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This story takes place a few days before the Staff of SIW met Spontaneous Editor.

Narrated by: Spontaneous Editor

It was a seemingly normal day. The schools halls were empty. I, Spontaneous Editor, or back then I went by my "school alias", Detective Spontaneous. Anyways, my partner and I, carefully watched from inside garbage cans. What were we looking for, you ask? Well, just the other day--

A few day's ago...

An innocent little boy rushed to his locker. He was late for one of his classes, Geography to be precise. As he quickly opened his locker he was attacked by a masked 8th Grader! Who this 8th Grader was, no one knows. What ever happened to the boy, he was never seen again.

So, my partner and I gave some nerdy kid 5 dollars to act as a decoy or lure. In acting, he would lure whoever this maniac was. Straight to me, the Detective of the School. Detective Spontaneous!

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The EncounterEdit

Suddenly, a shadowy figure approached the kid! Twas' the 8th grader! As the 8th Grader lunged for the poor boy I jumped out to snag him! Much to my surprise he pulled paper stars from his pocket and tossed em' at me! I dodged the threat and lunged at the 8th Grader. He grabbed my arm and threw me into a nearby locker! My partner pranced out and led the decoy to safety as I fought for my life! He punched me in my left eye! I jumped and kicked him! He backed up due to the power of my kick. He then tried to grab me!

I jumped back and punched at him! He ducked and tripped me! While I was on the ground, I rolled forward as he tried to stomp on me! I grabbed his leg and pulled, in this I proceeded to cause him to suffer a hurtful fall! I put my foot on his chest and put my fist in the air as to deliver the finishing blow! As I was about to punch the life out of him, I noticed who he was. I got a good look at the guy and immediately knew it was--

All of a sudden, he kicked me backward and I flew into a locker! He then grabbed my neck and tossed me onto the cold floors! I slid and crashed into a bunch of garbage cans! As garbage repeatedly collapsed onto me, the 8th Grader made a hasty retreat! The battle was over... Or not!

In seeing him, I attempted to pursue! Twas' a critical chase! Left to right! I chased him from one end of the school to another, he continuously threw debris from all over the halls to try to slow me down! This "debris" consisted of things like soda bottles, water bottles, notebooks filled with random papers, and garbage cans! He hurled a huge garbage can at me! I tried to jump over it but I miscallculated the distance of my foot from said garbage can and tripped over it! I, along with the garbage can, was hoisted into the gym! Thus, the 8th Grader escaped!

Seperating Fact from FictionEdit

I rushed out of the gym and back to my secret base! There I seperated the facts from fiction. "So what did you find out Detective?", my partner asked curiously. "I know who this fiend is. But I just have to find him!", I replied. "So who is he?". "It's Bobby Leder!".

"What?! Bobby!? That's impossible he's the smartest most polite student ever!", my partner yelled. "I know. But I can't understand why he did it. We'll be forced to interrogate people, and once we gain enough information, we'll bust him!", I said daringly. "You mean beat him down to the ground?". "Just shutup."

"So, first we'll interrogate the teacher of his favorite subject. The math teacher Ms. Magord", I explained. A few minutes later, we arrived at the empty classroom. We knocked on the door.

Interview with Ms. MagordEdit

"Hello, Ms. Magord?", my partner called. "What do you want?!", Ms. Magord came out of nowhere and yelled. "Um, we'd like to interview you on one of your students.", I explained. "Who, Matthew Drench?! He's such a--", "No! Not him, we'd like to interview you on Bobby Leder", my partner interrupted.

"Oh, that boy is so nice and sweet! I love him! Why if he was older I'd ask him to take me on a date and--", "Has Bobby been acting strange lately?", I interrupted again. "Well, if you call busting out in a devious laugh every now and then weird...", Ms. Magord replied. "I see, when did you first notice this?", my partner asked. "It was a few weeks ago after I first announced that there would be a 6th-7th Grade Math Bee", Ms. Magord said.

"I see, well, thank you very much Ms. Magord", I said and we walked out of the door. "But wait why are you--", my partner closed the door without regard for Ms. Magord's question. "I see why she's 57 and has never been married..."

