Story Edit

This takes place a few years in the future. Joel Severe had quit working on this wiki and has gone to be a librarian. Two friends (Jack Chase and Fred Caser) have recently discovered Joel Severe Wiki. They loved it very much, but once they heard that the creator had stopped typing, they went to investigate.

Jack and Fred enter the library.

Jack: Who knew the creator of such a cool wiki would end up in a place like this?

Fred: (points at a guy who looks similar to Joel Severe)

Jack: Could it be? (looks at a photo of Joel as a kid, then at the man)

Jack and Fred approach the guy.

Jack: Uh, hello. Are you the creator of the website Joel Severe Wiki.

Guy: That my friend was a past life. Name's John. And I have no website anymore.

Jack: What do you mean? (rushes over to near computer and types in

The home page of Joel Severe Wiki opens up.


(sung to the tune of "Ain't Got Rhythm" from Phineas and Ferb)

So you're saying that you got no wiki

But look at the computer screen

The computer screen

you old bean

says Jo-el Severe Wiki

I have no idea whatcha talking about

I got no website over there

It could've been made by a bear

but I don't care

The information I won't share

Cannot anybody see?

I am not Mouse, Mickey.

I've got no wiki so let me be

The internet life's not for meeee.....

Audience: Ssh!

'Besides I got no wiki

No I got no wiki

I said I got no wiki

I got no wiki

'You're kidding me, right?

Yeah, you're kidding me.

Over there on the computer

lies your browser, your U-R-L

You got a website, why won't you tell?

'I think perhaps that you're not listening

I find it troublesome to repeat

I got no website

I won't take a bite

Cause I know what is right'

'I don't need no internet fame

Online fans screamin' my name

I just wanna be me for eternity

Now cannot anybody seeeee?

'Besides I got no wiki

No I got no wiki

I said I got no wiki

'But you're adding some cool videos and pictures

'No I got no wiki

'Looks like wiki to me

'No I got no wiki

'Seems like they all agree

'No I got no wiki

'But you're gonna fascinate the world wide weh-eb.

Audience: The world wide weh-eb

Gonna fascinate the world wide weh-eb

'Cause I got no wiki!!!


Random Lady: Would you just admit you have a wiki?

Joel: (looks at Jack and Fred, then smiles)

Joel starts playing a drum.

Library patrons: Got no wiki!

Joel: Hey lookit!

Library patrons: Got no wiki!

Joel: Hey lookit!

Library patrons: Got no wiki!

Joel: Hey lookit!

Joel makes a final beat. (Ba-ba-da-ba-bum)

Joel: I got a wiki!


Thus, Joel Severe went back to work on this website. The End!