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As said in the title, I'm the only owner to this website! Meaning, that you nor your friend can edit this website. The only person or people I should say that can edit this website, is ME and another person that cannot be named (you know who you are). If I specifically say that YOU can edit this website, that is the only time you even touch the edit button you Unregistered Contributor! So no funny business such as; pretending or lying to yourself saying that I told you that you can edit it, and just going ahead and editing it with or without my important permission. More importantly, my name will never be reaveled. For now you can call me the following:

  • Random Kid
  • The Purple Lightning (one I just came up with on the spot)
  • The only one with Brains around here

Now that we've gotten that straigtened out, it's time for me to tell you a story of how I became the reigning owner of said website/wiki. So here it is My beginning of ownership!

My beginning of ownership! Part 1!

It all started the day I was born (not telling what year nor date). I was a baby back then, soon years later I grew to a pre-teen (12-13). Twas my year of pure glory and sanctification! Yes, of course I was the coolest guy in my school.

A quick note from the Narrator: My characters name shall be Mitchel Cook. In place of my real name which I stated shall not be reaveled.

Anyways, yup I was walking down the hallway humming a fine tune. "Hey what's up Mitch' ", some kid said. "Hey how's it going there", I replied. I walked into History class with my textbook at hand. You see not only was I the coolest, but the smartest kid in my grade. Despite others who challenged my greatness! "Class please take your seats", the teacher said. Throughout the whole school day, the same thought kept popping into my head. "I should build a website so that everyone in the world could admire my coolness and booksmarts", I thought. So, on Friday April 3rd, I began the master plan. Up all night I was, working and working, not for my sake... but for the people of America's sake. Perhaps one day I would become the president of the United States but that doesn't matter right now! After my website was complete, (in a few weeks hard work), I began telling my classmates and thaen the whole school about this new ordeal! Of course, that just made me even cooler!

My coolness
Before website 1,000%
After website 100,000,000%

You may believe that I think too highly of myself but this trash is the cold hard truth people. I was at home laying in bed watching some television. When suddenly, I got a strange call from Private Name Private Number. "Hello", I said. "Mitchel! I have your website and I'm not giving it back unless you and your foolish coolness and wits take it back hear me!", the ominous voice foretold! "Who are you! You fiend!", I replied with a raise in my voice! "Heh heh heeehhh! You'll find out soon enough, say goodbye to your website!", the ominous voice hung up the phone!

My beginning of ownership! Part 2!

I rushed to the nearest computer and went on my website. It wouldn't log on!! "He wasn't lying!", I thought to myself. I had lost the URL to my own website created by me! That night, I went to bed with worry about how the heck I would get my URL back from whoever this maniac was! The next morning, I got up and got ready for school (after brushing teeth, washing face, and taking a shower and what not). I couldn't manage myself, everytime the teacher called on me in school I wouldn't know the answer. At lunch, I finally realized what I had to do! I had to build a secret organization of random kids and find that psycho before he did anymore damage to my perfect life. So, at recess a had a conversation with my best friend.

Anothe note from the Narrator: My best friends name will be replaced with James Kinler, as his name will not be revealed either. But the rest of the characters in this book will be just random people.

"Hey James", I told James the story about the maniac and what not. "Sure I'll help you find this guy but when will we set off?", James asked. Ummm. Maybe at-", Christopher Jergenson runs up to me. Chris is my biggest fan, bigger than all of my other fans of my coolness and- n- never mind. "Hey Mitchel watcha talkin' about eh' ", Chris exhilerated. "Who's this clown!?", James yelled. "He's the one named Chris who is a big fan of mwa", I explained. "Maybe Chris can help on our journey", I said. "Don't ya need a few girls on this escapade of yours", a familiar voice said. "What the!" Twas female residents; Annie Greyscale, Sophia Green, and Jessica Prisinct. "What do you want", Chris yelled. "Yo money that's what!", Sophia retorted! "As I said before, don't you need some girls on this team of yours Cook?", Annie said. "Uhh. Please refrain from calling me by my last name thank you", I replied. "And yes I suppose we would need some (quotation signals) girl wits on our team". "So back to that question, when are we gonna meet up?", James asked. "On Freeshore Boulevard at 3 P.M. tomorrow", I said with strong feeling. So we split up and the day came to go and retrieve the coolest kid in schools URL for his fantastic website.

My beginning of ownership! Part 3!