Interview with Mr. BilsonEdit

Next, we went to his least favorite class, Physical Education. We walked in to see the teacher Mr. Bilson setting up for his next class. "Hey there kids, you're early.", Mr. Bilson called out. "Sorry, we're not here to partake in your incredibly foolish class", my partner corrected. "Then what the heck do you want from my life?".

"We'd like to interview you on one of your students", I said. "Who, Michael Jerson. I hate that guy!", Mr. Bilson interrupted. "No, Bobby Leder.", I corrected. "Oh him. He's such a weirdo! One day he hates gym and the next he's all for "getting stronger!", Mr. Bilson said grudgingly. "I see, thanks Mr. Bilson", I said. We then left the gym.


"So Detective, have ya figured out why he did it?", my partner asked. "Yep, after reviewing the interviews and seperating fact from fiction, I figured out exactly why he did it!", I replied. "So?", my partner asked. "So what?", I said. "So why'd he do it!?", my partner yelled. "Oh, now I see! Okay so...", I began.

"There is a Math Bee coming up. And Bobby knows that he's got competition in the 8th and 7th Grade. So notice how he went after the smart people. He wanted to "dispose" of the competition so that he could have that bee in the bag!", I explained.

"I see, so who should we tell?", my partner asked. "Well... I was thinkin' the Principal", I replied. So, we quickly headed for the Principals office before some other guy became a victim of Bobby's wrath!

Conversation with the Principal Edit

"Principal!", I busted into the room. "Yes, son", Principal answered. "He's not your son.", my partner corrected. "It's just a thing Principal's say, okay!", Principal said frustrated. "Anyway's, we know who's been attacking innocent kids!", I interrupted. "What?! Who?", Principal asked anxiously. "It's none other than Bobby Leder!", I said triumphantly. "...", the Principal sat silent. Suddenly, he bursted out in laughter. "Hah! Whadda ya mean Bobby Leder? Hah hah hah ha ha, the kid's an angel!", Principal laughed. "Well, I'll prove to you that-", in the middle of my sentence, Bobby Leder busted into the Principal's office! "Principal! I know who has been beating up the kids!", Bobby yelled. "What?!", both Principal and I stated at the same time. "Good job, Bobby! Now lead me to the culprit.", Principal congratulated. "But that's impossible! He's the one who's been-", the door slammed. I ran to the door window and saw Bobby looking at me smiling! He had lied!

Stopping Bobby!Edit

I quickly opened the door but Principal and Bobby were nowhere in sight! They were down the hall. I quickly ran at Bobby and grabbed his shoulder to turn him around.

Fight to the Death?!Edit

The second I touched Bobby he turned around and punched at me. I ducked and attempted to kick him! He jumped back and kneed me in the nose! I fell back and punched him! He backed up and I punched him again. I then tried to spin kick the guy but he jumped over my leg and kicked me upside my head! I fell to the ground! He was about to finish me off, but I punched him in the face and kicked him into a nearby locker! I punched Bobby so hard that the locker broke in half! He grabbed the door of the broken locker and swung at me with it!

I hastily did a "limbo" duck and punched him once more! He grabbed my arm and kneed me in the stomach! He then grabbed my head and threw me into a locker! He tried to kick the life out of me but I hastily dodged. The kick broke another locker as I picked up the door and slashed at Bobby with the sharp edge. He used HIS locker door to block it and punched me! I fell into the locker! He attempted to kick me again but I jumped up and threw the locker door at him!

He jumped over it and threw his own! I bounced off of the locker and punched him in the cheek! Blood combined with drool came flying out of his mouth from that punch! I kicked him in the stomach, grabbed his collar, and threw him through the glass of the main office! He lay on the ground, moaning in pain. I jumped through the broken glass and delivered the finishing blow. Bobby was done for.

A Happy Ending; The Boy is StoppedEdit

And thus, Bobby was soon found out for his actions and punished severely. And once again, the school was put to peace, by Detective Spontaneous!

The End!