2012 is a year of many things. For starters, there's... uh... OK, so nothing exciting happens in 2012. It's just a regular, boring year like 2010 and many others. But to some other random folks, 2012 isn't an ordinary year. As a matter of fact, it may be the biggest year of their life. "Why do they think this?", you ask. I don't want to alarm you but... they say it's gonna be: the End of the World!

What They Think Edit

See, this Apocylpse theory can stretch all the way back to ancient times. Then lived the Mayans. See, these Mayan folks lived in what is today South America. Don't worry, I'm not making this into a History lesson. I just thought you'd like to know a little more about who we're dealing with. But if you're gonna be that way then fine! Don't learn about the Mayans! Be a dern fool! And yes, I spelled "dern" that way purposely. Anyways, the Mayans were a smart bunch. They could pinpoint star alignments in the sky and do all sorts of stuff that would baffle today's scientists. I'm guessin' these folks were truly in touch with nature. The Mayans also had this calendar, see? But the most peculiar thing about it, is that it ends on December 21, 2012. And some people take this too literally. It was clearly labled "the new beginning." They never said that the world was gonna explode in a violent eruption of fireballs and whatnot. Besides, the guy who was making the calendar could've slacked off and not finished it. Why, I was just listening to the radio and I heard some guy say the end of the world was May 11, 2011. (snicker) Yeah, right.

The end of the world isn't just in the Mayans. It's religious, too. Those of you Christians believe that one day Jesus Christ will return to the world to judge everyone in an intense display. Then the heavens and Earth will be destroyed! Uh-huh. Intense, ain't it? Yes. Yes it is. Now, no one knows when the heck this is gonna happen. It could happen in 5 minutes, and reading this here paragraph may be the last thing you ever read. But it is said to happen at a time no one will expect. So I bet at my wedding as I'm about to kiss my bride, the church is gonna fall apart and a giant fireball is gonna blow up in front of me!

This whole "world ending" thing is later referenced in the Sony Pictures film, "2012", where a family must escape as the world is destroyed around them! I bet that's one adventure they'll never forget. But anyway, don't worry about the end of the world. Just try to live your life at its fullest and treasure everyone that you meet. That is, everyone except stupid, fat guys who will never leave you alone. Wilson, will you get out of here before I kick you upside your head!!! Whew. I'm tellin' ya, I don't know about that boy.

What I Think (Part 1)Edit

I've decided to put together a little story about a girl who's trying to save herself during the end of the world! Now I'm not saying that it's gonna happen, but it's just a great scenario for an intense story.

It was a normal day, like any other, I, Sarah Rowley, was just sitting on a couch in the den with a bag of chips watching cartoons. It was December 20, 2012 - the day before the supposed "end of the world." Ha. I'm telling you, these people are out of there minds. It's a normal day in Winter. Christmas is just 5 days away. However, Dad's less concerned with helping Mom put up the Christmas tree. He says we need to be prepared if the unthinkable happens tomorrow. I never thought I'd say this, since Dad was a total nerd when he was in high school, but he's crazy. He's a stupid fool. The world will NOT end. And when it doesn't, I hope I find a new cell phone under that tree December 25th.

Dad was going to Wal-Mart to pick up some bomb-proof vests. Now they sell those things in different styles, like leather or silk. I thought I'd tag along with Dad so I could see which was best for me. If I had to wear clothing because of Dad's dumb beliefs, I was gonna make sure it wasn't cheap. When we entered the store, everything had changed. What was just a regular convenience store a month ago was now a war center with green army uniforms as far as the eye could see. These folks are nuts. Even though it won't happen anyway, it's the end of the world not World War III. But at that point I could really care less. A new episode of my favorite show was gonna start soon so I wanted to make this as quick as possible. I got a cute, pink one and went on my way.

