Short Stories are a series of intense stories on Stories and Info Wiki. Some of them are short but most of them are long, despite the name. A new story is made each week.

List of StoriesEdit

The Origin of Short StoriesEdit

(To be read like an old man)

'Tall started back in 1979. Homer Simpson was President, and Elvis was the star of his talk show. We had just gotten these new-fangled "computers" they call 'em, and I decided to leave a permanent mark on Wiki History. So I made this: Stories and Info Wiki. I already had the "Info", but I needed the "Stories." So "Short Stories" was born. It had a whole bunch of funny and action like in them Disney cartoons. That's all fol- (cough cough) Ak! Jasper, give me some Tylenol...

NOTE: That was all a lie, If you think it's true, you're a fool is all. No offense. Now please go away and enjoy the Short Stories!

Inspiration for Short Stories From J.SevereEdit

"See, my best friend had made this wiki and I wanted to have a part in it, too. So I created this: "Short Stories!" It started out as short, but then the stories got extremely long. So basically, it was as if the title had no relation to the story itself. Nevertheless, these stories became some of the most read things on the wiki. They even have there own Category."

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