These are the chats between J. Severe, Random Kid, and an Unregistered Contributor on the Twilight articles of the Joel Severe Wiki, and SIW.

The One on SIWEdit

April 21, 2010Edit

Anonymous User: i love twilight it is the best book ever.jacob black/taylor lautner is outrageously cute i love that guy robert pattison/edward cullen is also outrageously cute.twilight is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! i believe random kid and his buddy jsw should be to you fools should read the book then you would understand random girl is very smart to say stephanie meyer is a good author. you rock stephanie meyer and random girl it's not just a girl book so read it boays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 22, 2010Edit

Random Kid: What the?!

Random Kid (cont.): How dare you call J.Severe and I fools! Whoever you are, one more stunt like that andd you'll be blocked for 3 days! And by the way, Random Girl is not smart! I'm smarter than her!

Random Girl: Hey?!

April 23, 2010Edit

AU: cutie101 I love!!! By the way random Kid read twilight some people are fools and keep saying that it is a girl's book but it is not.By the way that goes out to jsw and random kid not to you random girl you are a genious keep liking twilight.We keep getting people to read twilight more and more everyday so we will come together as an army one day and take down jsw and random kid!!!!!!

J. Severe: Who is this fool?! Twilight stinks and you KNOW that! You are just too scared to admit it because you might hurt Stephanie Meyer's feelings!

J. Severe (cont.): Wait a second, that unregistered "contributor" is the same guy who tried to delete the Twilight article on MY wiki!

April 24, 2010Edit

Random Kid : What the heck? They say they love Stories and Info Wiki and then they say that they're gonna take J.Severe and I down. Who is this guy?

AU: You know who ti is you fool yes the twilight will take you fools down one day and i didn't try to delete your wiki mr.jsw i am not scared of stephanie meyer and it does not stink you hideous fools mwaaaaaaaaa!!!!! you know who i am im the same person that bothers you fools everyday!!!

AU (cont.): you know who i am............................. You will find ut on Monday haaahahaha!!!! Actually until you tell me who random girl is i won't tell you anything!!!!

AU (cont.): i see you fools have a lot of advertisements you say twilight is foolish look at the vampire thing at the right!! it says your love is as immortal as he is!!!!! it is called first bite you fools like twilight and other vampire books and you know it!!!!!!!!

AU (cont.): who are you random girl are you jsw or random kid's girlfriend?????????????????

AU (cont.): take a guess who i am you you jsw and random kid foollllllllsssssssss

And then we threatened to block her for a year.

AU (cont.): Are you kidding me im a girl from school so im blocked for a year forgive me fellus i goty so upset because this is rediculious everbody hates twilight please don't block me i love your website i will never do it again SINCERLEY, your girl in your class i would tell you who it is but they say not to put the names on the website!!!...

AU (cont.): so are we cool????????? Or am i still gonna be punished

Random Kid: SHUTUP! I know exactly who you are now! For the last time Random Girl is not anyone's girlfriend!

Random Kid (cont.): And that block letter was just a warning.

Random Girl: Why does she want to know who I am so much? So you wanna know who I am eh Girl in Random Kid's class? Well, I'm afraid that's classified info.

Random Kid: Go ahead girl in my class. Put your name, not your last that is, just first. I want to know exactly who you are so I could give you a good talking to.

J. Severe: For all we know, it could be S.C.R. or J.L. That is, if you can figure out the initials.

J. Severe: My name is not "jsw." Those are the initials for my wiki. Address me as "J. Severe" or don't address me at all! And for your info Girl in Random Kid & I's class, you have no business knowing who Random Girl or Ashley Girl really are. We appreciate that you like our wikis, but there are some things that must be kept secret.

Random Kid: It has to be S.C.R, J.L, even though she's a fool, isn't that rude. Plus J.L doesn't even use the word fool. S.C.R uses it all the time, almost every one of her comments has fool in it. Thus, pointing out that it is none other than S.C.R.

J. Severe: So it is, eh? If only I was still sitting next to it (note how I said it), I'd interrogate 'em as soon as I get back to school!

Random Kid: Heh heh.

J. Severe: (snicker)

April 25, 2010Edit