Bet you're wondering where the plot of such a story came from, aren't 'cha? Well, it all started when J. Severe was chatting with his brother about that new Disney movie Tangled. It was recently rated PG, but J. had fooled his brother, saying it was PG-13! And that's what it came from - a princess movie rated PG-13 where a princess would bust out the door wielding twin handguns! And that's how this story was born:

The Day of ReckoningEdit

Princess Allison was just sitting in her room, writing a mere story. "Sigh, this is so boring", she muttered, "I wish there was some excitement in my life." CRASH! A dragon slashed through the window of Princess Allison's room, shattering glass! "Whoa!", the Princess yelled making a hasty run down the stairs! She came to the living room only to see fire come sprouting from the outside! "Tsuyaaah!", she screamed. The girl ran to the wall and grabbed a machete! She jumped out the window and slashed at the dragon as its blood flew everywhere! "Raaaahhh!", the dragon roared as it fell backwards and crashed into a nearby tower! "Ugh... ugh... That oughta teach you, boahy!", the Princess retorted and marched back inside.

Once she was inside, the Principal heard an ominous voice say, "Go away..." "What --? Who said that? Show yourself!", the Princess shouted. "Heh heh. Calm down, Allison", the ominous voice said. The Princess swung the machete! "If you come out now I won't hurt you. But if you DON'T, when you eventually do, I'm-a cut you open and feed your guts to the dog!", the Princess threatened. "Shut cho fat mouth, goyl!", the voice shouted. The Princess turned around to see a shuriken coming at her! SSSHRRRIPP!, the shuriken ripped across her skin as she fell down unconscious.

Trapped in the CastleEdit

"What the --?!", the Princess shouted as he awoke in a jail cell. "Welcome... my Princess", the voice said as the voicer emerged from the darkness, revealing himself to be... Princess Allison's best friend Flint! "Flint?! You... you traitor!", the Princess growled, swiping ferociously at Flint, but being held back for she was in a cell! "Ah, you foolish girl. Have you realized where your parents are?", Flint asked. "Where? What have you done with them?!", the Princess asked. "I killed them!", Flint shouted, triumphantly. The Princess yelled in fear. "Yes! That's the only reason I became your friend! So I could get close to you and your family, kill the King & Queen, dispose of you, and become ruler!", Flint cackled maniacally.

"No... no, you... BEAST!", the Princess shouted. She reached into her pocket to unsheath the machete, but it wasn't there! "Looking for this?", Flint asked, taking the machete from his pocket. He walked over to the Princess and cut her across the face with the machete! "Waagh!", the Princess yelled. "Heh heh. Dumb Princess. There's no one to save you. This is not a fairy tale, this is real life! And in real life, there are NO happy endings!", Flint explained as he left the room with a smirk on his face.

Princess Allison sat down, blood dripping from her face, in deep thought. "Looks like I'm on my own this time", she said, standing up bravely. "Now... this means war!"

Getting the Murderous Magical Twin HandgunsEdit