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This story is about a vandal who decides to annoy everyone on this wiki.


Narrator: Ah, what a peaceful day at Stories and Info Wi..

Vandal: SHUT UP! (punched narrorator in stomach)

Random Admin: Sorry, you can't do that but, I'm going to have to ask you to leave (pushes block button)

Vandal: (punches admin in stomach again and pushes him into a garbage can) Sorry, the garabage goes in there.

Weirdo Guy: You're a fool!

Vandal: I'm a fool? You're the Weirdo Guy in this place.

Weirdo Guy: Well I tried. (walks off into sunset)

Random Staff Member: Sorry sir, but your fired from Wikia.

Vandal: I'm fired? You can't fire me. (gets inside cannon) You piece of.. (is launched)

Random Staff Member: Wait no! (is hit by rocketed Vandal)

Vandal: It's ALL over, Staff Member! (raises fist as to deliver the finishing blow)

Random Staff Member: No PLEASE! I'm just a poor boy who- GAH! (is punched)

Vandal: Ha! I'm victorious!

Random Kid: Yes, it is ALL over, for YOU! (lunges forth at Vandal)

Vandal: WHOA! (dodges hit and kicks back)

Random Kid: (ducks over kick and punches)

Vandal: (jumps back and grabs Random Kid's arm)

Random Kid: What are you going to-- ?!

Vandal: (twists Random's arm)

Random Kid: WAHH! (continues to yell in pain)

Vandal: (throws Random Kid on the ground)

Random Kid: (jumps up and kicks Vandal in stomach)

Vandal: GAK! (backs up in fear)

Random Kid: Face it Vandal, your a fool! (stands in triumph)

Vandal: Why you-- (get's up and grabs Random's collar to throw him on the ground)

Random Kid: (falls to ground and turns around to face Vandal) No, you beast! What are your true intentions?!

Vandal: You'll see, Mwah ha ha hah! (kicks Random Kid, knocking him out cold)

Random Kid: (is knocked out cold)

Part 2Edit

Narrator: 3 hours pass...

J. Severe: Random? Random?! (shakes Random Kid)

Random Kid: Huh?! (wakes up)

J. Severe: I found you lying out here in the middle of nowhere.

Random Kid: If I was in the middle of nowhere, how could you have possibly found me?

J. Severe: Okay, so maybe I exaggerated a little. But still, how did you end up out here.

Random Kid: (looks around) There was a vandal attempting to vandalize SIW. I tried to stop him, and he nearly killed me!

J. Severe: But don't you think if he nearly killed you, you'd be all bruised up and stuff.

Random Kid: Okay, maybe I ALSO exaggerated a little but I AM in fact injured. (lifts up sleeve to reveal a cut on arm)

J. Severe: Oh that. That's from last Tuesday in that battle with Matt and Mike, remember?

Random Kid: Oh yeah, even so! The vandal had evil intentions and he knocked me out so that I woudn't find out! But he underestimated the fact that our showdown was a few blocks from your house.

J. Severe: I see. Which means that we must find this guy before he does some real damage.

Random Kid: Exactly, now let's go. (gets up off of ground)

J. Severe: Sure. Be right back. (goes in house) (a few minutes later returns with laptop and a bookbag to carry it)

Random Kid: What's with that?

J. Severe: You know that everytime someone has evil intentions it's most likely that they're going to strike on either of our wikis. With my laptop, I can keep track of anything they did, and rollback it, completely wiping it off the face of every computer.

Random Kid: Okay. Let's do this!

Narrator: Random Kid and J. Severe embark on another perilous journey to save their creation: SIW. But what will become of their efforts when they come face to face with the Vandal? Find out, in this great novel!

Part 3Edit

Random Kid: (runs ahead, then stops) So where do you think this Vandal might live?

J. Severe: Beat's me. For all we know he could live in a completely different state... or even country.

Random Kid: (backs up in fear) No... no, that's impossible!

J. Severe: No it's not. Perhaps the wikis were so great that he traveled cross country just to vandalize them with sheer jealousy.

Random Kid: That's true, but if he lives in another country, how the heck are we supposed to find the guy?!

'J. Severe: 'You asked me that already and I clearly stated: Beat's me?

Random Kid: Well check the computer, maybe he did some vandilizing on one of the wikis. Then we can track em' down from his IP Address and appear in his house with a bloddy knife!

J. Severe: (slaps Random Kid)

Random Kid: Ouch! What the heck?!

J. Severe: You're taking this way too seriously. How many times has this kind of thing happened before, it's not anything new.

Random Kid: (punches J. Severe in stomach)

J. Severe: Gah! Don't hit me! (pushes Random Kid)

Random Kid: (punches J. Severe in the nose) I just DID!

