Inconsistent Rambling is when a mother starts yelling at her son for no apparent reason, but if there was a reason for the Mother to be rambling in an inconsistent mattter, it would most likely because her son didn't wash the dishes, didn't clean his room, e.t.c. Here are as few examples:

Example #1: Edit

Boy: (forgets to clean his room before going to friend's house; comes back home to find his mother waiting for him) Oh hello, Mom. How ya doing?

Mom: How I'm doing? You forgot to clean your room! And in forgetting to clean your room, forgetting meaning to have not remembrance of a chore to do, you forgot to clean your room. See, your room, room being the place in which you take residence. Correction: You take residence in a house or home. But a room is a part of a house so in that it is part of a place in which you, you being my son - a son being born of me and your father baring a baby a baby who was a boy who grew up to be you my son who for some reason did not clean the room, the room being a quarter of a house, in which the specific owner of said room must reside in the bigger portion of the room, the room which itself resides in the house, the house in which the owner of the room, the room in which the owner of it all resides in. The point I am trying to make about the room is that the person lives in the house but the house has a room which the owner or the person residing in the place with permission from the owner lives/resides in. anyway, the person that lives in the room that is part of a bigger house is the room that is very dirty and the room that is dirty belongs to you but you do not live in the room because you are not owner of the house in which the room but since you are here with permission from the owner, which is ironically your father, your father with who I married to give birth to you my son who grew up and had a very messy room for reasonns unknown to mankind - mankind being the entire human race and...

Boy: Mom, stop! You're gonna blow a fuse!

Mom: A fuse? Why isn't a fuse a part of electricity. And in my remembrance, remembrance being the opposite of forgetting, we were not talking about electricity or anything related to electricity (such as Pikachu Pokemon) we were in truth talking about the room, the room which is a quarter of a house which is in possesion of the owner or if the owner is out of town in no one's possession in which any hobo or bum could easily sneak and steal valuables or any other crud that the man who went on the vacation did not bring with him, but if the owner of the house who went on vacation did indeed bring his house keys with him then the hobo or bum who was in the wishing to go inside to do some damage or steal valuables could not do so for if the house was locked which a house should be if the owner of said house went on vacation if he does not wish for a hobo or bum to go inside the house to do damage or steal valuables which they could not do if the owner of the house who went on vacation, a very nice vacation perhaps in Hawaii. Oh yes I love Hawaii I have also wanted to go to Hawaii see my sister went to Hawaii and when she came back she said it was absolutely delightful in which she had a splendid time at the place in which she was vacationing or on a brief hiatus....

Boy: Mom, SHUT UP!

Mom: What?!

Boy: Uh-oh.

Mom: I, I being your mother who joined with your father to bore you, tell me to indeedly shut up in which to close my mouth in the up direction because I am simply talking too much? Well if you did indeedly dislike my inconsistent rambling it would indeedly not hurt if you had just come out with your deep and true feelings that you indeedly feel that it was not appropiate for me to continue with my inconsistent rambling for it would have had no continuation to the lecture in which I had in the previously state of talking be talking about. OK fine son, I indeedly understand, understand in which of the being under of the standing, that you do not like my inconsistent rambling which is rambling in an inconsistent matter, so in which son, I am sorry that I was talking too much so that to displease so that in next time I will not ramble if you promise not to tell me to shut up.

Boy: OK, Mom. I promise.

Mom: Excellent. Now that we are done with the promising. I do believe that your room is still very dirty. A room being a quarter of a house and dirty being of origin of dirt being poop from a --.

Boy: Oh boy. Here we go again.

Now do you understand what I am talking about? Well, if you think THAT was annoying, obviously you need a lecture in what it means to ramble in an inconsistent manner. Here is something sure to annoy you.

Example #2 Edit

Boy: (walks into house to see Mom) Hey, Mom. How ya doin'?

Mom: Hey?! Hey?! HEY?! What in the heck is a "HEY?!" For that word you will pay. For you said "HEY-ay-ay..."

Boy: Mom, what've you been drinking lately?

Mom: Drinking?! So now I'm drinking?! But I'm not blinking! So what makes you think that I'm drinking?! (eye twitches)

Boy: Mom, I'm worried about yo-.

Mom: Shut up. Butt up. 'Cuz you're gonna get a spanking. A lanking. On your rear-anking.

Boy: Mom, want me to call 911?

Mom: 911?! Bye-1-1! Cuz I'm kicking you outta the house! Like you're a pesky little mouse. You're fat! Go back! Get out of my life! My strife --!

Boy: Mom... When you got a stroke the mirror broke cuz it saw your face you got served third base! You're so large, you squished the Sarge, with your extremely fat belly. I hate your stealth, you go to heath. You fat, ugly, big monster! When you cry, the birds above me die!  When you fart, boy Simpson, Bart says "What just died?" I will relieve some sighs, when your ugly face dies. Word to my mother!

Mom: ... Well ... I-I am speechless. I was just going to give you your new Xbox 720 that I bought, but you were too rude. Go to your room, right now!

Boy: Wait! Mom, I didn't ----!

