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Story: Da Brass Knuckle Bandit!Edit

Narrator: Twas a day to savor! Brando had recieved everything he had wanted for his eleventh birthday. Brando: Oh boy! A Superman action figurine! Just what I wanted too! Brando's mother: Brando honey, calm down before you spill the cake. Brando: Uh. What are you talking about, there's going to be no spilling of the cake! Narrator: Brando suddenly knocks down the cake. Brando's mother: See boy! I told you to cease your kung foolery! Brando: Heh heh, sorry mom. So uuuhh, can we get another cake from- BASH!! Brando: What the! Narrator: A lone man busts into the house and takes all of Brando's presents! Brando: Dah! You monstrous fool! No! Brando's mother: What in the world's going on! I"m calling the police! Narrator: The lone man ran out of the house with a handful of Brando's presents. Brando: Aaahhh!! Noo! Narrator: Brando gives chase to the lone man! Brando's mother: Aah! No Brando wait! Brando: I won't let that thief steal my wonderful presents! Narrator: Brando chases the thief to a dark alley which was weird since it was still light outside. Brando: A dead end! Hah, I've caught you now thief! Lone thief: I, am no mere thief. (Removes brass knuckles from pocket). I am the "Brass Knuckle Bandit"! Bandit: Now... I've got YOU! Narrator: The bandit attacks Brando violentely! He punches he kicks! Brando dodges most of the attacks until... Brando: Aahh! Narrator: The bandit kicks Brando in the stomach! Brando: Cough, cough. Narrator: Brando coughs due to the abrupt blow to the belly! Meanwhile... Police officer: What happened here Miss? Brando's mother: Gasp, gasp! Brando! Gasp, gasp! Thief! Gasp, gasp! Presents, egg nog! Cake! Police officer: Ma'am, ya gotta calm down. Narrator: Back to Brando's critical battle. Brando: Gimmie back my presents you jerk! Bandit: Never! Brando: Raaahhh!!! (Punches bandit in the face and takes a brass knuckle glove)! Bandit: Uuuaaaahhh!! Brando: Now I'll finish you, "Brass Knuckle Bandit" with your own knuckle! Narrator: The police arrive on the scene! Police officer: Put your brass knuckles where we can see em'! Bandit: Shutup! Police officer: Blast him!! Narrator: The police officers shoot at the bandit! Narrator: And so, once again, the day is saved, by, the police!

The RogueEdit

It all started on a Monday. Twas just a normal day in the school yard. Random Kid, walked slowly toward his new school. Ready for anything and everything that came his way. Suddenly, a boy came up to him and smacked him across the face! RK was dumbfounded, he had no idea who the kid was and whether he was lookin' for trouble or was just a plain fool. So Random Kid let out these words, "Who do ya think ya are boahy??!!!" In hearing this, this lunatic swung at Random Kid, nearly killing him in the process! Random Kid tries his best to dodge but in this, he backed up bumping into a girl. Said girl gave him a disgusted look, so Random Kid only had one choice left. To use his signature motto! Both kids were crazed as the Random Kid said the words to confuse them "If pi is known as 3.14, then what is the square root of it?" The two stared at Random Kid like he was a fool, when infact they were fools. But if they were the fools, then what was Random Kid. Was he smart? Was he also a fool? Random Kid never figured out what he truly was. And from that day on, Random Kid decided to go rogue. To live as a hateful person, unknown of what he truly was. N-never mind. Ignore everything I just said.