Hey you! Yes, YOU! I'm very excited to have YOU reading this. I mean, the reason, why are YOU, probably, reading this is that YOU want to know (Mysterious) SpongeWriter's backstory. And when I'm saying "SpongeWriter's", I don't mean that I'm an lonely sponge, who was bored enough to become a writer AND "bored enough" is a compliment - for me, YOU can even write this on YOUR forehead. Not-speaking of this...



Once upon a time there was a little sponge (keep in mind, it's NOT a fairytale). He had a friend dish soap, who got MUCH more attention than him. He was just a little sponge, who was forgotten by owners into bookcase. Wait, how can dish soap be his friend at all then?? Oh, RIGHT - I said this, hehe. Anyway, he was SO bored that he was able to invent a computer and go to Wikia, becoming a writer (gaining a name "SpongeWriter"). He came across a Stories and Info Wiki and was excited to find a place, where everybody, even sponges, can be, unlike other wikis! And from that day on, he's writing for this wiki AND if he's not dead yet, he still writes, writes and writes...

SpongeWriter: HEY, who gave you the right to be in my computer, when I went to bathroom, SISTER?

SpongeWriter's Sister: We live in a free country! [Runs away]

SpongeWriter: Oh my gosh, I went to a bathroom only for a second and... WHAT? What did she write? She's obsessed with her fairytales-book TOO much. I hope you didn't believe it, because I said at the top of the page that I'm NOT sponge!

Now To Real Backstory

SpongeWriter's a usual boy with usual friends, who studies in a usual shcool, and hates teachers as much as usual boy. THE END

SpongeWriter's Sister: [Comes back] Well, THAT's just ridiculous!

SpongeWriter: Compared to YOURS, it's much better!

SpongeWriter's Sister: Hey, there comes a dish soap! [Notices a dish soap coming their way]

SpongeWriter: WHAT!!!?