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The Creator!

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It all started on a cold November, Wednesday. Random Kid was in school, completing his daily assignment with the rest of the classmates in his "group", being that they were all forced to sit next to eachother in a big circle of desks. Luckily, Random was paired with his best friend, J. Severe. Though J. Severe wasn't always Random's best friend, in fact, they were once enemies and sought to kill eachother! But that's a story for another page:

this page to be precise. Anyway, after an event that changed both their lives occured, they decided to become best friends and stick together so that their combined genius could change the fate of the world someday, but anyway, back to the story. The assignments were complete, and talking commenced amongst the folks of the group. Then, J. Severe said something that made everyone stop in their tracks.

"I have my own website.", he stated. "Huh?", one of the folks in the group asked. "Yes, my own website.", J. Severe replied. "What's it called?", Random asked. "It's called, the Joel Severe Wiki.", J. informed. "Joel Severe? So you named it after one of your Original Characters, eh?", asked Random Kid. "Yep. I couldn't name it after myself, are you crazy?", J. said. "No, no I am not.", Random Kid replied. That night, Random rushed home and went straight on the computer to explore the JSW. Once there, he saw that J. Severe's tales were no myth, and that the boy actually created his own website, and also that it wasn't a piece of trash like others who attempted to make their own databases. Random wasn't truly amazed at it, as the wiki had only been created a few months before, and was still in the process of growing. It was not until December 18th that the he visited JSW once again. After seeing how much it had improved, he was inspired to create his own wiki. And that's how it happened.

Birth/Childhood (Life Before the S.I.W.)

Random Kid, his life before SIW was full of never-ending action. After being chased and beat up by bullies, along with having the meanest teacher in the school, not to mention having the most intense battle with his future best friend, Random Kid learned to survive in the harsh enviorments of the world.


"Twas' blank blank blank. An intense snowstorm raged as my grandmother sped down the highway! "I've gotta get to the hospital!", Grandmother yelled. Her friend sat in the passenger seat hanging on for dear life! "Calm down", Aunt screamed in the backseat. Meanwhile, at the blank hospital my father held my mothers hand as she screamed in pain! Grandmother busted into the hospital room yelling and screaming! "Where's my Grandson?!" she yelled! "What the?!", Dr. Blank yelled in shock! "WAAAHHH!!!!", Mother screamed! Everything was silent. The few civilians in the hospital room had just experienced the miracle of life. I, Random Kid, was just born. "So what should we name him?", Mother asked Father. "Well, I think we should record his life story on the internet...", Father replied. "That's not what I asked you!", Mother yelled. "But I'm just saying. If the kid should grow up to own one of the greatest websites on the internet there is, then we shouldn't use just any regular name", Father corrected. "He needs to have a name that no one else will EVER have! A name like "Random Kid".", Father said with sparkle in his eye. "Random Kid?! What kind of name is that!?", Mother retorted. Suddenly, "Goo gah!", I yelled. "Sounds like he likes it", Father said. "Or should I say, sounds like Random Kid likes it". And thus, Random Kid was my name. And that started my life story!", those were the exact words of Random Kid when interviewed

Childhood Protagonists

Well Random Kid had many friends as a young boy. Yet he had two very special friends that he held dearely at his side in times of need. Why there names are J.Severe and Random Girl. How he met them, well I'll explain that right now.

J. Severe:

It was Random Kid's first year at a new school. In his first year there, he was at the top of his class. On every test he got 100% and never less. But, then, he moved up a grade and met one of his soon to be best friends: J. Severe. That guy was just as smart as Random Kid, but he didn't notice until that faithful day. The day J. Severe and Random Kid began to hate eachother with all their might! In the middle of the school year, the teachers would always call out the name of the top student in their class. "Okay. The top student is, drum role please (kid in background begins to bang on desk). The top student is... a tie between J. Severe and Random Kid!", the teacher called out. Then, everything got quiet. The tension rose extremely quickly! "What is this feeling?", Random Kid asked himself. He had never been tied with another person before. What was going on?! It felt as though all he had worked for his whole life was ruined, crushed! He had to settle it! He couldn't allow himself to be equal with some supposedly ordinary kid!

Later at recess...

