As you should know, the Stories and Info Wiki is a bustling community. With many antagonists trying to bring it to an unearthly end, the wiki must be kept under constant surveillance. Any sign of an intruder (intruder being one that edits without permission), and the administrators will begin interrogating this intruder immediately. Though the administrators are not always present to keep the wiki safe, thus, the Special Ops were created.


The Special Ops are an elite team, specially designed for the soul purpose of working behind the shadows to keep this wiki safe. So, even if Random Kid nor J.Severe is here to keep you criminals in check, just know that you're being watched!

As said before, the Special Ops, are an elite team specially designed to keep Stories and Info Wiki under constant surveillance. The Special Ops Organization was created on March 1st, 2010. The organization consists of 5 Elites, all specifacilly trained to secretly protect SIW behind the shadows...

These are their names...

  • Silver Mist (leader)
  • Golden Wing (technology specialist)
  • Silent Ninja (disguise specialist)
  • Distant Tracker (tracking specialist)
  • Serene Master (torture specialist)

And now you know their names. To find out more about each of them, go to their pages in the Staff of SIW.

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