Many of the articles and stories on this wiki are both humorous and intense. But there can even be some articles and stories that are informational and serious.

But first, there are a few words that you may see alot on this wiki. Intense, critical, whatnot, and fool or foolish.

Just saying that so you don't get annoyed when you see those words about three or four times in one article.

Although there are many things on this wiki, this wiki was originally made for the entetainment purposes of Random Kid (me) and all other fans. So when this wiki becomes a big hit or whatever and is on the top of the most voted wikia list, then there'll be more than just a single digit number of people visiting this wiki everyday. It'll be in the double digits, or even the triple digits, and then the quadruple digits.

Yes, this wiki shall soon be one of the most famous of them all, believe it people!