Adam Wright was just another normal boy, trying to live a normal life. But he couldn't do that, see? Why? Because he was busy battling the forces of evil on a weekly basis, is why.


It was the beginning of a new week. It was nice and quiet in the Library, that is, until Adam BURST in, panting frantically. "What the--- ?!", a Librarian gasped. Adam quickly ran up to the front desk. "Please! I need a computer! I've got to finish my home---", but before Adam could finish the sentence, the Librarian slapped him across the face! "Calm down, boy!", she yelled. "There's no time to calm down! I HAVE to finish my homework or my English teachers gonna pull out her machete on me! Just like... last time.", Adam said, shedding a tear of remorse. "There's an open computer over there. Just keep it down!", the Librarian scolded, sending Adam to a computer across the room. "Th-thank you! I owe my life to you!", Adam thanked the Librarian before hastily racing toward the computer. "Yes! Yes!", Adam thought to himself. Nothing was standing in his way! Suddenly, a fat teenage blob plopped down in the seat just as Adam got to it! "Ah, a computer.", the teen muttered. "Excuse me, sir. I was going to---", "Quiet you! I'm trying to go to my favorite website!", the teen yelled, logging on. "Hey! But I was going to use that computer!", Adam argued. "Listen you, if I have to tell you to SHUTUP one more time I'm gonna end you!", the teen threatened with a deep, crackling voice. "(scoff) What's this favorite website of yours,", Adam scoffed. "How did you--- I mean... sh-shutup!", the teen yelled. The entire library burst into laughter. "Oh, you just got dissed, yo!", one of the other teens stated, laughing uncontrollably. "You... you BEAST!!", the teen (now addressed as Fat Teen) yelled. "Wait, let's not be too hasty. I was just joking around is all! No! No, please! I'm sorry!", Adam apologized, sweating nervously. Fat Teen approached Adam. "Get away from me!", Adam threatened. "You idiot! You ruined my reputation!", Fat Teen exclaimed, swinging ferociously at Adam! Adam hastily jumped back! "I didn't mean to... I---", Fat Teen punched Adam and he flew back and crashed into a table! "Ugh...", Adam groaned in pain, emerging from the debris. Fat Teen kicked at Adam! "Whoa!", Adam screamed, jumping over Fat Teen's leg! Adam punched Fat Teen in the stomach, but he was so fat the Adam's fist bounced off and he was sent hurling into the wall! "Heh heh. That's why no one can beat me up! Because of my superpower!", Fat Teen bragged. "You call that a superpower? I call that FAT!", Adam insulted. "What?! You...", Fat Teen lunged at Adam again. This time, Adam jumped out of the way as Fat Teen crashed into the wall and fell into the hallway. "Ouch.", Fat Teen groaned. "Whew. Now that THAT'S over.", Adam sighed, rubbing his hands together after a job well done. Adam sat down at the computer and noticed that Fat Teen actually WAS on So, Adam exited out of that and started researching and whatnot, with everyone still staring in amazement and Fat Teen's lifeless corpse out in the hallway.


RING!, went Adam's alarm clock. "Huh?", Adam sighed, drearily. He slowly slunk out of bed and shut off the clock. He glanced over at the calendar. "Tuesday. I hate Tuesday.", he muttered to himself. Adam turned around to crawl back in bed for a few extra minutes of sleep when him mother BURST into the room! "What the--- ?!", Adam yelled. "Rise and shine sleepy head!", Mom cheerfully yelled. "Ugh... five more minutes.", Adam muttered, laying back down. "Get the HECK up!", Mom threatened. "I'm up! I'm UP!", Adam cowered. "Before you go in the shower, take out the trash.", Mom commanded. This made Adam think. Any normal teen these days would reply to that: "So take out your mother?" But Adam was no normal teen of course. But anyway, he slipped on a robe, since he couldn't go outside in just his underwear, and went downstairs to get the garbage. Adam retrieved the trash bag and ventured outside to dump it in the garbage bin! "Bark! Bark!", went something in the distance as Adam stuffed the bag into the can. "Huh? What was--- WHOA!", Adam screamed as he saw the neighbors Pitbull charging at him! Adam turned around to open the door, but realized it was locked and he didn't think to take his key! The pitbull was getting closer! "Oh no!", Adam thought to himself. He raced toward the garage! The pitbull finally made it into the driveway and was in hot pursuit! "Pant, pant!", Adam was panting profusely! He reached behind a pile of random stuff and unsheathed his Dad's machete! "Take this!", Adam yelled, slashing the machete! The pitbull jumped over the blade and bit Adam's arm! "AAAAAAHHHH!!", he screamed. He kicked the pitbull off of him and made a run for it! The pitbull latched it's teeth into Adam's robe and pulled it off, revealing Adam in his underwear! "Crud...", he muttered. Adam raced down the block in his underwear screaming in terror, and with a pitbull in hot pursuit! This caused all of the neighbor's to wake up and look out their window, only to see Adam running down the street in his underwear with a dog chasing behind him! Everyone on the street began to laugh, even some kids from Adam's school. Word of his underwear exploit would soon get out! Soon, Adam was cornered, and the pitbull was edging toward him! "No! NO! Noooo....", Adam screamed as various gobbles and smacks are heard in the background.