The time I got home, Mom had the tree fully decorated and she was listening to holiday songs and dancing like there was no tomorrow. Of course, Dad would say that there will be no tomorrow but I'd just ignore him. Mom's dancing was a horrible sight indeed. When she started shaking her butt, I excused myself to the family room where I played my PS3. At about 7:00, we had dinner. Dad said it may be the last dinner we ever have so we should treasure it. I took Dad's advice with a grain of salt (literally) and wolfed down my mac and cheese. After the dishes were done, I went to take my shower and then crawled into bed. Nowadays, I just take my shower early so I get comfertable in my bed and watch some of my favorite primetime shows. But that night's episode was as bad as Mom's dancing so I ---. Wait, I take that back. Nothing is worse than my Mom's dancing. But the episode still stunk and I ended up falling asleep in the middle of it.

What I Think (Part 2)Edit

I woke up this morning, and it was just like any normal day. So, like any normal day, I made myself a bowl of Frosted Flakes and sat down in front of the TV. I zoomed through all the channels but there was nothing on them. At last I came to a random news channel. The guy said that there was nothing on the other channels because the folks who were in charge of broadcasting were out on the streets running in panic. Then THAT guy jumped out the window and started jumping in the middle of the street. Suddenly, the TV turned off by itself. I turned around and saw Dad with the remote in his hand.

He said we needed to hide in the bomb shelter until the rockets arrived in a few hours to evacuate the town. I told Dad before I go on with his tomfoolery, I should at least be able to finish my breakfast. He said he packed a meal in the shelter for us. That gave me an excuse to throw my bowl on the floor and walk away with Dad. Well, the bowl was made of glass and it shattered into, like, a million pieces. Mom came in and yelled at me. I pointed out that on the last day, a simple bowl wouldn't mean anything. Now, Dad's silly beliefs give me a chance to be fresh to Mom.

I went with the rest of the family to the shelter in the backyard. To my surprise, my best friend Steve was already in there. I asked him what the heck he was doing, and he said he was kicked out of HIS family's bomb shelter. I can understand why. Steve's parents are fat, so they probably took up most of the space in there. Steve could've suffocated under their weight, so it was a wise move of his to come here. Dad then took out a loaf of garlic bread. I love garlic bread, so perhaps Dad's stupid idea was going to be quite delicious. I took a big piece and sat down with a can of soda. It was the tastiest breakfast of my life. Suddenly, we heard a loud thump overhead.

Dad right away started screaming. "Whaaa! We're all gonna DIIIIIE!", he yelled. Mom went outside to investigate. It turns out it was a squirrel who had been running on the roof. But at that point, Dad had already fainted. So she didn't really need to do that. The next few hours, I just used my laptop to play online games. When dinnertime came, I got to eat an entire lobster. If everytime Dad thinks something wacky is gonna happen he packs a gourmet meal, I wouldn't mind hiding from the end of the world everyday. At about 7:00, it started raining. Steve wondered if a tsunami wasn't far behind. I told him not to worry, but then we heard a giant CRASH! Then a THUMP! And then I heard a voice say, "You're next, Sarah Rowley." That was all I needed. I joined Dad on the cold floor as a fainted fool.

I didn't wake up 'til hours later. Had I died? Was this heaven? If so, God did a good job of remodeling my bedroom. Mom came in and I asked her if it was all over. She said no, and that all those sounds was just my cousin Neville who was playing a trick on me. I knew what I had to do. I marched downstairs, grabbed a folding chair, and bashed Neville over the head with it! After Neville was taken to the hospital, I was able to relax. The world hadn't ended, and it probably never would. Dad was outside dancing with a bunch of his pals. It turns out Dad can dance waaay better than Mom. As a matter of fact, one time I remember, when Mom was in line at a grocery store, she dancing out of nowhere - and the clerk saw the whole thing. Rumors say the last time the clerk was seen, he was in rehab. Anyway, everyone was burning all their end-of-the-world preservation junk. So basically, if the end of the world occured tomorrow, everyone would be totally unprepared.

I just crawled into bed and turned off the light. It had been a rough day. However, nothing would protect me from what would happen tomorrow.

