J. Severe created this wiki on that fateful Summer day, and since then he has been editing it to his heart's desire. He loves writing and drawing, and thus uses this website so that complete strangers can read and see too his wonderful works. J. Severe also posts articles about various subjects that require research, and thus has him learn stuff too. If you ask me, there's nothing better for a blank year-old guy than that.

However, various people threaten the piece and tranquility of the wiki, and plot to destroy it! Even J. Severe's cousin and an unknown band of Anonymous Users have tried to bring it down. But with the help of live friend Random Kid and those sent from Wikia Central to assist, J. Severe is able to best these fools and save the day! Nevertheless, Severe never loses hope, and will continue to work on this wiki 'til the day he dies! Or at least gets tired of it. But where's the chance of that happenin', eh?

Chapter 1: Life Before Wikia

J. Severe was on Wikipedia. For his user name he chose "J. Severe" from the cartoon character he had created himself. However, he misspelled it as "J.Severe", but there was no changing that. After a while of that, he found out of WIkia and immediately wanted to become part of its awesomeness. However, he thought that his Wikia username had to be the same as his Wikipedia one, and he was stuck with "J.Severe" yet again. But nevertheless, he just kept it and typed his name from then on as "J. Severe." Soon enough, he came to create his own wiki, which you're on right now!

Chapter 2: Inspiring Random Kid

J. Severe got the word out of his wiki, and among the first he told was his best friend. When Best Friend found out about this, he checked out the wiki. Best Friend wasn't truly impressed at this, since the wiki had just started and wasn't nearly as awesome as it was today. It was months before Best Friend visited the wiki again. And when he did, he was inspired! He felt the urge to add his own wiki to the mix. And Stories and Info Wiki was born! Over the months, SIW has received more praise, attention, and articles than JSW - even though the latter was made before. Oh well...

Epilogue: Erm... That's About It

And that's all there is to J. Severe. What do you want a story? You can check all the other articles! Now shoo, shoo!