A. Louis. Also known as "A FOOL" and Ferb11.

The foolish cousin of J.Severe. A LOUIS has a bad reputation here on Stories and Info Wiki. Due to his bad language usage while editing articles on this wiki (without permission I might add), he was banned for a whole year.

So we won't be seeing any more of this trouble maker. But we must all beware, he could just not sign in and freely edit the wiki as an Unregistered Contributor, but anyone who does that will immediately be banned (see Unregistered Contributors wanted article).

If anyone has any information on this A LOUIS character... please keep it to yourselves. Random Kid and J.Severe intend to find this guy our own ways. O_O

He will be caught and put to justice. But beware, A LOUIS is still out there using other computers to ruin this website, so watch out and Random Kid and J.Severe will stop him from wreaking havoc on SIW.

He's a fool is all!

Breaking News!Edit

Folks, the impossible has occured!! A. Louis , the baddest guy to roam Wikia, has apologized for his wrong doings! I know, I couldn't believe it either! A. Louis and... I just-... ugh... (faints)

Um, allow me to take over. For those of you who have no idea who A. Louis is, check out his page on the Wanted List; A. Louis. For more information on how he got such a bad reputation here, go to The Web War page. Anyways, yes, it's true folks! The one whom single handedly deleted every page on the Stories and Info Wiki a few months back, has returned and repented. He made his appearance after a 3 month hiatus on April 29, 2010! He apologized for his wrong doings and pleaded J.Severe to forgive him! Catch all the action, including J.Severe and Random Kid's answer to this abrupt call for forgiveness, at this here "link"! See it now folks. Otherwise, continue with your daily routine. Thank you for your time... read on.