What I Think (Part 3)Edit

I was sleeping until 7:00. A light rain started to fall. Then it grew louder... and louder. Eventually, it got so loud that I had to go outside to see what was going on. It turned out the water wasn't falling from the sky, it came from the sides. So when I opened the door, a huge flood of water come rushing in out of nowhere! I jumped on top of the kitchen table to keep away from the water. But it, it being the water, seeped into the electrical outlits, thus creating fire! So the places where the water had not yet reached wre being burned to a crisp. But some fire got into the water, thus creating smoke. And the smoke got the attention of the fire alarm, and a loud ringing boomed throughout the entire house. Not only that, but it activated the sprinklers and it was raining inside the house. Dad, all drenched with water, came downstairs to see what the heck was going on. He wasn't too happy to see the kitchen flooded with smoke and burnt marks everywhere. Dad went to open the door. I tried to stop him by yelling "NO! YOU FOOL!" A huge wind blew in and knocked Dad off his feet! As if that weren't enough, more water came flooding in!

Mom and Steve, who was sleeping over, came running down the stairs and slipped on the water, falling flat on their backs. I rushed to close the door when I saw a most terrifying sight. Outside was a megatsunami that stretched higher than the eye could see!!! "Mamma mia! That's a big-a wave-a", Steve commented. That much water could flatten the city and drown us all to death! What could we do? Dad got up and saw this astonishing sight. His mouth hung wide open. "It's exactly what I've always feared!", he cried. "THE END OF THE WORLD! And we're all totally unprepared!", he screamed. "We're all gonna DIE!", Mom yelled. "Guys, calm down! No one's gonna die", I said. "How can you say that with a straight face?", Steve asked. "Maybe there's a way we can get out of town", I suggested. "How?", Steve asked. 'We'll need a boat", I said.

Before I knew it, the four of us were sailing across the rushing waters. It was a brutal storm the likes of which I'd never seen before. The waves tossed and turned us and threw us underwater. Soon, a big wave came and crushed the boat! We were all sent plunging underwater! We couldn't breathe! I thought it was all over! Just then, Steve grabbed my hand and hoisted me up to the surface. The four of us had to hold onto each other or risk being swept by the waves to our watery end. "We have to stick together and---", Mom started. "--and... and... and..." I looked up and saw the megatsunami right in front of us, a billion feet in the air! I was stricken with fear! If the tsunami hit us, it would most truly be the end!! "Hold me!!!", Dad screamed. Our lives were hanging on by a mere thread! And now it seemed some fool was going to cut that thread!

The wave came crashing down on us!!!!! "Waaaaaaaaah!", I yelled. And that was the last thing I remembered before the strong water of the tremendous wave crashed onto me and sent me plunging a thousand feet into the oceans below! Everything went black. It was all over....

What I Think (Part 4)Edit

I eventually woke up and I was in some other town. I guess the wave had swept me over here. I looked to my right and saw Steve. "Steve? Steve!", I called. "Huh? Whooz there?", he asked. I picked the boy up and hugged him. "Uh... yeah I'm glad to see you too. But that's no reason to hug", he said. I quickly let go of him. "Oh yeah. Heh", I giggled. "By the way, did we die?", Steve asked. "No. I think we survived. I don't know how... but we survived", I said. "But... where's Mom & Dad?" Steve looked around. "I don't think they made it", Steve said. I shed a tear. "Listen Sarah, I know this is hard for you. But this is the End of the World. Of course you must realize that someone had to die. It's in all the disaster movies", Steve said, trying to comfort for me. I wiped my tears. "Yeah.. we should be lucky we're alive." But still it was hard to come to grips with. My parents were DEAD.

Suddenly, the ground began to shake. "What's goin' on?", Steve asked. "I think I know", I said, "Come on, we gotta go!" "Where?", Steve asked. "If we're lucky, a car rental place", I answered. We rushed into the city to find what had happened. The ground was shaking more profusely now and a giant crack opened up in the middle of the street. "Dah--!", people yelled as they drove their cars into the crack. "Come on, we gotta get that car!", I said, pointing to a random car. As I ran to it, the ground shook feriously and I flipped. Steve caught me in his hands. "Thanks, Stev", I said. We climbed into the car and I was about to pull off when a random man stopped me. "Hey that's my car", he said. "Not anymore", Steve retorted. "Why do you care about stealing a car during an earthquake? Which is weird since we've never had an earthquake", the old man said. "Well you've never been carjacked either. But as you can plainly see, there's a first time for everything", I said. Suddenly, the man was crushed to death by stacks of falling bricks! "We better get the heck out of here", Steve said.

