Jordan Roverson was just another normal boy. Though he was a normal boy, many were jealous of his success and at times, attempted to destroy him. Thus resulting in Roverson having more friends than enemies. Anyway, let's get on with the story, eh?

Story: Just Another Normal Day...Edit

"Huh?", Roverson said wearily. "(licks lips) What's going on?", Jordan said to himself. His alarm clock was ringing. He slowly fell out of his bed, and crawled toward his alarm. With the push of a button, the alarm clock was silenced. Though in some cases, the alarm wouldn't shut off, and Jordan was forced to hurl it at the wall! Luckily, this morning it worked. Jordan rubbed his eyes and opened them, only to find his room a complete mess. "What the-- ?!", Jordan yelled, disgusted. "What happened last night?", he asked himself. Jordan brushed his teeth, and stumbled down the steps to eat breakfast. "Morning Mom, morning random kid.", he said walking by, into the kitchen. Then, "What the-- ?!", he hastily reached for a knife and slashed forth at the random kid that his mother was feeding applesauce! The kid jumped back out of the chair as the knife slashed through the cup of applesauce! "Who are you?!", Jordan interrogated.

"What's wrong with you?! This is Jeffrey!", his mother scolded, taking the knife from him. "Oh.", Jordan said, suddenly remembering that his mother was babysitting for a quick buck. "He's no more than four years old.", Jordan's mother kept going. The random kid stood there bewildered, the boy who had just attempted to kill him was know greeting him and apologizing. "Heh heh. Sorry.", Jordan said, sheepishly. "Now clean up this applesauce.", his mother commanded. "Well... I'm disgusted.", Jordan lamented. After cleaning up the applesauce, Jordan was ready to head to the park, like he and his friends had planned.

That's when he remembered that Bullies #1, #2, and #3 always hung out around those parts. Right then, he had a flashback of what had happened the last time.


This time, 'twas only Jordan and Joel Severe (best friend to Jordan) who went to the park. There, they encountered Bully #1. "What up, nerd?", Bully #1 insulted, pushing Joel to the ground. "What the-- ?! What's wrong with you?!", Jordan asked. "Shut it, nerd!", Bully #1 exclaimed, lunging forth at Jordan. He ducked and swung ferociously at Bully #1's stomach. Bully #1 jumped back and kicked Jordan in the nose! Jordan fell back, his glasses fell off. He looked up and saw Bully #1 about to deliver the final blow. "No! No! No, please! No I want ta' live! No! What are you doing!? No! No! AAAHHH!", Jordan yelled before Bully #1 punched him. Joel stumbled to his feet as Jordan lay motionless on the ground. "You... BEAST!", Joel cried out. Bully #1 turned around and kicked Joel in the chest! He fell backward, thinking it was all over, that he'd fall onto the ground and have the same fate as Roverson had. But, Joel hit something big and fat behind him, and 'twas not the ground. Joel turned around and saw Bully #2 standing before him. "No! No! Please! I want ta'--", but before Joel could finish pleading, Bully #2 punched him and he fell backward again. Bully #1 pushed Joel to the ground and they both took pleasure in simultaneously kicking him, while he lay motionless on the ground.

The Story