Random Kid: D'oh!
Random Girl: What happened?
Random Kid: I dropped my sandwich.
Random Girl: Well, it's just a sandwich.
Random Kid: It's not just a sandwich. This cost $1000!
Random Girl: How does a random sandwich cost a thousand bucks?
Random Kid: The folks at Subway weren't cheap.

Random Kid and Random Girl walk by J. Severe's room to see him dancing in his underwear.
Random Girl: What the --?!
Random Kid: Just keep walking...

Random Kid, J. Severe, and Random Girl are waiting in line at the SIW Restaurant. An overweight man in front of them is ordering.
Fat Guy: Hmm. I think I'll have a cheeseburger.
J. Severe: Aren't you fat enough already?
Fat Guy: No. I'm actually wearing a basketball under my shirt. Ya got a problem with that, boahy?!
J. Severe: Maybe I do. Whatcha gonna do about it?
5 hours later...
J. Severe is in the hospital.

Narrator: Random Kid goes to try out for a role in the Wimpy Kid movie!
Random Kid: (walks in unsuspectingly and looks at director)
Director: (jumps at Random Kid) You eyeballin' me boahy?!
Random Kid: No but I'm eyeballing an ugly face.
Director: ...

Narrator: Randomchild steals Random Kid's binder and learns of the Stories and Info Wiki!
Random Kid: No! Tis' too powerful for your weak mind!
Randomchild: Your website's probably dumb! Watch I'm gonna ruin it!
Narrator: Thus Randomchild made here unwanted appearance and was put on the SIW Wanted List...

Narrator: Random Kid listens in on a phone call between Randomchild and A. Louis.
Randomchild: So we're gonna attack it at 3 P.M. tomorrow?
A. Louis: Yeah. SIW isn't gonna know what hit it!
Randomchild: Do you think someone's listening?
Random Kid: Uh, yes! Genius'!
A. Louis: O_O!!!

Random Kid: Say guys, who won for favorite book in the kids choice awards?
J.Severe: The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.
Random Kid: Yes! Take that Twilight series!
Random Girl: Darn you Wimpy Kids~!

A.Louis: (is finally defeated) D-darn you, Random Kid!
Random Kid: A.Louis. If ya play with lightning, ya gonna get shocked!

J.Severe: Hey Random Girl, what's your favorite page on the wiki?
Random Girl: The Random Girl page of course.
J.Severe: ...

Random Kid and J.Severe are in class...
Suddenly, lightning flashes and thunder crashes!
J.Severe: Sounds like a storms a brewin'.

Random Kid: Hey there Grandma. (shakes Grandmothers hand and tries to walk by)
Grandmother: You think you too big too give me a hug?! Come here boahy! (grabs for Random Kid and scrunges up lips!)
Random Kid: What the--!??! WAAAHHH!!!!
Grandmother: (smooches, slobbers, smacks)
Random Kid: WAAAHHHH!!!
Grandmother: (smooches, slobbers!) (neck fat rumbles as dentures drop to floor!!)

Teacher: Students, education is the most important thing.
Narrator: Random Kid and J.Severe are walking when they see two students!
Random Kid: This is why education is most important, girlfriends and boyfriends don't get you into college!
Girl: Oh really, (calls father on cellphone) Hello Dad, can Marc go to your college... yes? Thank you! (looks at RK and JS) See?
J.Severe:... well...

Random Kid: Shclob ba law!
Random Girl: What the--?!
J.Severe: Just ignore it...

Random Girl: Say, J.Severe have you been to the Randomness Wiki?
J.Severe: Why yes, yes I have. Quite "Random."
Random Kid: Huh? Did you say my name?

Guy #1: Let's say Random stuff! Kokomoo!
Guy #2: Gummi Bears!
Guy #1: Peanut Briddle!
Guy #2: Shaggy Rogers (from Scooby Doo!)
Shaggy: (appears) Like, you called?
Guy #1: (stares blankly) ...

Me: Come on! Leave a comment!
Guy #1: Never!
Guy #2: This Wiki stinks!
Me: Oh really? If it could stink any more it'd smell like you!
Guy #2: Boahy! (lunges at Random Kid)
Me: (blocks lunge and tackles Guy #1!)
Guy #1: Gak! (falls to ground in pain!)
Me: (jumps up and turns attention to Guy #2)! Listen here boahy!
Guy #2: (pulls out machine gun and rapidly fires!)
Me: (dodges continuous bullets and punches Guy #2!) Take that!
Guy #2: WAAHH!!
Me: And that's what happens when ya mess with SIW!

Me: See! That's what happens! Learn ya lesson!
Guy #1: Oh yeah? Well I --!
Me: (punches Guy #1)
Guy #1: Ow! Ugh... (falls down)
Me: In your face, boahy!

Guy #1: Has anyone ever told you that your breath smells wonderful?
Guy #2: No.
Guy #1: They never will...