He walked around thinking of what to do. Then it hit him! He confronted J. Severe. But he couldn't find the civilized way and speak with him. So he said the first thing that came to mind. "You're a fool!", Random Kid yelled. "What the-- ?! Shut cho' mouth!", J. Severe retorted! It looked as though it were to be an all out dissing contest! But then lunch aid came to investigate the sitution. "Is there a problem here?", she asked the two of them. "Yeah! He's ugly!", J. Severe said. "Shut cho' fat mouth, boahy!", Random Kid yelled and punched J. Severe in the gut! J. Severe flinched and threw an all out combo at him! When he realized he was being punched ferociusly, he grabbed J. Severe's foot (which was pointed at his head) and tossed him to the ground. J. Severe jumped up and threw a fast punch at him, but he managed to block it! Other lunch aids came to assist and held J. Severe and Random Kid back! The battle was subsided but the war still raged on. "After a few years, an event that changed our lives occured and J. Severe and I became best friends.", says Random Kid.

Random Girl:

Well Random Girl WAS just a normal person in Random's class. That is, until she found out that he had a wiki! "Yes folks, I now, also have a website.", Random Kid announced. "You have a website? What's it called?", Random Girl asked. "It's called the Stories and Info Wiki, where stories and info is just a short click away.", Random informed. "What the-- ?! That's the motto for my wiki!", J. Severe argued. "Well it sounded cool with the moment!", Random Kid snapped back. "Wait! So I just go to Google and type in "Stories and Info Wiki?", Random Girl asked again. "Well uh... heh heh.", Random Kid started. "There's an interesting story to that.", J. Severe replied. "You see, BOTH the SIW and the JSW are young wikis still growing. So uh... well they're not recognized by Wikia yet, thus, being extremely hard to find on Google.", Random explained.

"So what's the URL for it then?", Random Girl asked. "It's", Random Kid said. "And what's yours J.?" "", J. Severe replied. "Thanks." Later that night, when Random Kid went to check his wiki for vandalism. "What the-- ?! An unregistered contributor has edited the Stories and Info Wiki page?!", Random yelled in disgust. It seemed as though some unregistered contributor wrote on the News: "Are you Random Kid [Random Kid's real name inheld]?" "Who is this fool?! And how do they know my-- her!", Random Kid realized. He hastily rolled back the edit, wiping it off the face of the earth. The next morning, he BUSTED into the classroom foaming from the mouth! He spotted Random Girl sitting at her desk. He ran up and yelled, "You... BEAST!!! It was YOU who edited my wiki wasn't it?!", Random interrogated. "Uh, yeah. Why?", Random Girl asked, carefreely. "Haven't you read the rules?!" "Yeah, why?", she answered again.

"Then you should know that no one is allowed to edit without permission from me, Random Kid.", he scolded. "Why? That's not fair, what do I have to do to edit?", Random Girl asked. "You must be a good writer, or an informal worker. Which you are neither." "So? I can write just as good as you! If not, BETTER!", Random Girl retorted. Everyone in the classroom's eyes perked up, hearing Random Girl. "What in the?", J. Severe asked himself. "Are you challengin' me?!", Random Kid asked. "I would be if I didn't know you'd be too afraid to take it!", Random Girl retorted once again. "You BEAST!! I'll destroy you!", Random Kid replied. "First of all you say beast too much, and second, (stands up) I'd like to see you try!", Random Girl challenged. "You're on!", Random Kid accepted. J. Severe ran up to the desk! "No Random Girl! You're a FOOL! Ya gonna lose!", J. Severe said. "That's the same thing you said before I beat you in a game of basketball!", Random Girl retorted. "What the-- ?! Why you... you...", J. started.

"Here's the deal. If I beat you in a writing contest, then you let me be an editor on your little wiki.", Random Girl started. "And if I win, I BURN all your Twilight books!", Random Kid concluded. "You!", Random Girl said angered. "It's on!", they both said furiously. By the end of the day, Random Kid had written about 40 pages of pure intensity. When everyone gathered to declare the winner, Random Kid realized something. He already had an idea of what Random Girl probably wrote about, and then he realized there were more girls in the class at the time then boys! "Oh no!", I've got to-", Random Kid started saying to himself. The judge of the stories, the teacher had finished reading Random Kid's story, and Random Girl wanted to read her own. But before Random Kid could set the deal off, Random Girl began. Little did he know, she wrote one word and one word only. And this word caused her to win. "Twilight...", she spoke, with a devious smirk. "No you-", but before Random could finish his sentence... "AAAHH!", all the girls in the class began cheering. "And the winner is... [Random Girls name inheld]", the teacher stated. "NOOOOO!!!!", Random Kid cried out. And thus, Random Girl became an editor on the wiki, as well as was able to make a Twilight article, and a Twilight story, and everything else humanly possible about Twilight...

