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Jordan Roverson

J. Roverson... uh, Jordan Roverson, whatever you want to call him.

Jordan Roverson is a character created by Random Kid. He is featured in many stories, so I thought I'd put an article about the guy on SIW. There are alot of notable things about this boy, and they will be typed all over this page. Cool, huh? You bet it is.

About Him...Edit

Roverson is 12 years of age. He is often made fun of for wearing glasses and braces... well, as a matter of the fact bullies find all sorts of reasons to make fun of this young boy trying to find his place in the world. Luckily, Roverson is very intelligent, thus, he is able to easily outsmart bullies who attempt to beat him up. He's also a fast runner, benefiting him in escaping pursuing foes. Some references are the stories he stars in on SIW. He often engages in "intense battles" or "all out brawls" as stated by him. And... well... often loses these battles. Nevertheless, Roverson always prevails in his life changing adventures, engaging in countless brawls and nearly getting himself killed.

Signature Quotes!Edit

  • "You... BEAST!!!"
  • "If you play with lightning, ya gonna get shocked!"
  • You fool, you'll get us all killed!" or "You fool, you'll kill us all!"
  • "What the-- ?!"
  • "DOO-WAAH!!"
  • "This is TOO intense!" or "That was TOO intense!"
  • "I was nearly killed!"
  • "I was just in an intense battle!"


Twas' all back in the '90's. 'Tall started in a random hospital. Dad waited anxiously outside the birth room whilst Mother was inside in searing pain. Just then, I was brought into the world. Mom let out a loud sigh as the doctors began to cheer. Suddenly, Dad busted in, "What's going on?!", he asked. "Sir, your child has just been born.", the doctor explained. "Whoo-hoo! Is it a boy or a girl?", Dad asked. "It's a boy.", Mom replied. "A boy! A BOY!!", Dad cheered, admiring his new son resting in Mom's hand. "Will you shutup!", Mom said angrily. "You'll wake little... um, what should we name him?", Mom asked. "Why his name shall surpass all the rest! His name shall be one remembered in this world for his great deeds! His name shall be...", Dad began. "How about Jordan?", the doctor suggested. "Huh? Jordan, huh? Well I was going to say "Gregory" but that's fine too. What do you think?", Dad asked. "I like it. Jordan Roverson! It's perfect.", Mom agreed.