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Journal Story: The Boy Hero is a journal story written by J. Severe.


There once was a boy. A boy named... Larry. Anyway, this Larry person always wanted to be a hero. Whether it was a superhero like Superman, or a regular hero like, say... a firefighter. Though no matter how hard he tried, he never actually succeeded. This is his story:


After reading comic books about heroes like Batman, Spider-Man, e.t.c., Larry decided to become a hero himself. A SUPERhero to be exact. So he climbed up the tallest tower in the city. "Okay", he said, "If I truly am a superhero, I shall jump off with this building without ease. Or is it with ease? Whatever. I shall fly higher than any man has ever soared. I'll fly to the heavens and... Who cares? Now ladies and gentlemen... the moment of truth! BANZAI!"

And with that, he triumphantly jumped off the building and flew. "I'm flyin'! Yeah, baby, yeah! How do ya like THAT, laws of gravity?! Y


And then he started falling.

"WHAA!", Larry screamed. See, he had fallen from a VERY high building and he was most likely to die. Fortunately, there was a clothesline hanging out of a window below him.He grabbed onto it, but one end of it snapped and he SLAMMED into the building and fell off! He dropped on top of a car and hit the ground with a loud thunk! "Owww...", he moaned.

Larry was quickly rushed to the emergency room, otherwise known as the "E.R." "Well, this makes no sense. After a fall like that he should've DIED but instead he escaped with not a scratch on him", said the doctor. "Son, you were extremely luckly, but don't ever try a stunt like that again." "Sure, Doc", Larry agreed. But he tried another stunt.


Larry's friend, Ted, volunteered to freeze himself, so that Larry - if he had laser-vision as he so claimed - could unfreeze him. Yes, it seemed like a foolish thing, but what's a kid to do, eh? Anyway, Ted locked himself in the freezer for the night. The next morning, Ted was frozen in a giant ice cube. "Oke-ke-kay, Lar-ry. I'm w-ready to g-get out", Larry called. But nobody opened the freezer. Heck, nobody opened the freezer for the rest of the day. His body temperature went from 96 degrees to negative 5 degrees. He could die from such coldness!

It wasn't until the next night that Larry went to the freezer to get a soda that he found his frozen friend. "Oh hey, Ted. Want to play my new Simpsons game?", Larry asked. No response. "Oh right! You're frozen solid. Don't worry, I'll use my "laser-vision" to free you", Larry reassured. The boy struggled and strained to make lasers shoot out of his eyes. None prevailed. He used all his might. He tried until EVERY organ and bone in his aching body was in AGONIZING pain, but he could not make lasers come out of his eyeballs.

Larry's Dad came rushing down the stairs. "What in the sam heck is goin' on? I thought I heard someone constipated down here", said the father. "I'm just trying to use my laser-vision to unfreeze Ted", Larry explained. "Hoh boy. How long he been in that there freezer?", Dad asked. "Oh, at least two days", Larry said calmly. "TWO DAYS?!", Dad yelled. Ted was rushed to the E.R.

"Boy, you nearly froze to death", said the doctor. "If we hadn't put you in the shower and turned the hot water knob all the way round, you'd be in the funeral home right now." "But it's not my fault! My friend told me to do it!", Ted said. "And who's your friend?", the doctor asked. Ted pointed to Larry. "Ah, you again. You almost kill yourself, I tell you not to, then you almost kill someone else. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!", the doc yelled, "I'm tellin' ya, Kid. One more incident and you're in big, BIG trouble." And guess what? Larry was in one more incident.

The Mob MasterEdit

There was an evil mobster who was the head of a big crime syndicate in the city. This would be the PERFECT opportunity for Larry to show what he was made of. He asked Ted to help him, but after what had just happened, Ted wouldn't step 10 feet near Larry. I mean, if a guy nearly killed you, ya wouldn't want to hang out with him anymore, would you? I thought so.

So instead, Larry asked his other friend Veronica to assist him. After a short explanation, Veronica agreed to help and replied, "As long as what happened to Ted doesn't happen to me, I'm good." So Larry and Veronica ventured out to save the town from the evils of Fat Lahoney the mobster! Heh. Fat Lahoney. It's funny. The location of Fat Lahoney's hideout was unknown. Every time the police had a little clue to where the Mob King was, he changed his hiding place. He went from a hidden room in the Aztec Theater to the restaurant of "Chilly's."

