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A DesireEdit

Brandy was a boy… he played with a toy. Outside, oh, there was fog. Even inside a log. But Brandy’s very lonely. And he’s skinny and boney. What he needed was a friend, who’d be with him ‘til the end.


Brandy walked o’er to his mom, who was on He told her what he needed, and Brandy even pleaded: “Mom, oh Mom! Who’s on! Despite all the fog, I’d really like a dog!”

Deep ThoughtEdit

Mother heard this, yes she did, but would she agree to this kid? A dog was a lot of responsibility, but determination in this kid she don’t see. So she said she’d think about it and walked to her room, unbeknownst to her on the floor was a broom.


Brandy know his momma was unsure, when she went and closed the door. Brandy had to prove it to her, that this boy had as much reliability as that sir! So he picked up the broom, and ever so terribly, tried to clean the room but did it just barely. What he really did was, with the broom upside down, scraped the floor and left scratches all around!


Mom heard all this and she raced down the stairs. She thought she had heard the room be ransacked by bears! But it was Brandy, all quiet and so insincere. Mother knew EXACTLY what went on in here. Brandy had tried to show her that he was good, but all he did was show what no Mother should. Mother told Brandy to go to his room, where Brandy would be locked and smothered in doom. Now Mother knew, despite all the fog that she would never, EVER get Brandy a dog!

Change of MindEdit

But Mother knew Bran' was upset, that he would NEVER get a pet. Then Mother started feeling sad, after all Bran' hadn't done nothin' bad. He had tried to prove to her, he was responsibile, yes sir! Maybe, perhaps, by a chance - she could help him in advance. Mom went up to Brandy's room, where the boy was stuck in doom. She told him when there was no fog, maybe they could get a dog. Brandy was so happy, yes he was, that he might even call his cous'! Bran' partied all night, didn't stop, tomorrow he'd go to the pet shop!

The Pet ShopEdit

Mom & Brandy drove o'er there, Brandy was without a care. Finally he'd have a friend - who'd stick with him 'til the end! Then they got there, looked around, heard a dog that made a lot of sound. They saw a dog, a few months old, who had the fur as bright as gold! He seemed playful, yes he was, but what else does this gold dog does? He did trick, and oh so comfert'ly, jumped 3 feet in the air triumphantly! Brandy loved what his eyes caught, with some bucks, this dog was bought! Brandy took him home, he did, just read what awaited this kid!

Doggy TroubleEdit

Brandy got home, went to give the dog a snack. All the dog did was turn on his back! Brandy went to warm up a bowl of dog soup, only to find the carpet full of dog poop! "What the --?!", he yelled in distress. You won't know what that dog did next. Go on - guess! Exactly, you can't! And of course, you shan't! That dog was on the couch, ripping pillows to pieces! What's more, that dog did, he left some big creases! What would Brandy do? Could he shield this all up? Or if Mom found out, she'd make him give back this pup!

Kitchen KommotionEdit

Dog went to the kitchen, his stomach was fitchin'. He wanted some food, and his askings were crude! He barked at Brandy, he barked loud and mean! He barked so loud, that Mom arrived on the scene! She saw the living room all bad and destroyed. She thought that this dog's staying here was now void. When the dog saw the mother, he jumped on the sink. Then he raised his hind leg, and all were heard were "PLINK's!

Mom rushed to the sink and who would think! There were yellow, wet vegetables right in the sink! Tonight's dinner had been peed on... now they had nothing to do eat - not even bon-bons! Mom had a murderous look on her face. He looked at her son, who she thought was the base! (of this problem, that is). She grabbed the dog and threw him down the stairs. Then she looked at Brandy, who looked without cares. "Now, son, you're in trouble! An un-poppable bubble! Do you know how angry I am?! I got this dog for you, thought all your sadness would shoo, but now I feel like going 'BAM!', on your butt!" Brandy started to cry, the poor and shy guy, and ran upstairs to his room. Mom felt no compassion. She ain't felt no pity. Until... that is, the dog ran into the city!

Missing Dog?Edit

Later on, Mom started thinking about this. About how, for a moment, the dog gave Brandy bliss. That dog had brought joy and excitement to the house. Something, that couldn't have been done by a mouse. And right then, and right there, without any shred tares, Mom felt remorse, for who? The dog, of course. So she looked 'round the place; called Brandy to help with the search. But the dog wasn't anywhere, not even chomping on the birch. "Where is he? Where is he?!", little Brandy boy cried. "I'm sure he's round here something", Brandy's mother lied. Soon, they gave up. They couldn't find the pup. Where, oh, where could the dog be? In a cup?

No, he was not in a cup. He wasn't in a cup, that little pup. He had run away in fear. The dog even shed a tear. He couldn't live with a person who didn't love him. However, an elderly was walking on by. When she looked at the dog, she gave a big sigh. The dog was so cute, and he wasn't a brute. She took it under her wing, said "What a lovely thing!"

Mom and Brandy made posters of the dog and the boy. They soon took a break, and drank milk made of soy. Covered the town, and called the police. They even interrogated Kevin Flease! Nothing prevailed, and they couldn't find the dog. Brandy's world was covered in fog. Mom wanted to hit herself over the head with a log. For why didn't she find love in the dog? Now she was going head-over-heels for it. And, as much as Brandy, she loved it every little bit.

The Dog is Found!Edit

The next morning, the elderly woman woke up. She had the dog (whom she named 'Li'l Pup). She took the dog out for a little walk. Why, this old lady, gave the li'l pup a talk! However, as she told about a roller coaster, she looked at a nearby tree and saw the poster! The poster that said that the dog was missing! And the old lady tought the true owners were missin' all the blissin'!

So she took the dog to the right address. However, Mom hadn't even gotten dressed! So she sent Brandy to open the door. He thought it was the mailman, but it was something more! 'Twas the dog! Brandy's world was no more covered in fog! The dog jumped in him. What a nice cherubim. Huh? What was I saying? Oh yeah, I was dictating! So Mom came downstairs and gave a reward. Her joy for having the dog back oversoared! So the family of Brandy, Mom, and the dog broke never. For they all lived happily, ever after!


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