J. Severe: (kicks Random Kid in the shin) And now you're going to pay for it!

Random Kid: You-- (elbows J. Severe in chest)

J. Severe: (bites Random Kid's arm)

Random Kid: WAH! (kicks J. Severe into tree)

J. Severe: (punches Random Kid into the street)

Random Kid: (falls onto ground)

J. Severe: (lunges forth to punch Random Kid a second time)

Narrator: Suddenly, during the two heroes disagreement, a car is seen coming!

Random Kid: WHOA! (jumps out of street, dodging car and J. Severe's punch)

J. Severe: (accidentally punches car) Oops...

Narrator: The driver of the car stops, and get's out. It turns out to be a teenager with cool sunglasses and a black vest on.

Teen with Cool Sunglasses: Alright little punks, which one of you's dented my ride?!

Random Kid: It was him! (immediately points to J. Severe)

J. Severe: Liar! Random Kid is a DIRTY liar!

Random Kid: Yep, it was all him. Feel free to punch his lights out now.

Teen with Cool Sunglasses: (stands motionless for a few seconds, then lunges forth at Random Kid)

Random Kid: (dodges teen) Whoa, what did I do?!

Teen with Cool Sunglasses: You're Random Kid right?

Random Kid: Uh, yes.

J. Severe: Don't answer that! How do you know he's not with-

Teen with Cool Sunglasses: Hey, V.! Is this him?

Narrator: A person in the back seat looks out the window. It turns out to be... VANDAL!

Random Kid: It's him!

Vandal: Yep, that's him. GET HIM!

J. Severe: RUN!

Narrator: Random Kid and J. Severe quickly dash down the street!

Teen with Cool Sunglasses: (jumps in car, does a U-Turn, and chases Random and J.!)

Random Kid: GO, GO, GO!!

J. Severe: I'm going!

The car is slowly gaining on them!

Random Kid and J. Severe: JUMP!

They both jump out of the way as the car speeds past them! The car drifted to the left and turned around to begin the chase again!

J. Severe: In that backyard!

Random Kid and J. Severe quickly run into a person's yard as the car follows quickly in pursuit! They jumped over the fence and landed in the backyard. The car BURSTS through the gate and kept on driving, unbeknownst to them, Random and J. were hiding at the two sides of the hole in the fence. They escaped... barely.

Random Kid: (gasp), (gasp) We should follow them.

J. Severe: We were nearly killed and you want to follow them?!

Random Kid: Well we'll have to catch Vandal sooner or later. We may never have another chance like this.

J. Severe: Or, we can use that first plan you had...

Random Kid: That's ludicrous I wasn't serious.

Voice from Afar: Hey you kids!

J. Severe: (looks up) Whoa! It's the guy who lives here!

Random Kid: He's coming?!

J. Severe: YES! And I heard a gun being cocked!

Part 4Edit

Random Kid: Oh no, we've got to get the heck out of here!

J. Severe: But how?! If we go through the front he'll catch us, if we go through the back he'll catch us! Our best bet is to just stay here and hide.

Random Kid: Maybe we could-

Strange Voice: Stop right there.

Random Kid: (turns around to see a double-barreled shotgun being held to his forehead) What the-- ?! Wait, sir, let me explain.

Strange Voice (now revealed to be an Old Man): This is for my fence! (shoots gun)

Random Kid: (ducks over bullets)

Bullets hit the ground as dirt flies up everywhere!

J. Severe: Wait! Please!

Old Man: (swings shotgun at J. Severe)

J. Severe: (jumps back in fear) WHOA!

Random Kid: This dude is wilin'!

J. Severe: I know right?!

Old Man: (begins to rapidly shoot shotgun)

Random Kid: (ducks) Wait! Sir, the Stories and Info and Joel Severe Wiki's are involved!

Old Man: (immediately stops shooting) Did you say Stories and Info and Joel Severe Wiki's?

J. Severe: Get's em' every time. Heh heh.

Random Kid: Why yes, I did say the Stories and Info and Joel Severe Wiki's. In fact, they're in grave danger.

Old Man: WHAT?! Who is it? I'll shoot em' for ya!

J. Severe: Wait no, that won't be necessary. It's okay, we've got the situation under control, or at least, we're about to have the situation under control.

Old Man: Oh how I love the SIW and JSW. I'm a retired man you know.

Random Kid: I can see that, yes so-

Old Man: And all I had to do for fun during the day was shoot squirrels with this shotgun.

Random Kid: Yes that's nice but-

Old Man: That is, until I discovered the Stories and Info and Joel Severe Wiki's.

Random Kid: Yeah I know, so anyway-

Old Man: They had fantastic stories and articles that I could read! And I used to hate reading! Now I love it all because of those two wikis!

