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Middle School Kids is a comic series by Joel Severe, as released by JS Books.

Plot Edit

The Middle School Kids comic book (written & illustrated by Emmy-award winning author Joel Severe) is about a group of kids named Charlie, May, Eddy, Jack Bully, Mike Bully, & Janie in Junior High. Other people include Cassandra, Julie, Eugene, Imaginary Harry and many others. At the beginning of the book, Charlie & May are running away from local school bullies Jack & Mike. It seems all hope is lost until the bell rings. Ah, our heros our finally safe. The two go to class and continue their first day of school (while repeatedly getting in trouble for no reason). After school, they celebrate the weekend with ice cream, police cereal, and episodes of The Adventures of Jack Rabbit. They repeatedly get in trouble again. The next night, they have a party at Janie's mansion and get in trouble, getting detention for the rest of the year, even though there was no school the next day. This really makes Charlie mad, so he and the kids trick the teachers into giving them control of the school. This is where the fun begins. Other comics in the series include:

Middle School Kids 2: The Spanish Experience: The kids go on a summer camp field trip to Mexico, where they must stop an evil organization named the Spanishization XVI from taking over the world.

Middle School Kids 3: Spy Kids: The kids go undercover as spies to retrieve a special remote that can be used to take over the world from an evil super-villain.

Middle School Kids 4: When the kids hope for a world without parents, aliens kidnap all grown-ups on Earth, leading the kids to party in a world without adult, later realizing how important they are and develop a plan to rescue the grown ups.

Middle School Kids 5: The Last Year: The kids celebrate their last year in Junior High.

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Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

Charlie: Age 12. A shy but brilliant child who just moved into town. He first met his best friend May while trying to escape the wrath of school bullies Jack & Mike on the first day of school. He has an uncanny sense of justice and likes to keep things equal.

May: Age 12. A brave and brilliant young woman. She met her best friend Charlie while trying to escape the wrath of school bullies Jack & Mike on the first day of school. She enjoys adventure and likes to hang out with her friends.

Eddy: Age 12. A dumb and dim-witted kid. He first met Charlie & May when they walked into class late. He may not be the smartest boy on the block, but he proves to be a valuable ally sometimes. His favorite food is waffles with green stuff on it.

Jack & Mike Bully: Both age 13. The bullies of the neighborhood. They are twins who tormented Charlie & May on the first day of school. Though they like causing fear, they sometimes help Charlie, May & Eddy with whatever it is they're doing.

Janie: Age 12. The popular girl in school and richest kid in town. She first met Charlie & gang while strolling through the hallway with her posse. Unlike other rich girls, she is not stingy nor spoiled, and likes to donate money to charities and be nice to her peers.

Secondary Characters Edit

Cassandra: Age 11. The younger sister of Janie. She is extremely protective of her family, and often carries around various weapons just in case. She is unknown of Eugene's crush on her and tries to keep him at a distance.

Eugene: Age 11. The younger brother of Eddy. Unlike his brother, Eugene is extremely smart and equally as intelligent as Charlie. Eugene has a crush on Cassandra and tries to show her the bright side of life, though he is mostly unsuccessful.

Julie: Age 16. The older sister of Janie who dominates the high school. Opposite of Janie's kindness, Julie is spoiled and mean to her fellow teens.

Villains Edit

Imaginary Harry: The main villain of the series. He was created from Jack's spit, when it was mixed with a lavender liquid which triggered an explosion that blew up the junior high school. He's tried to defeat Charlie & the gang numerous times, but always unsuccessful. He has an army of robot women to help him with his plots.

Robo Harry-ettes: A group of robot women created by Imaginary Harry. They often help him prepare his evil plots. These robots can transform into anything during combat against Charlie & friends.

Spanishization XVI: A mysterious race who torment Mexico. They dwell in sixteen different parts of the country and wear black cloaks. They were stopped by Charlie & the gang when the kids went to Mexico during a field trip.