Childhood Antagonists

Many fools in this world were jealous of Random Kid's great writing abilities, and some even continuously tried to bring him to a bloody end. But Random Kid's reign of stories and drawings were too powerful for them and they were brought to an unsightly defeat! Here are there foolish stories.


Well, there are actually two bullies who wreak havoc amongst Random Kid and J. Severe's lives. There names are...well, I can't tell you. Let's just call them Mike and Matt for now. Okay, it all started back in the blank grade.

Random Kid and J. Severe still hated eachother back then. They were sitting in class as Random Kid was talking to Matt, who he had thought to be one of his friends. Although Matt had a devious smirk on his face the whole conversation. Then, coincedentally, the teacher had to leave the room for some odd reason, and suddenly Matt took a lunge at Random Kid. His fist curled up and swung! "What the-- ?! Matt what are you- Gak!", Random Kid was hit. "Ha! You think you're so cool don't cha'!?", Matt taunted. "Now Matt, you shouldn't start random fights with random peop-", J. Severe started. "Shutup!", Matt yelled as he grabbed J. Severe's collar and threw him into a desk! "Waah!!", J. Severe yelled in pain. "Who do you think you are, boahy?!", Random Kid got up and asked, wiping blood from his lip. "You shouldn't be beating me up, you should only be beating J. Severe up because he's a loser!", Random Kid yelled. "Shut cho' mouth!", J. Severe got up and threw a dire punch at Random Kid's face! Just as J. Severe was about to punch Random Kid, Matt took his arm and swung him around! Random Kid tried to team up with Matt and attacked J. Severe. But, Matt kicked Random Kid in the stomach! "Gah! M-Matt (gasps for air) What are you- doing?... (gasp)", Random Kid stammered before collapsing. "You still think I'm on your side!? I'll beat both of you up! One weakling by one.", Matt devilishly yelled. He picked up J. Severe and threw him into Random Kid! They both flew back and crashed into a desk! The desk broke in half as books fell everywhere. Random Kid picked up a ruler and swung at Matt! But Random Kid's aim was off and he missed! Matt kneed him in the nose and pushed him onto the ground as J. Severe ran at Matt, jumping over the felled Random Kid! J. Severe lunged forth as hard as he could but Matt head butted J. Severe! Someone suddenly yelled "The teachers coming!". J. Severe crawled back to his seat, blood gushing from his nose as Random Kid layed on the ground motionless. Matt sat in his seat like nothing happened as the teacher walked in and saw Random Kid on the ground. "What the-- ?! What happened to him!??!! Huh!??", she yelled angrily! To make a long story short, Random Kid was in the nurses office for the rest of the day. J. Severe limped home with a busted lip and a bloody nose...

Eventually, said bullies reign of terror was brought to an end... but that's a differenent story.


A few days after the deadly encounter with Matt, Random Kid was walking after school. Little did he know, his rival, J. Severe was right behind him. "Hiya, Random Fool!", J. Severe insulted. Random Kid turned around dumbfounded. After a short argument with J. Severe, Random Kid spotted someone who looked like Matt running up behind J. Severe!!! "Watch out!!!", Random Kid yelled as he quickly pushed J. Severe out of the way! The strange character ran straight into Random Kid and slammed him into the tree!! "GAH!!!", Random Kid yelled in so much pain! The strange character let Random Kid fall onto the ground drooling in pain. It looked as though it was all over for the Random Kid but J. Severe came from behind and hastily TACKLED the strange character as he was about to deliver the finishing blow on Random Kid! "Who are you!!??", J. Severe yelled as he tried to punch the character! "I'm Mike! Your dead!", Mike yelled as he grabbed J. Severe's fist and lifted him up! He then proceeded to throw J. Severe onto the ground and stomp on him! Random Kid and J. Severe were both down for the count. "We'll finish this at recess tomorrow!", Mike said as he slowly walked away looking as if he just killed someone.


The gallery of some of the many great drawings of Random Kid.