I quickly put the petal to the medal and we drove off! We hastedly dodged the building that crashed behind us! "Whaaaa! This is so INTENSE!", I screamed. I couldn't drive very well so I CRASHED into some random guy's house! I drove through the guy's living room and jumped over the dining room table! "Dwaaah!", Steve yelled. There was a lady right in front of us in the den with a bag of groceries. "Gaaah!", she screamed as we ran over her! We crashed out the other side of the house and kept on going. Suddenly, a trail of police cars followed us! "We gotta lose the fuzz!", Steve yelled. A mile in front, two buildings CRASHED into each other and BURST into flames! "Whoa!", I yelled in alarm. The buildings began to collapse. I had to get through the buildings AND escape the police! I only had one shot. VROOOOM! WAM! I quickly passed the buildings as they fell to the ground! And the police drove right into the buildings causing an explosion! Our car narrowly escaped on the freeway as a cloud of dust covered the background and fire & sparks flew everywhere!

"Whew. That was close", Steve said. "Not by much! Look behind us!", I said. 'Twas true. The earthquake crack seemed to be following us! And the cracks opened up and fire sprouted out of them! "Whoa! This earthquake's wilin'!", I yelled. "Look out!", Steve screamed. We were about to drive right into the ocean! "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!", we both screamed. But in front of us, there was a ramp. We drove up it and soared through the air! "AAAHHH!!!", we both yelled. We landed into the ocean with a huge SPLASH! The two of us escaped the car and swam up to the surface. "We're gonna die. I don't know how but we are gonna DIE!", Steve said. Suddenly, the ocean got very warm. "Steve, did you fart?", I asked. "No", he replied. Suddenly, all the ocean water rose into the air. "Oh... no...", I said. The water came down, ready to drench me and Steve. "Goshspeed", I muttered.


What I Think (Part 5)Edit

Steve and I plunged underwater. My eyes closed and I couldn't breathe. Everything was black from then on. It wasn't until hours later that I was able to breathe. I quickly woke up. To my side, Steve was laying down on the floor, unconscious. "Come on, Steve. Wake up!", I said as I tried to wake the boy up. But he wouldn't budge. So I decided to take matters into my own hands. I looked out the window and realized that I was above the clouds. And then I heard the sounds of choppers. I was in a helicopter! So I opened the door that led from this room to the cockpit. I saw two men at the controls. I could sneak up on them and surprise 'em. So I took this baseball bat I found on the floor and crept up behind one of the guys. I slowly got up and was about to whack the guy upside his head when he flipped and grabbed my bat! He hit me over the head with it and I flew into the windshield.

"Ugh", I groaned. But I wasn't giving up yet. I jumped to kick him but he grabbed my leg and spun me around. I kicked him in his face and he tumbled backwards. The other guy ran up to me but I quickly punched him. "Who are you guys?", I asked. "We're the FBI", the first guy said, holding up his badge. At that point, Steve burst into the room. "FBI! Wow!", Steve said, excitedly. "Aren't you supposed to be running away like little schoolgirls, just like the rest of the government officials?", I asked. "No. Unlike the CIA and the NRA, we're actually trying to save people. See, there's a space station on the Moon with stuff that we can all use. We can try to round up as many people as we can and bring them up there", the guy explained. "Well we're going with you right?', I asked. The two guys burst into laughter. "Ha! Why waste valuable space on two weasly children?" Just then, I elbowed some guy who was sneaking up on me in the stomach, then I took his gun and pointed it at the agents. "OK fine. You can come."

Suddenly, the helicopter was hit by a flaming fireball! "Whoa!", one of the guys yelled, as half of the copter burst into flames. More fireballs came raining down from the sky! "What's going on?!", I yelled. "Over the past thousand years, Earth has had a magnetic shield over it. Now that shield has faded, thus allowing the sun to send powerful light rays (or fireballs) to nearby planets", the agent explained. "I see", I replied. The four of us jumped out of the helicopter as it exploded! But the fireballs kept on coming! "Careful. Don't let the fireballs touch you or else you'll be burnt to a crisp within seconds!", the agent warned. "NOW you tell us that", Steve said, who was holding a fireball in his hand. The four heroes crashed onto the roof of a building. "Where are we?", Agent #2 asked. "Looks like New York City", Agent #1 said. "Jump!", I yelled. The four of us jumped off as the fireballs landed on the building, causing a fire.