(snicker) "Chilly's." What kind of name is "Chilly's"?! HA HA! Oh... heh. "Chilly's." HA! Bwah-ha! Ok... Oh gosh, that's funny. So Larry & Veronica had a plan. First, they had to get some cool spy clothes. "This is the LAST time I spend my allowance to buy clothes used in a plan to bring down an evil dictator", Veronica muttered. "Mobster", Larry corrected. "Like I care", Veronica retorted.


See, they had overheard one of the mobster's minions say that he was supposed to receive a large bag of stolen money from the bank. Larry & Veronica disguised themselves as the people who were supposed to get the money before the REAL people who were supposed to get the money got the money. They ("they" being Larry & Veronica) arrived at the abondoned school yard where the guy who was supposed to give them the money (or T.G.W.W.S.T.G.T.T.M.) was. Larry & Veronica walked up to him.

"Say, ain't 'cha kinda young to be a mobster's minions?", T.G.W.W.S.T.G.T.T.M. asked. "Um... we're the boss's nieces and nephews!", Larry lied. "Huh. I don't 'member the boss havin' any nieces and nephews", T.G.W.W.S.T.G.T.T.M. said. "Well, do you know how many sisters my grandpa had?", Veronica asked. "Um..." "Exactly. So shut up and give us the money before we pump your guts full of lead!", Veronica threatened. "Eek! You are the boss's niece! Here, take the dough!", T.G.W.W.S.T.G.T.T.M. said, dropped the money, and ran away.

You know it just occured to me that I could've used a pronoun for that guy's name.

The New HideoutEdit

"Yes! We got the money!", Larry cheered. "It says we have to take it to "1880 Fast Food Way, hidden in the McDonalds' secret room underneath the french-frier." So that's where we're heading", Veronica read. "Not to give the money to Fat Lahoney, but to put him under arrest", Larry said. So our heroes headed to the McDonalds' at 1880 Fast Food Way. Once they got there, Veronica asked, "How are we gonna get inside, Larry? Larry? LARRY!" "YAH!", Larry yelled as he head-butted into the locked glass door and shards of glass flew everywhere! "Waaaaah!", he yelled in pain and fell down, unconscious. Veronica walked over him and went to the door underneath the frier.

"Hey look! There's a door down there!", Larry exclaimed. "Wow. You just realized that?", she asked. "No. I realized that 5 seconds ago. I wonder what's down there. Well, time's a-wasting! Let's check it out. Tally-ho!", Larry yelled and jumped down through the hidden door. He landed on a cold, hard floor. "HEY! Who let a puny kid in here?!", yelled a booming voice. It was Fat Lahoney himself! "I, uh...", Larry stammared. Just then, Veronica came down and landed right next to Larry! "Correction: Who let two puny kids in here?!", yelled the mopster. Mobster. Yelled the mobster.

"Um... we came to deliver this bag of - ooh - a thousand dollars", Larry said. "That's a lot of moolah! One question, who the heck are you?!", Fat Lahoney asked. "Um... we're your nieces and nephews", Larry lied. "I don't have no nieces or nephews", Fat Lahoney said. "How do you know? You don't know what your sister's been up to lately", Larry said. "I don't have a sister!", Fat Lahoney said. "You don't know what your mother's been up to lately!", Larry retorted. "My momma's dead!", Fat Lahoney shouted. "Yeah, 'cuz she saw yo face!", Veronica blurted out! "That's it! SEIZE THEM!", Fat Lahoney ordered.

Run, Kids, Run!Edit

The minions ran after the kids! The minions grabbed the hoods of the kids' spy clothes! The outfits came off and underneath both children were wearing tee-shirts with the words "Li'l Squealer" written on them. The reason Larry & Veronica wore these were... Well, they never thought that their spy clothes would be ripped off and...

"Oh, so it's a bunch of meddling kids", Fat Lahoney said as he chomped on a cigar. "Hey, it was all Larry's idea! I have no part in this!", Veronica shouted and disappeared. Disappeared as in she ran away like a coward. "Veronica! Don't leave me with THEM!", Larry pleaded. Fat Lahoney's minions closed in on Larry. "You picked the wrong crime organization to mess with", said the mobster.

The Action Begins!Edit

Warning: This part gets extremely intense.

"Think, Larry, think!", Larry thought, "Ah-ha!" Larry pulled out his cell phone. "Oh wow. A cellular telephone. I am so scared", Fat Lahoney taunted.