Mom: Shut it and go! I have to return this.

Boy: Ugh. I hate you so much, Mom. When you go upstairs, don't look at your mirror, we don't have money to buy another one. Ka-cha! You just got served by inconsistent rambling, witch!

Mom: Extra month of grounding! March!

Boy: Ohh....

As you can see, inconsistent rambling isn't just a way for moms to nag their children, but for sons to serve and get in trouble from their moms too.

Example #3Edit

Boy: (walks in house) Yo, what up Mama?

Mom: Boy, how dare you strike me with such a tone.

Boy: Mama, I'm just gettin' down with the times, Jack!

Mom: My name's not Jack, mmm-boahy!

Boy: Like I care, Mama.

Mom: Listen Son, you will treat me with respect!

Boy: What's respect? Is it another of your nasty recipes?

Mom: No. Respect is one of the best things in the world.

Boy: So you mean you can fry chicken in it?

Mom: No, of course not. And don't you know that fried chicken is bad for you.

Boy: It's also bad to see your face, Mama.

Mom: Watch yo mouth, boahy!

Boy: I'll watch my mouth when you watch yo weight.

Mom: Boy, you are askin' for a beating aren't cha?

Boy: No, I'm asking for you to go on a diet.

Mom: Well, you know what Son? I'm going to do something that you hate!

Boy: Spending time with you?

Mom: No, giving you a lecture!


Boy: No! Anything but that inconsistent rambling!

Mom: Here it goes! 'Tall started back in the 1900s. The first decade of the twentieth century. People were having a jolly good time, and it seemed that nothing could go wrong. Why, if anything, it would all get better. Then, the first animated short was released. See the thing is, you draw a whole bunch of pictures, put them together, and flip dem, as if to create a moving image. So many folks harnessed this power for the good of mankind. Sadly, then the Invasion of Pickles occurred and it was a life-or-death battle between human and vegetable. The pickle pulled out a ray-gun and shot rapidly at General Glorkenshave. General Glorkenshave jumped into the air and pulled out butcher knives that he hurled at the pickles. The pickles hastily blocked and punched the General. The General flew back and hit a brick wall and it burst into flames. Then Mickey Mouse came out of nowhere with two machine guns and shot rapidly at the General. The General jumped into the air and kicked Mickey. Then Winnie-the-Pooh came out of nowhere and stabbed the General in the back. Then Bugs Bunny came and shot an arrow at Pooh. Pooh dodged it and aimed two handguns at Bugs. Then Ferb Fletcher came and sliced Pooh's hand off. But Pooh's basically a stuffed animal so it didn't even hurt him. But --


Mom: You promise you'll never talk fresh again.


See how that goes?

Example #4Edit

Boy walks inside a Chinese food restaurant.

Boy: (to cashier) Hi!

Cashier: 你好那里,小孩儿。 我相信,您在这里品尝我美妙的亚洲烹调。 当然,因为后面在陵凯爱我的家乡,我宣布了我的学校的最佳的厨师,我没有惊奇。 那么,它是有点儿一所坏学校,给您想法我是有些高成就者。 如果您要求我,不仅是I在我的类顶部,但是我可能做一个卑鄙春卷。

Boy: What?!

Translator: He greeted you and stated how he was the top of his class when he was your age, and how he can make a mean egg roll.

Boy: Who the heck are you?

Translator: I'm a random translator to tell you what he's saying so we can avert any language barriers.

Boy: I don't know whether to thank you or just stare in confusion. Listen, I just want to order!

Cashier: 噢我看见。 因此您驾驶一个坚硬交易, don' t您任意男孩。 您如此知道的井,这家餐馆能继续你的任一个疯狂,小的男孩样想法。 现在让我介绍您到称菜单的那个。 亦称men' d U。(holds up menu) 这里这件花梢事让您观察什么食物他们供食。 您能简单地读这里,它说那… 噢呀,我忘记了。 您是小美国男孩。表面上,因为它在中国书法,您不可能读菜单。 井然后I' ll与您谈话它。 对于$3.00每组装,您得到蛋卷。 对于$0.95,您得到蛋下落汤。对于$4.00,您得到排骨。 到目前为止您是否发现您喜欢的任何?

Boy: (silence)

Cashier: 我看见您是无语的。 可能,因为您震惊在我们美妙的饭食或您不要了解什么我说。 不管怎样,我不任何地方由站立和在我的母语的这里多嘴的任意垃圾得到。您知道我认为我应该大概放弃,当I'时; 这里m。 由于真正地,没人这里二者之一比那个译者可能明白我。 嘿给我一个想法! 译者,您要不要定购某事? 井会您? 答复我, boahy!

Translator: Um, uh... No. As a matter of fact, I'm not here to order anything, I just translate what you're saying.

Boy: Then what's he saying?!

Translator: What am I, your personal slave? I don't have to tell you a thing!

Cashier: 男孩有一个污点在他的衬衣背面。

Translator: Yeah he's right. Your shirt does have a stain on the back.

Boy: What the --?!

Cashier: 我有 不一致地漫步 用中文!