We landed in New York Harbor. "What do we do now?", I asked. "Let's hide in the Statue of Liberty. It's fire-proof", Agent #1 suggested. So we hurried to Liberty Island, then hurried into the Statue, where we were safe. "Whew. We dodged death by a mere thread", Steve said. "Yes. Quite a thrill, old chap", Agent #2 said. Suddenly, the ground began to shake. "Oh no. Not another earthquake", I said. "No. There cannot be an earthquake in the middle of a harbor. It is most likely an underwater volcano", Agent #1 said. "Oh that's good --- Hey, wait a second. Underwater volcano?!", I yelled. SPLOOOOOOOOOOSH! The Statue of Liberty was blasted into the air then it landed into the wavey seas. And it was not fun inside the Statue at all. We tossed and turned, and Agent #2 threw up. "Can this get any worse?", I asked. "Well if you think being stranded in the middle of the ocean inside a statue is bad, then yes. Yes, it can", Agent #1 said. I groaned.

What I Think (Part 6)Edit

For hours we were stuck in that statue. I thought I'd be better off dead. But if I were meant to die, I wouldn't have hastedly dodged a megatsunami, a giant earthquake, and raging fireballs. Anyways, I had got this far and I wouldn't rest until I was up in Space. away from all this danger.

"You know, guys. One of us should get out there and see if it's safe to go", I suggeted. "Go? Go where?", Steve asked. "Swimming to land of course", I said. "That's preposterous. I'd sooner drown", Agent #2 said. "Hey, the girl may have a point. It's either this or die", Agent #2 pointed out. "And 'this girl' has a name. Sarah Rowley", I said. "Hello Sarah", Agent #2 greeted. "Hey!", Steve called out, "Are we gonna save our butts or formally associate?" "Formally associate!", Agent #2 voted. Agent #1 slapped Agent #2. "We'll save the butts..."

So we ventured out of Lady Liberty and floated adrift in the waters. "There seems to be no where to go. Told you this was stupid", Agent #1 muttered. Suddenly, a foghorn blew from afar. "Listen to that!", I called out. Soon after, a giant cruise was driving by us. "Hey! Hey! Over here!", the four of us yelled. A random passenger saw us on the edge of the ship and called for some of those round, ring-like things they throw to people who've gone overboard. I caught onto that and they hoisted me up. The others soon followed.

If I ever had to be saved by a boat, I'm glad it was a cruise. The cruise has all sorts of games, foods, and folks in cartoon customes. It was paradise. It was also the End of the World, but it was still paradise. So the most I could do was rent sunglasses, sit down on a table, and eat fried shrimp from a bowl. But it would all soon come to an end. In a few hours, the weather started getting a bit cold and rainy. And then it started pouring. Before I knew it, a storm had arrived! The captain ordered everyone to hurry back to their cabin. I didn't have a cabin, but I still tried to get in a safe place. However, a huge wave hit the cruise and the shp tilted upward. I slipped down the deck, and almost fell of the edge!

"Help!", I yelled. But no one could hear me. Suddenly, the ship started to spin in a circle. I flew off the edge and soared to the highest point on the cruise. From there, I could see that the ship was being sucked into a whirlpool! The ship completely stood on its side, and all the people in their cabins came crashing out! Some of them fell overboard, and others held on for dear life! Then, I saw Steve and it looked as if he wouldn't make it. I jumped off the post and landed in front of Steve. He crashed into me and we slid off the deck! While the two of us were in the ocean, frantically trying to escape the whirlpool, the cruise broke apart, and it sunk to the bottom of the sea. Afterword, the whirlpool grew smaller and smaller until it vanished completely.

