum, out of sight from the helicopter! I quickly ran into the museum! I looked around, trying to find a source of light to spot the criminal. Suddenly, Criminal bolted at me and threw a kick! I ducked and punched him in his stomach! He grabbed my arm and tossed me into the wall! He then punched at me, but I hastily dodged and kicked him upside his head!

He fell back from the impact, I jumped and punched him in the nose! He uppercutted me in the chin! I fell to the ground. He picked me up and slammed me into a mirror! The mirror broke as shards of glass flew everywhere! I picked up a shard and sliced at him! It sliced through the side of his cheek as he picked up a shard of his own and tossed it at me! The shard ripped through my sleeve as I attempted to slash him again!

He pushed me back and kicked me in the stomach! He then tried to escape through the back door of the museum! I attempted to pursue but police began rushing inside the museum. I had to get out of there! So I hastily ran out of the side door as police followed the criminal through the back door. I had escaped. So I quickly went to school.

Later that NightEdit

Later that night, I was simply in my room. Suddenly, a bullet busted through my window causing broken glass to scatter everywhere! "What the--?!", I thought to myself. A grappling hook came through the window and hooked onto it, then, the criminal from earlier climbed up and jumped into my room. He held the machine gun to my forehead and said, "Let's finish this." My father busted in to see what was going on, but the criminal rapidly shot at him, causing him to flee!

He then turned his attention to me. The criminal swung at me with the gun, but I dodged and kicked at him, he grabbed my leg and threw me into the wall! I picked up a hanger and lunged forth to slice him! He jumped backward, and swung at me with the machine gun! I ducked and punched him in the stomach! He fell back and out of the window. Thus, the criminal was defeated.


Well... what are you still doing here? Huh? The ending stunk? Well I was just a young boy when I wrote this, what else did you expect? What? I was very violent? Well if you knew the life I lived everyday you'd see why I was so violent... personal experiences my friend.

Journal Story 2: Attack of the AliensEdit

It was a normal day. I was simply walking home from school. I went home, and after spending the rest of my night doing random stuff, went to bed. That night, while I was in bed, a hole of light appeared in the sky. An ominous hole I should say.

The InvasionEdit

I woke up the next morning, and after completing my morning routine, I went to school. That day, as I was in school learning about fractions and whatnot, a fierce wind began to blow! The windows bursted open as wind rushed in, causing all the papers in the room to fly up and spin around. Books and pencils and all that represented that of the art of learning was reduced to debris in the air!

"What the --?!" "What's going on, teacher?" The students in my classroom began to panic. Everyone hastily closed the windows. "It might be a tornado!" Just then, the fire alarm sounded and everyone began to panic even more. Bricks were falling off of the school! All the students and teachers ran out into the hallway, causing mass chaos!

I had no way of getting out safely, so I went with the crowd into the hallway! I, along with other students, was heading for the steps. When passing the window, I noticed the strange hole of light! It had appeared! We all got outside and witnessed multiple green blobs come flying out of the hole! As well as a metal spaceship!

Out of nowhere, "ZOOM!". 7 smaller spacepods came out of the hole! "What are those things!", I asked myself. "Surrender humans!", a green blob came potruding from one of the pods. "Who are you?!", the school Principal called out. "Shut cho' mouth boahy!", the green blob pulled out a laser and shot rapidly at the Principal. Principal jumped out of the way as the laser blasted through the ground, causing a minor explosion.

The green blob began shooting again, this time, at the giant group of students (including me)! Us crowd cleared out of the way, as those blasts also caused a minor explosion. "We are the Zemphiones!", the green blob stated. "More like the fat-phiones!", I retorted! "Grr! Get that kid!", the Zemphione yelled. The spacepods singled me out and came after me.

I attempted to escape! I ran behind the tree as the Zemphiones in the pod shot rapidly at me! The tree blew to pieces before I could get to it! I jumped into the smoke as the Zemphiones attempted to pursue! My other peers saw this as their chance to escape, and that's exactly what they did along with the teachers! They left me to be destroyed!

I ran out of the smoke as a space pod was right behind me! I backflipped onto the pod and punched my fist through the glass! The Zemphione up close was SO ugly! It looked at me and shot rapidly! I ripped off some metal from the pod and used it to reflect the laser!

It blasted through the pod and I jumped off as it exploded!

Me, a Hostage?!Edit

The abrupt explosion rendered me unconcious. I lay on the ground motionless as the one of the Zemphiones dragged lifeless body to their ship. I awoke to find myself in a tank, filled with green liquid. "Uhh (*glug*) where am I?", I asked myself tiredly. Just as I was about to doze off again, a Zemphione busted into the room. "That's him Colonel.", one of the said. A larger, more fatter, Zemphione slithered into the room. "This is the boy?", it asked. "Yep. Random Kid, in the flesh." "Why are you (*glug*), guy's looking for (*glug*)", I asked. "That's none of your-", "Well, we needed a human experiment and we decided you were just the boy, when you retorted at the General."

Suddenly, I punched the glass in anger and it broke open!

I was about to make a getaway. The Zemphiones reacted to this by pulling out laser blasters and rapidly shooting at me! I hastily jumped behind a control table as the blasts shot through the control panel. I jumped up and flipped across the air toward Colonel! He attempted to smack me with the gun but I ducked and punched him in the stomach… or whatever that thing was. He was so fat that my punch bounced off of him and I propelled backward. He continued to try to shoot me. “What are you waiting for get me some back up!”, I yelled at the Zemphione standing next to him.

“Gah! Right sir.”, the Zemphione agreed and slithered out of the room. The control panel suddenly exploded after Colonel shot it again. Smoke filled the air. I punched Colonel and kicked him in his head. I then grabbed his blaster and made a mad-dash out of the room. I rushed toward the window and looked out; I was shocked at what I saw. The ship was in space!