Adam quickly ran into the cafeteria as the bell rang! It was 7th period lunchtime. "Whew. Made it.", Adam muttered. He looked around and went to sit at a table with all of his friends. "Yo, Adam! What up muh' homie!?", one of them greeted. "Hiya random guy.", Adam replied, sitting down. "Yo Adam, your hairline is like the '60's, it goes waaaaaaaay back!", another one of Adam's friends insulted. "Well, that's pretty mean. How would you feel if someone insulted your hairline?", Adam asked. "Shutup! Yo mama's so ugly, she created you!", random guy insulted agan. Adam had enough of this! "Oh yeah?! Well, yo mama is so fat, she walked out into the street and when someone swerved to get around her, he ran out of gas!", Adam retorted. "Oooooooooohhhhhhh!", everyone yelled. "You... you beast! Yo mama so---", "Yo mama's so fat, when she walked by the TV I missed three of my favorite movies!", Adam interrupted. "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!", everyone yelled even louder. "What the--- ?! Well yo mama's---", "Yo mama, is so FAT... I need to take a train and two buses to get around her!", Adam interrupted yet again! "OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!", everyone cheered. "N-no! That's impossible!", random guy thought to himself. "I must redeem myself. But not with a 'yo mama' joke, something more. I know... (chuckles deviously)" "Adam, you are now the king of yo mama jokes!", Adam's friends congratulated. Suddenly, Adam noticed his book bag was missing. "Where's--- What the--- ?!", Adam realized, spotting random guy near a garbage can holding his book bag over it. "Now, let's not be too hasty.", Adam spoke. But, random guy showed no remorse, he dropped the book bag into the syrup filled garbage can! "NOOOOOOO!!", Adam screamed. The entire cafeteria exploded in laughter. The lunch aid's came around and interrogated Adam. But then, the guy who threw Adam's book bag into the garbage began crying, and stated that Adam had insulted him Mama. Thus, Adam was blamed for everything, and was sent to In-School-Suspension just for insulting some guys mama.


Adam quickly ran into English class, a time of death and sorrow. Unbeknownst to him, he had dropped his English binder in the hallway, and this binder had his English homework in it. And if you've read the Monday part, you'd know what happens when ADAM forgets his homework in English class. The English teacher, Mrs. Mickey came in. "Hey there, class. Please take out your homework and we'll begin the lesson.", she said. Adam triumphantly reached into his book bag to pull out the English binder. "What? Where is it?", Adam asked, hastily digging around in his book bag. "It's... it's gone.", he admitted. Soon, Mrs. Mickey came around to collect his homework. "Uh... Mrs. Mickey, I kind of, lost my homework.", Adam explained. "You... you what?", Mrs. Mickey muttered. "I lost my homework.", Adam repeated. Mrs. Mickey dropped her books. "You...LOST your homework?!", she asked, angrily. "It wasn't my fault, I don't know what happened to it!", Adam said. Mrs. Mickey calmed down. "Come up to my desk after class.", she said quietly. "Oh... kay...", Adam reluctantly said, realizing what was in store. Within 45 minutes, the bell rang and the class disappeared into the hallway, except Adam. "Yes, Mrs. Mickey?", Adam asked, going up to her desk. "This is the THIRD time you've forgotten your homework.", Mrs. Mickey said in a deep, crackling voice. "Though I DID, we could come to an agreement can't we?", Adam asked, carefreely. "No... we CAN'T!!", Mrs. Mickey yelled, unsheathing the machete! "Whoa! Please, there's no need to--- WAAAAAAH!", Adam screamed as Mrs. Mickey slashed ferociously at him! Adam hastily dodged the blade and raced toward the door! Mrs. Mickey pounced on him and slashed at him again! Adam quickly avoided it but the blade slice some of his skin, leaving a slight rip in his shirt! Mrs. Mickey stabbbed at Adam again! Adam jumped over the blade and kicked at her! Mrs. Mickey grabbed Adam's foot, swung him around, and threw him into a nearby desk which broke into two! "Ugh...", Adam groaned. Mrs. Mickey slashed at Adam again! "Gah!", Adam used a chair to counter the blade and it bounced off! Adam then jumped up and punched Mrs. Mickey in the jaw! Mrs. Mickey flew back and stood on top of her desk! "I'll make sure this is the LAST time you miss homework in this class... or any!", Mrs. Mickey yelled, jumping from the desk and sauntering forth toward Adam! Adam kicked at Mrs. Mickey and she kicked back at him! But, Mrs. Mickey's foot was longer and so she was able to kick Adam in the cheek and he flew back and crashed out of the classroom door! "Oh...", Adam moaned in pain, attempting to crawl away. Mrs. Mickey stabbed at Adam, but, he rolled over and dodged the sharp blade! He jumped and kicked Mrs. Mickey in the stomach and she flew back and crashed into a locker! They were locked in a heated battle to the death! Adam grabbed the machete and prepared to end Mrs. Mickey, who was injured against the locker. Suddenly, RING! The bell rang, meaning Adam was late for his next class. "Uh oh!", Adam lamented as he dropped the machete and raced down the hall. Soon, Adam walked into the classroom with his clothes all ripped up from the all-out brawl he'd had with Mrs. Mickey. "You're late.", the teacher said. "When am I not.", Adam said, not even attempting to make an excuse. It was just another normal day for him.