Random Kid: Thank you for that information but-

Old Man: Oh how I love-

J. Severe: Will you SHUTUP and let the guy talk!!?

Old Man: ...

Random Kid: Anyways, the SIW and JSW are in grave danger! Just today a Vandal appeared and I came face to face with the guy! It was an all out brawl, but sadly, he prevailed... and (shivers in disgust) won the battle! I awoke to find myself in the presence of J. Severe here and-

Old Man: Did you say J. SEVERE!?

J. Severe: That's me.

Old Man: Oh my goodness! I LOVE your stories man! They're Oh d funny!

J. Severe: (widens eyes) Oh d? Oh d?! OH DEE!!?

Random Kid: J.! Just calm down, it means they're VERY funny.

J. Severe: Oh.

Old Man: Wait, if you're J. Severe, then you must be RANDOM KID!

Random Kid: Uh... yes, yes I am. But let's not dwell on our identities and rather on our current quagmire. Anyway, I found myself in J. Severe's presence and once again, we had a run in with Vandal, this time, with what looked to be his worker or something. They attempted to end us right then and there, but we were able to escape, thus causing this hole in your fence.

Old Man: Oh this hole? Nothing. I've fixed hole's 100 feet wide!

Random Kid: That's great for you. Now, we must forge on with our journey.

Old Man: But wait, I'll give you this shotgun to take Vandal down with.

Random Kid: Uh, that's okay. I don't think our parents nor the authorities would like us walking around with a double-barelled shotgun strapped to our backs...

J. Severe: That IS a nice offer though. I could use that to take down alot of annoyances in my life.

Old Man: But wait. I do have some other supplies you might need. (digs in pocket) Like this handy five tool pocket utencil. It holds two types of screw drivers, two types of can openers, a small blade for cutting ropes and stuff like that, and this red button... by the way. Do NOT press this button unless you ABSOLUTELY have to.

Random Kid: Wow, thanks. (puts tool in pocket) Well J., let's forge on.

J. Severe: Right!

Random Kid and J. Severe walk through the hole in the gate and onto the sidewalk.

Old Man: Good luck on your journey!

Random Kid and J. Severe: Thanks.

Part 5Edit

Random and J. walked out of the old man's backyard and into the front.

Random Kid: Once again we're in this dillema, where do we start now?

J. Severe: Well I don't know, we were too busy having an all out brawl to get a good look at either the Vandal of the Teen with Cool Sunglasses.

Random Kid: Perhaps we could go around the neighborhood asking folks if they saw them.

J. Severe: That is a good idea, but what if they find us before we find them?

Random Kid: Well we do have this gadget thing, I wonder what that secret button he said not to press was.

J. Severe: Press it, I want to see what it holds.

Random Kid: I don't know J., I think we should take heed to his warning.

J. Severe: Ah, whatever. (takes gadget) Now, let's see what this thing can really do.

Random Kid: Wait no you fool! You'll kill us all! (snatches gadget)

J. Severe: What the-- ?! I was just about to see what that button did, why'd you take it?

Random Kid: That's the problem, we're not supposed to know what the button does until we're in a time of the utmost distress! Are you crazy?

J. Severe: Well I DID just dodge death twice in a row. I think I may be a little shaken up.

Random Kid: Anyway, we've got to follow the direction that the car went.

Ominous beeps are heard.

J. Severe: What's that sound? What's that sound?!

Random Kid: I don't know, a bomb!

Both Random and J. dive onto the ground.


Random Kid: Huh?


Random Kid: Oh, heh heh, It was just my cell phone. Hello?

Guy on the Other Line: N-no! Please! NO! I want ta' live! No! Get away from me! Waaaaaah! (screaming slowly fades away)

J. Severe: Who was it?

Random Kid: Eh, wrong number. (hangs up phone)

J. Severe: What did he say?

Random Kid: He said: "N-no! Please! NO! I want ta' live! No! Get away from me! Waaaaaah!"

J. Severe: What? You idiot! (takes phone) That could've been Vandal going after one of our friends! (calls number back)

Guy on the Other Line: AAAAHH! *Gunshots* *Body thuds*

J. Severe: Well... (hangs up phone)

Random Kid: What happened?

J. Severe: The Guy on the Other Line was shot down in cold blood.

Random Kid: Well... did his voice sound familiar?

J. Severe: No.

Random Kid: Well that's just fantastic. We're racing against the clock to stop Vandal and we have no clues leading to him.

J. Severe: Well we do have one clue.

Random Kid: Really? What?

J. Severe: This license plate of the car chasing us down.

Random Kid: What the-- ?! How long were you going to wait?

J. Severe: Don't blame me. I thought you saw it already.

Random Kid: (scoff) (picks up License Plate) Let's run this number down at the police station.

J. Severe: Right.

Part 6Edit