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Jordan is the best friend of Joel Severe. That is, until Ashley came. Then Jordan became one of Joel's best friends.


Well, Jordan's just your average best friend. He's willing to stick with Joel and Ashley to the end, helping them at whatever cost, even if it puts his life in danger! However, Jordan wouldn't like to be mistreated, and even more despises to be left out of group activities. He is quite social and sporty, and is anything but a normal boy trying to find his place in the world. He's an ecstatic tween, who's found his place with his best buds. Jordan's also quite popular in that he won't get humiliated or insulted as much as Joel does. He's always by Joel's side, ready to work together with him, since the two were best buds for the longest time. Only on rare occassions has Jordan ever wanted to fight Joel.

Jordan also had a crush on Ashley when he first met her, as most young boys would when they see a pretty face, but for the most part, they're best friends, except for a few moments when their friendship may go a bit over the border. When are those times? Well... that's classified information... (shifts eyes to the sides).

Childhood Edit

'Tall started back in a random hospital... Jordan was born! There, that was it. What, you expected some big flashback? Well, I'm afraid not. Not much is known about Jordan, except for the fact that when Joel Severe first stepped foot in kindergarten, Jordan was right there, ready to introduce himself. As a matter of fact, that's quite an interesting story. I think I'll tell you about that:

Story: When Jordan Met JoelEdit