RING!, went Adam's alarm clock. "Ugh...", he groaned as he slunk out of his bed to turn off his alarm clock. "Finally, it's Friday.", Adam cheered. He walked out of his room to the bathroom and passed the calendar which was hanging up by his door, he didn't think to look at it. But, that was a bad mistake on his part. For the Friday box had writing in it, and the writing said "Freshmen Friday: Must Survive." Thus, Adam was unaware of the danger he'd encounter once he got to school. Adam brushed his teeth, went in the shower, and went back to his room to get dressed. Once dressed, he ate breakfast, and left for school. As he was walking to school, he met up with his best friend, Daniel. "Hey there, Daniel!", Adam greeted. "Beautiful day, isn't it?" "Hi Adam. Beautiful day, do you know what to day is?", Daniel answered gravely. "Yep, it's Friday!", Adam cheered. "Yeah, Friday.", Daniel replied, holding his head down. Adam had no idea that it was Freshmen Friday for the whole day, as no teenagers thought to bother anyone throughout the day, but, at the end of the school day, it'd be a WHOLE different story.

RING!, the final bell rang, symbolizing that 9th period was over and school was done for the week. But the survival was not. Adam made his way back to his locker. He turned the combination and opened it. Suddenly, Adam noticed a shadow hovering over him! "What the--- ?!", Adam yelled, turning around only to see Fat Teen from Monday! "Hey twerp, remember me?", Fat Teen asked menacingly. "Y-yes, yes I do.", Adam stammered. "You know what today is?", Fat Teen asked. "Y-yes. Why it's Friday of course. A day where I can play video---", but before Adam could finish the sentence, Fat Teen yelled "Look at your calendar!" Adam glanced over at the calendar in his locker and stared intently at the Friday box. Just then, his eyes widened in shock at what he saw. The box said: "Freshman Friday: Must Surv--- No! No, please! No! Oh no, I want ta' live! No! What're you doing?! No! NO! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!" "Oh no.", Adam muttered to himself. "Heh heh heh.", Fat Teen chuckled deviously. "Heh heh heh.", Adam chuckled back, trying to be a bit more friendly. "What're you laughing at?! You're about to get your class wooped, mmm---boahy!", Fat Teen threatened. Adam turned around and made a hasty run! "Hey! Get your class back here you bluffin' piece of sheet!", Fat Teen yelled, pursuing him! Adam turned around to see Fat Teen in hot pursuit! He quickly jumped onto the staircase railing and slid down as though it were a skateboard! Fat Teen just ran down the steps! But, Adam was faster. It looked as though Adam would escape, that is, until he crashed into something tall! BOOM! Adam fell to the ground. "Ugh... what the heck was--- ", Adam said, preparing to give this person a piece of his mind, before he actually saw the person's face! It was Random Guy, the person whose Mama Adam insulted! "H-hey, Random Guy.", Adam said with a sheepish smile. "Shut cho' mouth so I can beat ya!", Random Guy replied. Fat Teen caught up. "Did this twerp mess with you too?", Fat Teen asked. "Yeah, let's teach him a lesson he'll never forget.", Random Guy suggested, picking up Adam and putting him in a headlock! Fat Teen repeatedly punched Adam in the stomach! "Oh... oh... ugh...", Adam groaned, being brutally beat. Just when it looked as though it was all over for him, a shady character jumped from the shadows and elbowed Random Guy! "Whoa!", Random Guy yelled, flying back. This shady character turned out to be Daniel! 