"Are we all ready?", I asked. "Yup", everyone replied. "Supplies", "Check", "More suppplies", "Check", "We're all done". "Tis time to set off people", we all walked off. After about 10 minutes someone realized that we had no idea where this fool lived. "Maybe we can get the police to track his-", "Shutup! No police, I'll handle this myself. This is personal!", I said. Suddenly, a car pulled up beside the sidewalk and a whole bunch of three piece suited men stepped out of the vehicle. "Looks like he found us", James said. The driver rolled down the window and we saw a raggidy bearded man (also in a three piece suit). "You'll never find the URL", he said. "Thats him", I yelled. The car pulled off as I said that and the men in black attacked us! "What the! Who are these fools", Annie yelled. "I think they're lookin' for some trouble", Sophia said. The man punched at me. I dodged the punch and gave him a kick upside his head. Chris pushed him on the ground! Another man put Chris in a headlock and threw him into me! James tryed to punch him but he twisted his arm and threw him face first into the ground! "Can't hit girls can you", Jessica yelled as she punched the man. Following up was Sophia with a kick in the forehead. All the black suited men were out cold. The car that the URL thief was in was not too far away! "We could catch him", I yelled. We ran after the car. But there was another man hiding in the tree shadows and he pounced out at the unsuspecting group of minors! He tackled James, James bumbed into me, I bumpeed into Chris, who bumped into Annie, who bumped into Sophia, who bumped into Jessica and we all fell into the street. I took out a grappling hook from my bag and threw it at the car! The grappling hook missed but hooked on to another car! "Quick everyone grab ahold", I yelled. Everyone grabbed on and the car yanked the grappling hook away. Little did I know the grappling hooks string was too weak and the string ripped. There we were, falling into the middle of the street again. "Darn! We lost him", I yelled. "But I got his license plate number", James said. "HKZ-174". "Good. Now we can track him on the computer", I said as I took out my laptop from my bag. "It says the car is more frequently seen at New York City. In Franklin Square", I said. "New York City?! That's extremely far away", Jessica yelled. "Well maybe we can get a ride", Annie suggested. "And I know the perfect person".

My beginning of ownership! Part 4!

We went over to my house where my father was off from work. "Hey dad, can you take us to New York City", I asked. "Sure but aren't you kids supposed to be in school", said my father. "No, it's Saturday", I replied. "Figures". We all got into the car and my father began driving off to New York City.


We had finally arrived in New York City, where a New Years parade was going on. "Wow, look at all those balloons", James said. "I've always wanted to bounce around on one of those", said Sophia. Chris spotted a black building with the URL thiefs licence plate number on it. "Hey guys, do you think that's the building", asked Chris. "Well, that's a dead give away", I said. "Dad, stop the car and wait here". We inconspicuously walked into the building. Just when we thought we were going to get the URL back easily, "Hey! it's those dastardly kids", some random worker yelled out. "Uh-oh". Five men in three pieced suits came running at us. "We won't let you beat us up this time", James yelled. One of the workers punched at me. I ducked and kicked him in the stomach. James punched him on the ground and that ended his career. We began running. Another man jumped out but Chris punched him in the neck, rendering him breathless and Sophia pushed him into the stairway and closed the door. I'm sure he's not coming to work tomorrow. The third worker came at us fast but Annie kicked him in the leg and Chris headbutted him. The other two workers saw that they were outmatched against a bunch of kids and decided to surrender! Eventually, we got to a door saying Executive President of Company. "You guys stay here, this is my battle to complete", I said. I busted into the room and there he was, The URL thief!

My beginning of ownership! Part 5!

He was facing the other direction on his office chair. "Heh heh, I've been waiting for you boahy (see Catchphrases article).", he said. He turned around in his chair and randomly started shooting a MACHINE GUN at ME!!!!! Bullets shot everywhere as I dived back out of the room and onto the side. "I thought you said you were going to complete this battle", said James. "I am! Gosh! Just because the guy has a machine gun doesn't mean I'm gonna imediately quit", I yelled. I removed 10 bouncy spheres out of my pocket. I then threw them into the room! Sure enough, the thief was distracted by these (that's sad that he gets distracted so easily)! I ran into the room and jumped over his desk kicking out of the window behind him. But, this maniac grabbed onto my leg and we both fell out of the window. We landed on a New Years balloon from the parade. "You're finished kid!", he swung his leg at me but I bounced up on the balloon! As I came down I punched multiple times at him but he blocked all of them with his bear hands. He than kicked me off of the balloon! Luckily, there was another balloon right under the one we were having an intense battle on. I bounced off of that one and made my way back to the other one. I kicked him in the chest but he punched me in the stomach. "Gah", I yelled in pain! I grabbed his leg and threw him off of the balloon. I anticipated that he would do the same thing I did so I followed him by jumping off of the balloon. He bounced back up and I (being right over him) kicked him back down and repeated this as long as I was in the air! When I lost my air time I landed on him stomping on his torso! His pure fatness popped the balloon and I was able to bounce back onto the original balloon! He layed on the ground suffering from pain and I forced him to give me back my URL. After all of that intensity, everyone rode back home, congratulating me.


I went back to my normal cool life at school, and every weekend I would work on that website. No one ever dared again to steal the URL, some from personal experiences and some from just seeing that whole intense battle. Once again, I was redeemed my URL. And that's how it happened folks. I had an intense and critical battle that could've ended my whole life.

The End! (once and for all)


Creator: Me of course

Producer: Me again

And that's all!