"Where are the FBI agents?", Steve asked. "I don't know. I guess he went down with the ship and the other few hundred people", I said. "Gee. Now I know how it felt to be on the Titantic", Steve said. "Me too", I replied, "But more importantly, what do we do now?" But off in the distance, I could faintly see a peace of land. "There!", I said. "That where we go!" And so, Steve and I swam all the way over there.

What I Think (Part 7)Edit

I and Steve swam all the way to the island. Apparently, we had landed in Pennsylvania. "Interesting. This place doesn't have a scratch on it", Sarah said. "Of course. Ironically, this is the only town on the East coast that hasn't been hit by a natural disaster", a random guy said, "Besides, we never have been hit by one anyway." "Well there's always a first time for everything", Steve said. "Like the guy who said that he was never carjacked, and then we went and stole his car", I said as an example. "Well...", started the random guy. He had nothing to say. "We barely escaped with our lives from a megatsunami, earthquake, fire raining down from the sky, and a ship that was sucked inside a whirlpool!", I yelled. "What's next, a tornado?", Steve asked. And I wish Steve never said that, because it's exactly what happened next.

Suddenly, a strong wind began to blow. "What's that?", I asked. "Oh, just the weather. Nothing peculiar", the random guy reassured us. The wind blew harder and I fell backward! "You say that's nothing peculiar?", Steve asked. "Well --" Suddenly, a school bus was pulled toward the direction of the wind! "Now that's unusual!", the random guy said. "Now you notice that?", I asked, getting off the ground. Over the horizon, we saw a faint twirling object. "What in the world is that?!", the random guy asked. The object came closer. "It's... A TORNADO!", I yelled in alarm. "WHAAA!", me and Steve screamed. "Come on guys. It's just --" Suddenly, the random guy was hit over the head by a tree that was pulled toward the tornado. "Ughh...", were the random guy's last words before he dropped down dead.

"We gotta get out of here!", Steve said. "Quick, let's drive away on that motorcycle", I said, pointing to a motor bike just a few feet away. We jumped aboard as a young teen interrupted us. "Yo, you can't steal my ride!", the teen said. "Oh please. I don't time to waste, pretty boy", I said and sped away. The two of us (Steve and I) zoomed across the street as things around us were pulled off their roots and pulled toward the tornado. "We won't be able to make it", Steve said. "Never say never", I said. "I didn't. And you just said never", Steve said. "As did you", I replied. "Buh -. Ohh... you sly Sarah", Steve said. Suddenly, the bike crashed tripped on a rock and me and Steve flew into the air! When we landed, the bike soared and crashed into a tent, which burst into flames!

Steve started to lift off the ground. "No. No! NOOO!", he yelled as he tried to hold on to a pole but the pull of the tornado was too strong! I wasn't about to let my best friend die! I reached for him, but his hands slid off the pole and Steve was sent hurdling straight at the tornado! "HEEEELLLLLLPPPP!", Steve yelled. I quickly grabbed a rope that was on the ground and threw it towards Steve. The rope tied around Steve's wrist and I tried to pull him back down. But the tornado was too strong! I tried to pull Steve down, but the tornado pulled Steve, and it pulled me too. My feet slowly rised off the ground. Before I knew it, I was hurdling toward the tornado too! I thought it was all over! I edged the tornado and my life flashed before my eyes.

What I Think (Part 8)Edit

Suddenly, everything stopped! Seriously. It seemed that things were speeding across at an alarmingly fast rate, and then time stopped. I looked up. Falling from the sky came some sort of UFO. The UFO's spaceship landed on the ground and out of it came an alien, complete with crown and robe. It snapped its fingers and the tornado dfisappeared and we all fell down to the floor. "Eek knee san shee", the alien said. "What does that mean?", I asked. "Shut cho mouth!", it yelled, and it blasted me with a ray of dark magic. I crashed into a building, and the building fell apart on top of me.

