Live Action is basically a movie with real people, actors that is. Not like Animation where you can make the characters do something un-humanly possible, Live Action has limits to what it's actors can accomplish. Just imagine this scenario:

  • There's an extremely intense brawl and some madman shoots a rocket at a person! In Animation, this person can be blown up and reduced to ashes... with eyes. While in Live Action, the actor would be killed on the spot! Some people might see this as "cool", but only a fool would be glad to see some person die in an action film.

And that's really all there is to say about Live Action, it's just real actors doing things that do NOT defy the laws of physics.

Animation BECOMES Live Action!Edit

What the-- ?! I've recieved some critical news the last few years. It seems that movies and shows that were previously released in Animation have become the incredibly foolish Live Action! Some of them ar CG but still, Live Action?! I'm disgusted at whoever came up with the ideas for these kind of things. You BEASTS!

Some of the previously released Animation movies that have become Live Action with CG movies:

  • Yogi Bear (Film)
  • Smurfs (Film)
  • Scooby-Doo (Films)
  • Garfield (Films)
  • Flintstones (Film)
  • Superman (Films)
  • Batman (Films)
  • Spiderman (Films)
  • X-Men (Films)
  • Other countless films...

I'm disgusted...