If there's one thing I hate almost as much Uncyclopedia, it's lies. And no one lies more than Craig. But there's another thing that lies. The incredibly foolish tabloids. Editors of tabloids are nothing but heartless freaks who make a quick buck out of ruining a random person's reputation, even if that person did nothing to them! Mean, I know. Why, if I ever see the editor-in-chief of a tabloid and I have a machine gun in my hand, I don't think I'll be able to control myself.

What Tabloids DoEdit

What tabloids do is they take a few facts that are potentially true, and then stretch into an ENTIRELY different story that has no relation to the truth. Just look at what they did to Michael Jackson. And what's more, tabloids don't care if they ruin someone's reputation. They just want to make a quick buck. What heartless fools...

To see what foolishness they publish check this out:

  • They said the world would end in 2007. (Oh please...)
  • They said someone tried to kill Hillary Clinton (Yawn...)
  • Not to mention all the trash about the King of Pop they posted. (Dispicable...)

This may seem interesting and somewhat critical, but it's all lies, trust me.

What Should Be Done about Tabloids!Edit

The Freedom of Press says anything can be printed as long as its true. Last time I check, tabloids have 0% truth in them. So the editor-in-chief of a tabloid should get the electric chair! Maybe because the tabloid uses pieces of truth in it is why they get away with these heinous crimes...