'Danny! I knew you'd come through for me!", Adam thanked. "Yeah, yeah, thank me later! Let's clear it!", Daniel yelled. Adam and Daniel both raced down the hallway, narrowly escaping death! "Listen, there's a reason I came to find you. I forgot my jacket in the gym, and I'm definitely not going in THERE by myself!", Daniel explained. "Way to use me.", Adam replied, disgusted. "Oh shutup, I---", a student's lifeless corpse came flying out of nowhere and landed in front of them. "That's why. This day is no joke, it's life or death man! LIFE OR DEATH!", Daniel yelled. They both jumped over the body and continued down the hallway until they reached the gym. "Whew. Now to find my jacket and clear it.", Daniel muttered, looking around. Adam stayed by the door as Daniel ventured around the gym. Suddenly, Adam was tackled to the ground by a mysterious person behind him! "Waaah! No, no please!", Adam started. It turned out to be a random teen, looking for trouble! The teen lunged at Adam! He jumped back and kicked at The Teen! The Teen grabbed his leg and threw him on the ground! Adam tripped The Teen on the ground as well! "Gasp, I won't let you take my life away! You... you BEAST!", Adam yelled, punching at The Teen repeatedly. The Teen grabbed Adam's arm and threw him into one of the bleachers, Adam lay there, lifeless. It looked as though The Teen was going to finish Adam. But, Daniel came to the rescue and went HEAD-TO-HEAD with the Teen! "Gasp, run Adam!", Daniel yelled, being put into a headlock. "Daniel, no!", Adam yelled back. The Teen began dragging Adam into a dark corner! "No! NO! NOOOOOOO....", were Daniel's last words before he was dragged into the darkness. "No... Daniel.", Adam said, shedding a tear. "I've gotta get out of here!", Adam realized, picking up his book bag and racing out of the gym! Adam dodged various brawls and finally made it to the exit doors! "Yes! YES! NO!", Adam yelled as hands lurched forth at him! Fat Teen and Random Guy had returned. Adam held on with one hand to the door as Fat Teen and Random Guy attempted to pull him back inside with his other hand. "Ugh...", Adam groaned in pain! It was a climactic! Would Adam survive? Or would he die?

It's up to you to decided reader!

Boss: What the heck do you think you're doing!? Tell the dang story!

But Boss, I have to give it dramatic effect and---

Boss: Shut cho' mouth! The heck with dramatic effect.

But Boss I---

Boss: (unsheathes machete) If I have to tell you one more time, I'm gonna slash you to pieces!

(backs away in fear) No! I won't do it! NO!

Boss: That's it! (slashes at Narrator)

Whoa! (jumps over blade)

Boss: Gah! You beast! (slashes again)

Waaaaah! (ducks and kicks at Boss)

Boss: I'm gonna destroy you! (pulls out twin handguns and shoots rapidly)

No! NO! AAAAAHHHH! (is unable to dodge bullets and falls down, lifeless)

Boss: Now that THAT'S over. Let this guy take over while I dump this--- I mean... clean up the mess. (shifts eyes to the side)

This Guy: What happened to the old Narrator?

Boss: He had a little accident, okay? Now narrate the story before you end up like him!

This Guy: S-sorry.

Anyway, Adam was able to pull away from the two adversaries and BURST out of the school building, narrowly escaping death! "Gasp, gasp.", the boy frantically gasped. He limped across the schoolyard and met up with another of his best friends: Nick. "Hey there, Adam!", Nick greeted. "Hi, Nick.", Adam muttered. "Say, where's Daniel?", Nick asked. "Let's just say, he didn't make it out alive.", Adam explained. "What do you mean?", Nick asked, curious. "You don't want to know.", Adam muttered, wiping blood from his lip. "I don't understand!", Nick continued. "Trust me. You weren't supposed to. 'Cause this, is a normal school week in my life.", Adam said, looking up into the sky. And with that, our short tale of adventure and battling the utmost evil, comes to an end. Now get out of here, random reader! 'Cause this is:


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