"Hey! You can't do that!", Steve yelled. "Silence, mortal! We aliens have come from across the galaxy to enslave you humans. You shall bow down to us!", the alien announced. "And what if we don't want to?", Steve asked. Out of nowhere, a whole unch of aliens jumped out of the spaceship and aimed machine guns at Steve! "N-never mind", Steve muttered. "Follow me!", the alien commanded. All the people followed the alien, as the other aliens held guns to the people's backs. I rose out of the debris when the group was gone. "(huff puff) I gotta get out of here", I said to myself. Then I spotted a small spaceship. "Bingo", I whispered. I crept inside the spaceship and sat at the controls. With this, I could escape to Outer Space.

But I couldn't just leave Steve here to suffer. He's my best friend and I had to save him. So, controlling the spaceship, I was able to drive over to where everyone was. The alien was going to make a sacrifice. "Who will go first?", the alien asked. "First? You're making more than one sacrifice?", Steve asked. "Excellent. You go first", the alien said. "What?!" The guards carried Steve over to the leading alien. The alien took out a knife. "As a sacrifice to the god Milky Way", the alien said and lunged at Steve with the knife. Right then, I drove the spaceship into the alien and knocked him out cold! "Steve, if you want to live, hop aboard my spaceship!", I called. Steve quickly jumped in and we blasted off.

"So where are we going?", Steve asked. "Anywhere but here", I answered. Suddenly, the ship was hit by an approaching missile! "What the HECK?!", I yelled. Behind us was a swarm of alien spaceship rapidly shooting at us! "Whoa!", I yelled as I swerved the ship to avoid the bombs! "Look, there's a range of mountains. Maybe we can lose them there", Steve suggested. "Great idea", I said. And we flew into an area with a bunch of mountains. We headed straight into one. "Sarah, we're about to crash", Steve said. "Not quite", I replied. As we were about to hit a mountain, I quickly changed direction. Thus, the spaceships that were behind me flew into the mountain and exploded!!!

Next we were about to hit two mountains that were right next to each other. I turned the ship on its side and slid between the mountains as the spaceships crashed into it and exploded!! I turned the ship around as if I was driving backwards. Then I pulled a cannon out from under the ship and handed it to Steve. Steve jumped out the ship with the cannon and flew through the air. He rapidly shot missiles at the remaining spaceships! The missiles made direct contact and all the spaceships blew up in a GIGANTIC EXPLOSION!!!!! Steve grabbed the bottom of our spaceship and pulled himself up. When he got in, we set coordinates for Outer Space.

What I Think (Final Chapter)Edit

When we were floating through outer space, we spotted a GIANT aircraft, named S.S. Axiom. I'm guessing the S.S. stands for "space shuttle." I drove the spaceship onto the surface of the aircraft. Me and Steve got out of the spaceship and knocked on the door to the inside of the aircraft. A military-type guy opened the door and stared straight at us. We stared at him too. "How did you kids get here?", he asked. "We don't have time to answer questions. We can hardly breathe", I said. The guy let us in and we walked into the Waiting Room.

There were millions billions of people in that room. "What's going on?", Steve asked. "These are all the people we saved from planet Earth", the guy said, "which is due to self-destruct right about... now!" Everyone in the large auditorium of a room looked out the window. The Earth suddenly split in four and then all four parts exploded. "I sure am glad I got out of there", I muttered. "Another planet that can sustain human life won't be formed for another few hundred years", the guy explained. "Then what do we do here?", Steve asked. "Well we have enough food and clothes to last until 2700 AD. By then, the earth will reform all we can return", the guy said. "That sounds do-able", I said to Steve.

After a few days, the entire human race - or at least what was left of it - were all comfortable on the ship. Me and Steve sat on folding chairs eating buttered popcorn and watching HD movies. "I can get used to this", Steve sighed with relief. "C'est la vie, Steve. C'est.. la.. vie", I said. And that's the scoop!

790 Years Later...Edit

The S.S. Axiom landed on the newly-formed Earth 2.0. A descendant of Sarah (Saran) and a descendant of Steve (Stephen) were among the first kids to touch the ground. "Wow. To think this is like the same land our ancestors walked on", Stephen said. "Yeah. It's weird... but awesome!", Saran said. And the kids enjoyed playing on the Earth 2.0 for the rest of time. And no one was ever worried about the End of the World ever again.

The End!

NOTE: "C'est la vie" is French for "This is the life."