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Journal Story: Stranger in the Night! is a journal story written by J. Severe.


Hi. My name is J. Severe. You're reading MY journal narrative. This particular story tells about a very frightening time for me. A time when I was - as the kids say - "scared." See, it wasn't anything a normal person would be scared of, like a spider or something, no. THIS was the very theory of kidnappers in my house. Scary, huh? It gets scarier. The worst part is that it is entirely true. No lie. This will probably scare the pants off you. So that's why I can't tell ya. I'm just keeping it between me, and me. Just thinking about it makes me shudder. (shudder) See? Well then, goodbye...

Why are you still here? I told you, I can't tell ya. You think you can persuade me? Nuh-uh. Nooooooo way.... Okay, my mom always says it's not good to keep things bottled up so I'll tell you. But if you have nightmares, don't blame me.


It was not a dark and stormy night. As a matter of fact, it was a nice night. Perfect night for sleeping. So that's what I did. I climbed into bed, read a few pages of my favorite book, and fell asleep. No, I did not fall asleep while reading the book. It was after I read the book that I slowly drifted off to sleep. I just wanted to make that point clear.

I had a few hours of sleep. Nice sleep. Beautiful sleep. Wait, rewind that. I had written: "I had a FEW hours of sleep." What's with the "few"? Why is there a "few"? I had "a few" because my nice, beautiful sleep was cut short by unneeded, yet strange sounds.


It was 1:00, perhaps 1:30. Whatever time it was, I heard strange sounds. Creepy sounds. Strange sounds. I said "strange sounds" already, right? Anyways, I heard creaking sounds. Like... people walking. Now who would be walking around the house at 1:00 - perhaps 1:30. Whatever - in the morning? It could be my older brother who's always making noises in the night, I mean in the morning. But he usually makes more noise than that, and Mom & Dad have to tell him to shut up. It couldn't be him.

Mumbling. I heard mumbling. From the room underneath me. It sent shivers down my spine. My oh so bony spine. Someone - or something - was in my house, and it was fixin' to do something naughty. And what was I doing during all of this? I was hiding under my blanket. What? If you thought there were kidnappers in your house, you'd be scared too. I figured action had to be done to show those 'nappers who was boss! That is, I figured, not did. I was scared sick. The situation was horrible, and it wasn't getting better. If the situation were to do anything, it'd get worse. Unfortunately, that's what it did.