A Hasty Escape!Edit

Just then, a whole bunch more Zemphiones came charging at me rapidly shooting blasters of their own. I ran out of the way and continuously shot at the Zemphiones! It was too intense! Multiple lasers exploded into each other in the air! Zemphiones ran at me and tried to grab me! This resulted in an all out brawl for victory! I punched on of the Zemphiones! It slashed me in my arm with its tentacle! I grabbed the tentacle and threw it into another Zemphione! In the end, I and one Zemphione remained standing! It attempted to shoot at me but I drew my laser first and shot it dead! But, in doing this, I shot through the metal of the ship and a huge hole formed. The ship began to do a nose dive down into some random planet! As I was about to fall through said hole, I grabbed onto a rope and hung on! I yelled in terror! It turns out this planet we were falling onto was the Zemphione planet! It was about 4 miles away! I continued to hold on to the rope as the whole ship bulleted down into the atmosphere! A strange world it was. In the distance, I spotted a castle, with a giant picture of a Zemphione on it! “That must be the King Zemphione’s castle!”, I thought to myself. Right as the ship was about to crash into the ground and exploded in a burst of Zemphione corpses I let go of the rope and ironically busted into the Zemphione King’s castle.

Battle With the KingEdit

A whole bunch of Zemphione’s appeared and attacked me! I continued shooting the Zemphiones! The war went on for about 10 minutes until I finally reached the King’s door. I opened the door and spotted the king Zemphione! I was about to engage in a historic battle! “Hah hah. You must be the boy General was talking about!”, it stated. Without answering, I shot at the King Zemphione! He was surprisingly agile and jumped up to dodge the lasers! I threw a punch! He grabbed my arm and kicked me in the face with a tentacle! He then elbowed with his tentacle my neck! He punched me, but I grabbed his tentacle and threw him into the wall. I tried to punch him in the stomach but bounced back! I tried to kick him but the tentacle choked me and slammed me onto the ground! “Gggaaahh!”, I yelled in pain. I ran to the door and tried to escape this menace! He used is tentacles to pull me back! I pulled out the laser gun and shot yelling, “Take this you buffoon!”. The laser bounced off of the King’s fat body and into an oil tank! The oil tank caught fire! In shock, the King let me go and I made a run for the window! “What no! You fool you’ll kill us all!”, he yelled. I jumped out of the window as the castle exploded behind me! I landed safely on the ground! Just when I thought the trouble was over, the destruction of the King’s castle sent off a chain reaction to the planets magma! Thus, the planet was set to explode any second! I widened my eyes to the surprise!

Seconds before the explosion! I found a Zemphione emergency escape pod and rode it back to Earth! And thus, the Alien Invasion was subdued because of the genius known as Random Kid!

The End

Journal Story 3: The Nightmare After ChristmasEdit


"You know the best thing about Christmas Vacation?" "What? The loving joy and holiday spirit?" "Nope, the vacation! See ya."

The First Day (Christmas)Edit

On Thursday morning, I went downstairs to help cook the food for "Christmas Dinner." What I did was help make the marshmallow sticks for the chocolate machine, sounds pretty good doesn't it. Mm, tasty. Other foods consisted of 2 whole chickens and some "weird" carrot juice. After cooking the food, we traveled to my Grandmother's house for dinner. When we arrived, we were so late that we were ridiculed with words such as "You're so late" and "Better late than never". Anyways, all of my aunts and uncles, and cousins and whatnot were there. One of them, fortunately, brought their "X-Box 360". Thus, we enjoyed an intense game of "Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2". Sounds intense doesn't it?

We were cheated out of our game by the fun-hating adults because for some reason "they wanted to play". What adult plays Video Games!? So, we were forced to play some game called "Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe". And I must say, I was pretty good in it. Later on, we ate the delicous assortment of foods and desserts and whatnot. I for one, had a large plate filled with Mac' & Cheese and Fried Chicken. Not to mention a whole bunch of other things. After the eating, adults wanted to settle their appetite down by watching some random movie, a movie in which us kids didn't want to watch.

So, we were exhiled down into the basement. There lied a large flat screen television. The perfect machinery for a game like "Call of Duty". Two of my cousins, began to constantly play, leaving my other cousin who's the same age as me, to suffer. Just then, a brawl broke out. He threw me to the ground, but I jumped and pushed him into the wall! He slapped the heck out of me but I spun and kicked him in the neck! The boy was breathless! He tackled me into the mirror, thought it didn't break! I grabbed his collar and punched him in the stomach, yet he kicked me in the leg as I fell to the ground.

Just as he was about to punch my face in, I grabbed his head and threw him into the chair! Suprisingly, the chair broke, I jumped and attempted to finish this dispute. But, my other cousin, a cousin whom was a female one year older than the both of us, came out of nowhere and pushed me onto the ground! In the end, my shirt was ripped from the intensity. My male cousin was currently suffering from an atomic wedgie! I tried to crawl up the steps but something ominous grabbed my leg and pulled me back down, the rest was a blur...

All I can say is, when I woke up the next morning, there was a large slash across my cheek, on my arm, and at the bottom of my knee...

The Unfinished Journal ExplanationEdit

Now you must remember, I was just a young boy. And thus, since I wrote this in school, and school is a place for learning, not writing intense tales of adventure, this journal story goes unfinished to this day. Alot wish to know what happened after that head to head brawl with my cousin. Well, since it was me who experienced it, I can tell you.

I just spent the rest of my Christmas vacation at home on the computer, playing video games, and eating numerous fatty yet tasty treats. Enough said. How ya like that for a Christmas Vacation boahy!?

And thus, we call this...

The End!

Journal Story 4: __________________Edit