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Random Kid: What?! Random Girl what're you doing makin' a page?!

Random Girl: Well, I decided I want to help and be an admin on the wiki rather than be a "sidekick"!

Random Kid: You weren't a sidekick in the first place! You were just some obsessed--

Random Girl: Shut yo mouth, boahy! I'm writing pages now and that's final ya hear me!

Random Kid: I'm not afraid of you!

Random Girl: (lunges at Random Kid)

Random Kid: (blocks lunge) Gah!

Random Girl: Now. As I was saying.

The Time I Picked Flowers!Edit

It was a normal day. I awoke in my pink and purple room to find that outside, were blooming daisies and whatnot. I quickly ran out to pick them! Suddenly, wind blew dirt onto my bed dress! It was so disgusting. So I quickly picked as many flowers as I could, and ran in to take a shower. In the shower I--

Random Kid: Shutup! This is a kid friendly wiki!!!

J.Severe: (shakes head no) She's a fool. This is her first article on the wiki and she's ruining it.

Random Girl: Oh, heh heh. Sorry...

Anyways, after I cam out of the shower and got dressed, I went down stairs to eat my trix cereal! Hah hah! The silly rabbit is so cute!

Random Kid: Finish the dang story already!

Random Girl: Raaahhh!!!! (tosses cereal bowl at Random Kid)

Random Kid: (ducks on floor) Whoa! This girl's wilin'!

I ate the trix cereal, and went outside to pick more flowers. Then I saw some fool named Random Child picking MY flowers! "What the heck do you think you're doing ", I yelled. "I'm pickin' flowers ya old hag!", Random Child rudely shouted.

I punched Random Child! She rolled backwards and jumped up and threw a wild swing! I quickly jumped back but she wouldn't stop! We grabbed at eachothers hair and--

J.Severe: So it's a cat fight now, huh?

Random Kid: To think, my cousin versus one of my best friends. Pretty intense.

We rolled around on the grass strangling at eachother until some of Random Child's hair fell out. "Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah!!!", I laughed so hard. While I was laughing, Random Child took a dirty shot and slapped me dead in my face. Everything went black for a second or too. I then kicked Random Child in the stomach so hard she fell into the street and was hit by a car hah hah!!!

Random Kid: Wait a minute. That part didn't happen. I just saw Random Child the other day.

J.Severe: Well, give it up Random Girl. Your first article is ruined AND untruthful.

Random Girl: I'm still gonna finish it with a triumph over that fat piece of trash Random Child.

After bringing Random Child to an unsightly end, I walked off into the sunset with my too best friends!

Random Kid: All I can say is, she better not be talking about us.

The End!